21 January 2018

Top 4 Best Soft Coolers (YETI, Coleman & More)

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today we're talking about the best soft coolers on the market so we've tested all the major brands and we've narrowed it down to three well four I guess we got a little honorable mention slash Yeti alternative for you at the end and we also tried to break them down into categories or add qualifiers for you guys depending on what exactly you're looking for and before I forget if you're looking for deals on coolers or any other outdoor product check out our website for that rizz nose calm or download our free mobile app for iOS and Android users I'll drop the links to those down below in the description for you but every day we post new deals on brands like Yeti like Arctic Coleman Osprey you name it we got it all so if you find the video helpful hit that thumbs up button that helps us out a ton all right without further ado let's get to the video [Music] okay couple things to note when testing these coolers we primarily had these four main factors in mind one design and ease-of-use

two durability three ice retention and four price or perceived value I guess so with that said taking our spot for the best overall soft cooler is the hopper series from Yeti I know big shocker and no Yeti did not pay us for this video look at the end of the day if you're truly looking for the best soft cooler out there with price taking a back seat it's just hard to beat Yeti all things considered first the hopper coolers are equipped with yetis dry hide shell which is the same material used in whitewater raft it's waterproof its puncture proof and it's resistant to mildew and UV rays the hopper coolers also have yetis cold cell insulation which utilizes closed cell rubber foam I know that sounds fancy but basically all you need to know is that it keeps beverages and food cold for a really long time lastly all the hopper coolers also have yetis hydro lock zipper and honestly it's so thick and sturdy that sometimes it's not the easiest or smoothest to unzip and zip back up but at the end of the day it's durable as heck so I'll take it Hoppa coolers also feature multiple handles MOLLE straps

and a removable shoulder strap for multiple carrying options the other nice thing about the hopper coolers is that they come in all different shapes and sizes you've got the flip series the flip eight which can hold eight cans the flip twelve which can hold thirteen cans and the flip 18 and which can hold 20 cans and just FYI the capacity I just listed assumes a two to one ice to can ratio obviously if you use less ice you can fit more cans and vice versa there's also the hopper two series which comes in three different sizes the 20 the 30 and the 40 the hopper 2 has a more slim tapered design compared to the Flip series which has a more kind of traditional box or rectangular design this allows you to shove or fit the hopper to and more odd shaped spaces also it's important to note that this is the second generation of this product you can find the first gen model a lot cheaper like usually like a hundred bucks less and honestly that's the route we'd recommend taking we've reviewed both will drop the links to those down below in the description but the second gen model just doesn't add that many

meaningful improvements in our eyes I'll link the original hopper as well as the rest of the coolers we discussed today down below in the description so you can check updated pricing the last model is the hopper backflip 24 backpack cooler this is a relatively new product for Yeti and it has that same sort of square or rectangular design as the Flip series except obviously it has straps so you can wear it like a backpack in terms of ice retention Yeti is always near the top of the list for our tests we use the Flip 12 and the hopper 220 both performed extremely well we filled each cooler about halfway up with ice and at the end of 48 hours both still had a good amount of ice left but here comes the bad news Yeti products are expensive there's just no getting around it Yeti has become a lifestyle brand just as much as they are like a cooler brand or an outdoor brand so that allows them to charge those higher prices you're looking at $200 for the flip 8 all the way up to $400 for the hopper 240 next up we have the ice mule Pro which takes our spot for the best backpack cooler ice meal Pro edged out the Yeti backflip

24 I just talked about primarily because we think it's just a better value the ice meal Pro takes a slightly different approach than most backpack coolers out there rather than the typical square slash kind of box design and zipper most have the ice meal Pro employs a roll-top design where you roll down the cooler and cinch it with a clip it takes a little longer but ice meal claims they design it in this way so that the opening of the cooler is larger and easier to access not really sure if I buy that though I'd say just make sure you roll it down correctly and cinch it down extremely tight or else you will experience leaks there's a few different sizes you can get but the ice meal Pro we tested can hold up to 18 cans plus ice and weighs about 3.2 pounds now for the exterior ice male uses their proprietary mule skin evie fabric which is thinner and quite frankly just less durable than the dry hide shell Yeti uses it does come equipped with an air valve though so you can add air to the insulation inside the cooler or release air so you can roll up the backpack for storage purposes and the backpack portion of the cooler is actually pretty

comfortable it comes with a chest strap for added stability I mean it's not as comfortable as like a normal Osprey or Camelback hiking backpack but it's comfortable considering it is a cooler and you're most likely just going to be using it to like all around coolers lattes in terms of ice retention we found that it performs well but not nearly as well as Yeti expect it to hold ice for around 30 to 40 hours depending on usage and how many times you unroll it and roll it back up as such we see the ice meal Pro being ideal for 1 to 2 day trips anything over that and you should probably look into getting a normal hard side cooler but of course that's not what I smell was going for they weren't going for record breaking ice retention here they were going for a practical comfortable cooler that you can put on your back and take with you on a five to eight hour hiking trip maybe put some fish in you never know but here's why the ice meal pro got the nod from us price it retails for $100 and we've seen it even cheaper before compare that to the yeti backflip which has a price tag of $300 and you can start to see why we think the ice

meal pro is the better value next up we have the coleman soft coolers with hard liners which takes the spot for the best budget soft cooler they're available in nine cans 16 can and 30 cans sizes and all the coolers in this lineup have the same design for the most part it's sort of a rectangular shape with a half dome lid what's a little different about the Coleman series though the coolers come with a hard antimicrobial plastic liner this makes the cleaning process a little easier and also gives you I guess a little more flexibility in case you just want to use it as like a day bag the coolers also feature mesh pockets on the sides a front pocket for incidentals you know wallet phone keys that sort of thing as well as elastic tie-downs on top and an adjustable shoulder strap now as you might have guessed given the best budget title and the removable liner the Coleman soft coolers aren't the best when it comes to ice retention in our tests after 24 hours about 60% of the ice had already melted and I went about 35 hours before all the ice was melted but truthfully chilled water still isn't that bad of a thing I guess still let's face it these aren't the coolers you'll

be taking with you on a three to four day camping trip they're more for a day out on the boat you know maybe taking with you to your kids literally games cracking a few in the stands kind of getting fired up maybe yelling at the UMP so you know that sort of thing everyday kind of Saturday activities but the real reason why we included them on this list is because they're ultra cheap and perform good enough in our book after all they do have a 4.5 rating on Amazon with thousands of reviews you can snag the 9 can cooler for around 10 bucks the 16 can for around 15 to 20 bucks and like the 30 king cooler for about 25 bucks which is pretty nuts last up is our honorable mention or cheaper yeti alternative pick and that's the canvas soft coolers from AO they came dangerously close to cracking this list they come in a range of different sizes and designs yes they're not as durable as Yeti coolers with their dry hide shell but we were pleasantly surprised with how well he performed in terms of ice retention we tested out the 12 cam model and it still had a good amount of ice in it after 48 hours plus they're decently cheap as well they're a little

more expensive than the Coleman coolers but much much cheaper than Yeti coolers overall I'd say if you're looking for a little more ice er tension than what Coleman offers but still want to keep it easy in your wallet go AO and that's it for this video let us know what you guys think let us know if we missed any coolers that you guys like give us a thumbs up make sure you subscribe and I'll see you guys next time [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]