22 April 2018

Top 4 Ways to Eat More Healthy

My Top 4 Tips to Eat More Real Food We've all heard the saying "Abs Are Made in the Kitchen" and "You Are What You Eat". But it can be hard to stay on track ...

hi guys Natasha here today we're gonna

go over at the top four ways on how to get more real foods into your diet what you eat is really the determining factor into how healthy you are in to your body composition your energy levels the results you see from the workouts you get in the gym so eating real food which means eating anything that is not in a package not processed any sort of real single ingredient food so something you can hunt or grow so number one on easy ways eat more real food is buying everything that is not in a package and doesn't have any added sugar so take a banana it's not in a package and it has natural sugar but it doesn't have any added sugar so the banana is going in your grocery cart take pasta a lot of pastas do have just one ingredient and there's great pastas now like quinoa pasta and lentil pasta but those they're good every once in a while but not on a regular basis you're better off eating things like potatoes quinoa things that are in their natural state I always check if I am gonna buy something in a package to check how much added sugar there is it's really snuck into so many things it's in almond milk it's in yogurts

it's in so many different things it's in smoothies so I always check if there's any added sugar and if there is a lot of added sugar anything over 5 grams it doesn't go on my cart number two drink more water this is so simple you guys get a big water bottle and start your day before you have that cup of coffee start your day with a glass of water and then fill up that big water bottle all throughout the day so how much water should you drink at least half your body weight in ounces so daily recommended for someone who's 150 pounds you want about 75 ounces of water so pretty easy to do that's about two and a half liters so just drink all throughout the day start your day with a lot of water and then drink most of your water between meals you can spice it up you can add lemons you can add lines anything to really jazz up that water and take it make it taste a little bit better number three number three is adding vegetables to breakfast now breakfast greens at breakfast what okay here's my paper way i scramble eggs and i add in spinach you don't taste it I swear it takes a little getting used to maybe but

I love scrambled eggs with spinach or I love omelets with mushrooms and spinach find vegetables that you like maybe like peppers and onions those are vegetables throw them in there my other favorite way is to start my day off with a shake which I do on really early mornings or when I'm in a rush so I'll throw in some spinach or some kale into the blender just a handful or two and it changes the colour of the shake but it doesn't change the taste at all so you're getting in those micronutrients and that fiber early thing and the first thing in the morning and so it's making it really easy so you hit your goal of five servings of vegetables per day number four number four is keep it out of the house and throw away the leftovers so if it isn't in your house you're not gonna eat it take a look in your pantry and look at all the foods that are in packages they might actually be expired so check the expiration date and you might be able to toss some of it out the other stuff you can have it on an occasional basis you might end up getting rid of some things that you realize the nutrition facts are pretty bad for so anything with high

added sugar for example if you host a party at your house or a holiday I I get rid of all my left I might save them for one day but I really get rid of everything so the cookies are gone all the pasta all that stuff because if it's sitting around I'm gonna eat it and then I'm not gonna feel as energized and I'm gonna feel a little bit bloated so keep it out of the house and throw away the leftovers all right guys so I hope that helps top 4 ways to eat more real foods and again those things are number one avoiding anything that comes in a package or has added sugar number 2 drink more water number 3 and vegetables to breakfast and number 4 keep it out of the house and throw away the leftovers thanks guys hope that really helped you guys I'll talk to you soon