15 July 2018

Top 14 So Called 'Health Foods' You Desperately Need To Avoid

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everyday simple health tips presence top 14 so-called health foods you desperately need to avoid one protein bars thanks to a national obsession with protein sales of nutrition bars are soaring while protein is vital for every cell in our body to produce bones muscles blood hormones and enzymes protein bars aren't exactly the best source of this macronutrient some of these bars contain up to 27 grams of sugar from various sweeteners like cane invert syrup and even fructose syrup many are also loaded with non-organic soy protein isolate which is likely genetically modified to vitamin water although staying hydrated is vital sticking with plain water is a much better choice than vitamin water a bottle of one of these enhanced drinks contains around 32 point 5 grams of sugar almost the same as a coca-cola sure you'll be getting 40% of your daily vitamin C needs 3 flavored yogurt often believed to be one of the healthiest choices for breakfast or snack time yogurt can be loaded with sugars some flavored varieties contain 28 grams of sugar per one pot serving and even

so-called light choices contain 10 grams per serving for diet ready meals busy yet health-conscious people often turn to a frozen or pre-prepared ready meal in a bid to stay in shape but these meals are usually pumped full of both sugar and salt in a bid to improve their otherwise cardboard latest for example Lean Cuisine so-called healthy offerings can pack in 23 grams of sugar per serving for a meal that contains chicken french cut green beans five vitamins although not exactly a food many people treat vitamins and supplements as such that's why it's always advisable to buy from a reputable brand and go for the best quality supplements you can afford some vitamins and supplements are a shocking source of sugar corn syrup and artificial sweeteners particularly chirping vitamins marketed at children six granola containing heart-healthy rolled oats dried fruit nuts and honey crunchy and delicious granola seems like a healthy alternative to cereal an examination of several popular granola brands however has found that some have more sugar than a can of soda and more

saturated fat than a McDonald's bacon muffin seven can soup while there are some incredibly healthy canned soups out there many are too high in salt sugar and fat whilst seriously lacking in the fiber and protein Department another ingredient in canned soups is BPA - a type of plastic which lines the can according to dr. Mercola BPA is fine if you ignore most studies on it this chemical is believed to disrupt hormones and even mimic the effects of estrogen in the human body eight vegetable oils although vegetable oils are often seen as a healthier alternative to other sources of cooking fat not all vegetable oils are created equal for example extra-virgin olive oil or coconut oil are great options but oils made from soybean corn cotton seed sunflower or safflower are not these oils contain huge amounts of omega-6 fatty acids although an essential fat which our bodies require when consumed in excess as is the case in the standard Western diet nine gluten-free alternatives unfortunately many of the replacement gluten-free foods such as breads pastas

pastries and more are essentially empty calories pushing up total daily energy intake without providing any real nutrition these products are made from refined potato or rice starch which lack the fiber iron zinc phosphorus and B vitamins that whole grains do 10 fruit juice unbelievably a recent study found that fruit juice has a sugar concentration which rivals that of soda the worst offender was minute made 100% apple juice which contained more fructose per liter than Pepsi sprite Coca Cola 7up or dr. pepper studies show that drinking a lot of fruit juice raises the risk of type 2 diabetes whereas greater consumption of whole fruits such as blueberries grapes and apples significantly lowers the risk 11 instant oatmeal one of the healthiest ways to start the day a big bowl of steel-cut or rolled oats is known to stabilize blood sugar boost energy prevent diabetes protect the heart aid in weight loss and much more choose the instant variety on the other hand and you will be getting a more processed type of oat which can contain up to 17 grams of sugar per serving added salt

and lower levels of fiber 12 low-fat and fat-free foods fat-free and low-fat foods simply need to contain low levels of fat to be marketed as such but there are no restrictions on the amount of other ingredients like salt sugar flour thickeners and artificial flavors Petra Burrill is fat doesn't actually make us fat diets high in calories refined and processed foods and sugars contribute to weight gain meaning high sugar fat-free foods do more harm than good 13 diet sodas a seemingly innocuous way to quell a craving for sweetness diet sodas are actually a pretty poor choice for health not only is there a link between consuming diet sodas and having an increased waist size of up to 500 percent greater than non soda drinkers but ingredients in these types of sodas have been linked to depression brittle bones tooth decay and much more 14 canned fruits and vegetables canned fruit and vegetables count towards a fiver day - and many of them can be more nutritious than their fresh counterparts because canning occurs shortly after harvest helping to lock in more nutrients however as with canned soup

and diet sodas you're risking exposure to BPA when consuming these products eating healthily isn't always easy between a hectic work life the temptation of delicious restaurant meals and the rise of convenience foods balancing nutrition is a tough job what makes this challenge even harder is the myriad of health claims on packaged foods today sadly many health foods aren't really healthy at all bogus buzzwords like natural diet and reduced fat please subscribe more home remedies videos