08 April 2019

Top 12 High Protein Foods In Hindi | Protein Foods For Muscle Gain | Weight Loss | 2019 | [HD]

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what's up guys this is a new rug yo and welcome to my channel don't forget to subscribe like the video and comment below about your curries I am here to help you and recommend the 8 to 12 protein rich diets for muscle building and fulfills a protein requirement to your body the daily protein requirement of the body for male 56 gram per day and 46 gram for females agar apni themes are a sucker be high up in a tree but the hunger a super get a video up Kelly has a last thought they came the get up push me miss Nagar prime protein Amari boarding them muscles tendon organ skin enzymes or hormone none of them that skirt an toe up somebody go wrong game key protein American lecithin answer over here so guys first food is a group jalaja we begin Ursa gopura Aguila or Jolene bulking cannot there was sort of egg white but a gyoko avoid garam he subset healthiest and nutritious food this man Buddha means minerals healthy fats or antioxidants milk damn a Kagome H a gram protein nota for a seat Calgary Smith p.m. second one is almonds sumidero nutrients fibers vitamin E or magnesium in there so Graham almonds may eat kiss

gram protein or therm agar up a man's effort nigger bath a co-op excuse a gap Kaju pista be less apt an InMail like a box similar nutritional value Thea for its now at a bus we Ingram tries to make a few difference with them this third one is chicken breast he subsample our protein this food chicken got breast part subsidies lil a data to me a part boneless a or gay high in muscles and fatzke pardon get cook carne McAfee is here and one roasted without skin chicken breast may 53 gram per animal they or 284 calories Mills DM the fourth one is oats oats are very healthiest veins in my healthy fibers magnesium magnesium and even move damp 1/2 cup of Rhodes has 13 gram for Dean and 303 calories the fifth one is cottage cheese it is a type of cheese that is very low in fat and calories is a hamburger Parganas at Thea is my calcium phosphorus selenium but I mean be to a level with a man be tuned with them diagram cottage cheese made styes gram protein for 194 kelpies will be on the sixth one is Greek yogurt it is a creamy and delicious it is a dairy product though so gram you gotta make wise gram

protein or SoCal dis means DM Tulagi over-torque Erdem a country without their assalam a you don't know Allah Allah cesium and make sure the yogurt do you buy or eat is less in calories the seventh one is milk milk sub say highly nutritious food I am very coffee local lactose intolerance impression that the earth on a cardiac cheese Ileana say a milk is the excellent source of high quality protein milk container little bit of almost every single nutrient needed by the human body milk make calcium phosphorus or vitamin b2 compound puffy hi out there one cup of milk contains 80 grams of protein and 150 calories the eighth one is broccoli he coffee healthy vegetable lamb is going to taman Cebu time in K fibers or potassium come out coffee hi author baka vegetable ski comparison may is may subsidy de protein email tab so Graham chopped broccoli may thin gram protein multi-or Piketty scale dismiss beyond this ninth one is fish this is incredibly a healthy food it is loaded with important nutrient and very high in hurt healthy omega-3 fatty acids protein amount Allah Gallic fishes Bavaria damn Salomon

fish of 85 grams having 19 gram protein and 175 calories the 10th one is pulses legumes beans this my moon are herded the masseur chinami murder kidney beans Yannick eats em razmig at am or soya beans at their what a dilemma subsidy other protein milk i or film Dalaman moong dal daily be Kok area o bollocky kana subscibe best option act soya beans are also rich in soy proteins but only in a moderate amount give male hormones yeah negate testosterone casts a creation congregate an or female hormone Yannick it is true danke secretion but other term or in Sun emotionally and my the female scares a lot there is a common want million a year the 11th one is peanuts they are delicious foreign mess up in my protein fibers or magnesium come on Kofi hi other year was income karna may helpful out there asta gram peanuts McDo gram protein out there or at high scale this will be M the 12th and last one is whey protein supplements they produce coffee high quality protein so there they are handy and better for those people who are unable to cook food they are very effective in building muscle mass and may help in weight loss the protein content varies between

brands like optimum nutrition MuscleTech muscle blaze etc it will be about 20 to 50 gram of protein per serving thanks for watching moveme the up quark rhe like yogi guys like joe craine video co like corona myself second leg is same a national support to the riga or comment section make comment then I'm at volna subscribe button pickled carcass channel subscribe guru karna this video my Basset knife in Milton next video make Shonda topic Assad optically a bite [Music]