07 April 2019

Top 5 Air Purifiers in India, 2019 | Healthy Doors

Top 5 Air Purifiers in India, 2019 1) Honeywell Air Touch i8: https://amzn.to/2VroYde 2) Philips 3000 Series AC3256 AeraSense: https://amzn.to/2WQkL30 3) Mi ...

air pollution in India is rising at

alarming levels causing several health risks like allergies respiratory problems heart diseases and lung cancer seven of the 10 most polluted cities in the world are in India marking India as the most polluted country on the planet this is air visual 2018 world air quality report clearly showing Indian cities with worst air quality as you can see gurugram houses the most polluted air in the world followed by Ghaziabad Faridabad and then there are a few cities from Pakistan as well looking at how deadly the air is that we are breathing there is a solemn need to protect ourselves from the harmful effects of rising air pollution one basic step towards this is keeping our endows clean and protected through air purifiers and in this video we will tell you the top five air purifiers available in India before we begin please subscribe to our Channel and press the bell icon to get notified on our latest videos so let's begin the first top rated air purifier is the Honeywell air touch I ate this comes at a price of fourteen thousand nine hundred ninety nine available on Amazon just to make a note over here the prices

may change over time please check the description box to check the latest prices on Amazon now guys Honeywell is a brand that we personally recommend and it's the best when it comes to air purifiers Honeywell offers exceptional air purification methods now guys let's quickly watch a short video by Honeywell talking about the features of its air touch i8 purifier posters we will summarize for you the features pros and cons of buying this air purifier presenting the all-new Honeywell air touch my with real-time PM 2.5 display ifs unique 3d ethno take some hair from all corners of the room iets multi stage filtration consists of pre-filter which improves the life of HEPA and patented IC filter by removing large sized pollutants HEPA and patented ICF technology composite filter removes more than 99% PM 2.5 particles along with harmful pollutants like odor POC and formaldehydes the Honeywell patented isof technology is also used at oil refineries where the concentration of harmful gases is much more than I in doe environments it delivers a much higher efficiency of cleaning house of gaseous pollutants by

absorbing [Music] want to know the SAP pedal of air pollution in dose 8 article 8 shows you real-time pollution reading on the unit itself you can also watch the patient come town as the purifier well guys the features are summarized for you it offers a cadr that is clean air delivery rate of 300 meter cube per hour with the coverage area of 387 square feet suitable for bedrooms and living rooms now guys senior of 300 is excellent for fast and efficient air purification there are many air purifiers in the market that offer slow and sluggish air purification with low cadr values and you should definitely avoid such air purifiers the preferable cadr value for an air purifier is 300 while a senior below hundred works just like an overpriced fan next is the real time PM 2.5 reading which tells you the pollution levels in your room guys for a detailed understanding on PM 2.5 cadr and other commonly used terms you can check out a blog post on this topic the link for it is in the description so the PM 2.5 reading can help you monitor whether your air purifier is working

effectively for you to breathe fresh air the filtration by this air purifier is three-stage with HEPA and patented a high surf filter the prefilter removes larger size particles like hair dander b and pen impurities the HEPA and high self composite filter removes 99% of PM 2.5 particles along with VOCs are disqualified organic compounds odor and harmful gases the highest of technology patented by Honeywell is Houston oil refineries so definitely it's a pretty strong and effective filter for air purification so the next feature is it is ozone free now guys there are many air purifiers that release ions in the air that can create was on a gas that causes serious health problems like permanent lung damage and astma therefore always go for 100% was on free air purifier for your home the power consumption of this air purifier goes up to 42 watts where the fan speed is maximum this air purifier offers auto mode operation when the fan speed is adjusted automatically based on the pollution level in the room and therefore this won't shoot up your net positive in the filter life of 3000 ours is the best in the segment if you run

the air purifier for eight hours a day the filters will work efficiently for a year finally Honeywell offers one-year warranty on this product so as you see it is quite an efficient and powerful air purifier with advanced filtration system it also offers auto mode a night mode which makes it very convenient to use as for the cons we couldn't find any major drawbacks when buying this air purifier from honey one moving on at second position we have the Philips 3000 series AC three two five six air essence air purifier rice Philips is the market leader in India in the air purifier space Philips is a three to five six is one of the top layer purifiers in India with high quality features this air purifier is slightly on the expensive side priced at twenty three thousand nine hundred ninety nine but it offers protection from all kinds of pollutants and serves as a great product for allergy sufferers let's watch the short video by Philips on this air purifier irritants is a Philips patented sensing technology so accurate that it can be benchmarked with professional sensors it can sense air pollutants smaller than

even particular matter 2.5 in short PM 2.5 and you can also sense airborne allergens these fine particles can make their way to the deepest corners of your home and are in the air you breathe [Music] Philips era sense instantly tells you the air quality in the room with great accuracy red light indicates the air isn't clean in the digital reading gives you the precise PM 2.5 count era since then initiates action it gets the purifiers working PM 2.5 and airborne allergens are reduced via the vitae shield IPS technology and cleaner air is now released back into the room IRA's Ansari measures the output and informs you again blue light indicates the air is healthier the digital reading shows you the new PM 2.5 reading and now you can breathe cleaner air so guys as you saw it is quite a future it's an efficient air purifier phone Philips the high Cler value of 393 with coverage area of 8 1 8 square feet makes it a high quality product advanced pannacotta hepa filters and virus in IPS purification effectively remove the USB particles as well these are the ultrafine particles which are more than

100 times smaller than PM 2.5 it has beautiful fine indicators similar to Honeywell air purifier Philips uses patented era Sense technology for sensing air pollutants in the air and accordingly adjust the fan speed of the air purifier this again is an ozone free air purifier with low voltage I will filter change indicator Philips offers 2 year warranty on this product as this product is very powerful with high CDR value and highly effective especially for allergy sufferers or patients with respiratory problems it removes the smallest of impurities through its advanced filtration process next advantages the different modes of operation it offers it's not always possible to manually adjust the fan speed of a purifier and that's where the auto mode comes in handy this air purifier also offers was on free operation the only call for this product is its cost but definitely the price is what the features that it offers let's now check the next air purifier that tops our list yes it the air purifier from Xiaomi the mi air purifier to us the budget-friendly air purifier costing a trip line offers

better air circulation compared to similar budget air purifiers you will find every corner of the room at high cadr let's check out Tsongas video on this air purifier the nume air purifier - s you companion to a healthier cleaner living environment with its 360-degree three-layer filter technology it filters out harmful particles dust allergens and even bad odors from your room in under 10 minutes you can even monitor and measure your home's purity levels adjust the plants or connect to your smartphone app to monitor and control it remotely it even works flawlessly with Amazon's Alexa and Google home Alexa switch on the bee air purifier and thanks to its auto brightness and silent motor technology you won't even notice it's there purify your home with the me air purifier to s breathe healthy well guys here is the summary of the features this air purifier offers a high C ad out of 310 at this budget ranges exaction it aims to purify your room within 10 minutes there is a three layer filtration system that removes micron sized particles PM 2.5 I'm full bacteria from aldehyde and odor from the

atmosphere there is an OLED screen to display the PM 2.5 levels in the air as well as the temperature and humidity in addition the wattage consumption is very less up to twenty nine watts moreover it is a smart air purifier which can be controlled by a my apps and Alexa so you can conveniently control the settings from your phone so as you see this air purifier offers high quality features at low prices high cadr value autumn or night mode and smart connectivity makes it one of the best air purifiers in the market the only drawback of buying this air purifier can be the low filter life which is six months the next step unifier in the list is the Philips 1000 series is one two one five this is the cost friendly version from the Philips range of air purifiers costing rupees eight foldable line on Amazon you you [Music] the CIDR of this air purifier is decent at 270 meter cube per hour with a coverage area of 677 square feet this air purifier is also powered by Edison's technology with nano protect HIPPA

filters and why does she lie ps4 head purification there is no digital PM 2.5 reading on this one but you can check the quality of air using light indicators where red means poor air and blue implies clean air this again is a hundred percent was on free air purifier with filter change indicator but they were warning on when to change the filters Philips offers good two year warranty on this product this air purifier is a cost friendly option from one of the most trusted brands Philips the filtration process and cadr is good enough for small sized homes it offers auto mode allergen mode and night mode the larger mode is designed especially if you suffer with allergies however we wouldn't recommend this in case you suffer with severe allergies or living in densely polluted cities like Delhi gurugram Lucknow what other cities that you saw in the list and the starting of this video so guys now let's check out the last a purifier on the list another air purifier from Honeywell it's a seed 25 m120 1w a less expensive air purifier than I ate with no cadr and coverage-area senior values 250 meter

cube per hour and coverage variously 23 square feet the filtration process is standard from Honeywell free state advanced filtration with HIPAA and activated carbon filter to remove PM 2.5 particles dander odor and full gases and other allergens from the air again 100% was on free air purifier with max power consumption of 53 Watts durable filters with $3,000 life is again the best from Hannover this air purifier would be a good choice for small sized rooms you do low cadr value that box filtration system cleans 99% of impurities from the air this product also offers auto mood and night mood making it convenient to use as mentioned the CIDR is low making it unsuitable for bigger rooms as well as severe allergy and asthma patients the noise reduction has been observed to be less compared to experience from Honeywell so guys that was a list for the top five air purifiers available in India the by links of all these are in the description based on your requirements you can buy the best air purifier of your choice so thanks for watching guys hoping that you liked the

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