10 July 2018


Day 1496 Raw Vegan/Fruitarian/whatever/Lissatarian! TOP 5 FOODS TO AVOID + TOP 5 FOODS TO EAT FOR HEALTHY WEIGHT LOSS || RAW VEGAN DIET ...

hey friends Lissa here for another video

I wanted to do a video on my top 5 foods to avoid for weight loss and the top 5 foods to eat for weight loss so hope you enjoy this one alright let's start with the top 5 foods that you want to avoid for weight loss the number one thing that I think we should be giving up for weight loss is animal products so that includes flesh all meats fish fish is still a meat to dairy so that includes cheese yogurts that kind of thing ice cream and eggs we want to be giving up animal products because they're very high fat and there are countless studies showing that animal products are linked with weight gain and disease so definitely cut out the animal products if you're looking to lose weight and if you're looking to be healthier you're looking to help the animals and save the planet next up oils I consider oils to be a processed foods they are not whole foods at all they are on 100% fat and they are fractionated foods so I highly recommend cutting all oils out of your diet this includes coconut oil olive oil canola oil sunflower oil avocado oil all of those oils are just not necessary for the human body we only started pressing

oils like 5000 years ago so definitely not necessary for human health and we don't need them an excess of oils and fats actually is linked with insulin resistance which can cause weight gain cravings lethargy tiredness sluggishness we don't want those things and we certainly want to avoid those for weight loss and saving yourself from potential diabetes sugar problems and all of that not fun stuff then we have the obvious which is processed foods we all know that we should not be consuming processed foods and this includes everything from cookies and breads and pastries and cakes candy and cereals and oh gosh you name it anything that is not in its whole food form we should be getting rid of so we all know we should already be getting rid of refined sugar refined flour white bread white rice and all of that kind of stuff but we should extend it to those other processed foods that we think our healthy but actually aren't like cereals grains we should probably get rid of for the most part I mean you don't have to get rid of all whole grains but I don't consume whole grains there have been studies linking wheat

with weight gains so if you want to I would highly recommend getting rid of all processed foods and just eating whole foods the way nature made them alcohol is a big one that we should be giving up for weight loss because alcohol has all sorts of unnecessary calories that were consuming and I was reading in dr. Michael Greger book how not to die that when you eat or when you put alcohol in your mouth the alcohol turns into acetaldehyde which is a classified carcinogen so we don't want to be consuming alcohol for health reasons but also for weight loss because again the unnecessary calories that you're consuming are not helping you with your goals and finally we have nuts as snacks now don't get me wrong I do believe that we should be eating nuts for a healthy diet healthy weight loss but not an excess and definitely not as snacks we shouldn't be consuming them as snacks fat when eaten is not instantly used as energy it's always stored as fat the only thing that we use instantly for energy is sugars so once your glycogen stores are used up then we use the fats so using them as a snack is not actually a great idea because it's just being

stored as fat for later use which most of the time we don't actually get to so people think that it is going to help them through their day you know like at 3 p.m. at work you want to have a little bit of snacks you have a handful of nuts that's not actually helping your weight loss we should be having fruit or vegetables or you could have even cherry tomatoes or cucumbers or something as a snack instead of nuts nuts are okay if you're trying to lose weight as long as they're kept in a smaller amount like a shot glass of your salad and kept with your salads we want to be eating fats with our greens to help absorb the nutrition from our greens we don't want to be eating them with fruit and we don't want to be eating them alone so those are the top five things that I would say to avoid if you're trying to lose weight and the top 5 things that I think you should be eating for weight loss number one number one fruit fruit is going to be awesome for weight loss now yes we should be eating a lot of fruit but there does come a point where you can eat too much so just make sure that you're not going way overboard and eating way too much fruit above your

body's natural killer keys we don't want to be consuming like 4,500 calories of fruit if your body's not actually burning 4,500 calories a day so eat fruit definitely to get your calories because we need that energy your muscles need the energy to work out and all of that kind of good stuff fruit is the best because it's loaded with fiber it's not processed it's got lots of vitamins and minerals tons of hydration and is a really great recovery food to eat after a workout greens greens greens greens greens we want to be eating a lot of greens if we are trying to lose weight the more greens the better I personally think we want to have be having huge massive salads because greens are lower in calorie but you can eat a lot of them and get a lot of protein that way if you're trying to lift weights and build muscle greens are going to be one of the best things that you can have they're also very alkaline for the body so you want your body to be in a more alkaline state which helps in turn with weight loss it also helps increase your fiber intake which can in turn help with weight loss as well so greens are definitely on the top 5 for weight loss

again a more protein foods if you are looking to get a little bit extra protein in your diet sprouts are another great weight loss food you can add sprouts to your salad you can get microgreens or sprout your own lentils and chickpeas those are great additions to a salad too Kruse increase the caloric count and the protein of your salads to improve your muscle tone and once you build more muscle those muscles burn more calories at a sitting rate so it naturally puts you in a deficit to help with your weight loss goals spices are also an awesome food to add to your daily diet to increase your metabolism some spices that are really great for this are cayenne pepper paprika ginger turmeric these foods stimulate your metabolism and are really great to increase that for weight loss really helps to increase your circulation as well so if you're dealing with cellulite that can really help increase that circulation you also want to also dry brush and get on that rebounder to deal with that as well the final one would be water we want to be hydrated and this one everybody knows but I wanted to just mention it here

because water is so essential with weight loss we want to make sure that we are hydrated and our muscles have enough water we drink all of that water which aids in digestion it helps our sleep and improves our mood water is definitely one of the top five things that we should be doing for weight loss another thing that you want to take into account that I want to add at the end of this video is that while you are losing weight all of those toxins that are released from your fat cells have to run through your liver and if your liver is sluggish one of the best things that you can do that I personally believe is to have lemon water first thing in the morning just have about a liter mason jar full of water squeeze some lemon juice in there and drink that first thing in the morning to help your liver deal with any of those toxins that are coming out of your fat cells as your fat cells are shrinking so I hope you guys like this video if you did please click like and subscribe to my channel to get notifications for more you can find me on Facebook Lissa's raw food romance you can find all of my recipes in ebooks here at this link you can find those

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