21 July 2019

Top 10 Running Tips for Beginners to Run Faster and Lose Weight

Are you new runner? Have you decided to start running to improve your fitness? Running has the power to change your life for the better, and you will never look ...

I'm gonna give you team running tips for

beginners this is your first time here remember to subscribe right now are you a new runner have you decided to start running to improve your fitness running has the power to change your life for the better and you will never look back before listening up your shoes I'm going to give you those 10 tips in order to run better faster and you will also lose more weight if this is part of your motive behind running number one your start starts right now you can spend all the week month and year thinking about it and browsing the web for tips and plans on how to get out there and start running you'll need anything just talk right now the biggest thing wouldn't first start out is establishing the habit getting used to being on your feet all you really need is a good pair of shoes go to a specialty running store where a trading professional will evaluate your feet what's your run recommend the red shoes the right pair of running sneakers will mean a more comfortable run and lower risk of injury number two find a running partner the American College of Sports Medicine recommends have been an exercise partner because it improves the

odds that you will stick with working out here is why your run flies by when you're working with a frame and knowing a partner is waiting for you is a great motivation to leave the comfort zone of your chair or your house number 3 always warm up this is very important because you may injure yourself it only takes a few minutes of body weight movement like 3 or 5 minutes to get out to get your body ready for your run which means the run itself will feel better and you will be less likely to get and the number four it's also very important hydration you lose water through sweat whether it's cold or hot out of there so you need to drink before doing and after runs when you're running you should pay attention to your thirst level and drink when you feel thirsty with short running intervals all you're super excited to start your running training as a renewal honor you should not plan on running the entire distance in one go break it down into intervals and try to keep them short at the beginning don't be ashamed to war between the intervals so you can recover a little bit after some times you can start lengthening the running

sections and reducing them working between two minutes of dragging and two minutes of working increase your running intervals by one minute per mile so you can stretch without having to work you can we have the number six do a little bit of strength training I'm not saying you should go to the gym and start lifting lifting weight as a professional you don't need to start lifting weight or heavy weight or even go to the gym if you don't have to but at home you can't start spinning 10 to 15 minutes doing bodyweight workout in your living room a few times per week will strengthen your core and lower body which will make running easier and minimize the risk of injury and we have the number seven which is a good pair shoes in fact in a good pair shoes very important you have to treat your feet the right way wear a pair of shoes that fit comfortable or very important it's the right type of shoes for your feet and one a good pair of running shoes will also make your foot feel lighter as you run and good pair of shoes can reduce some of the stress placed on the hills and come and shoes doing around this makes the activity more comfortable and safer

those who use the right type of shoes may experience a greater athletic improvement than those who do them and the number eight also very important you have to breathe properly when you're running if you breathe properly you can go faster and longer bringing awareness to your breathing builds more efficiency a steadier pace and a Calver mind while running you should use deep belly breathing as it is better for efficiency and maximum oxygen uptake and shallow chest breathing the belly breathing is more efficient when running because it uses the entire capacity of the lungs the air you breathe in also travels down to the lower portion of your lungs and stays there longer this increases your oxygen uptake now the number nine don't start out running too fast your body has to get used to it to the new stresses and strains of running many beginners start out running too fast and better price for this mistake within just a few minutes frustration over over exertion pain or even injury or just some of the consequence even when you feel like cutting loose you should maintain the same pace for the entire distance only those who give their body time to

gradually get used to the demands will have long-term success and also I would like to recommend that you do some squat deadlift and some other exercise in order to strengthen your core strengthen your lower back strengthen your legs because you will need those machine in order to run faster and longer distance now we have the number 10 which is rest you need to rest yes it is because your body needs to recover rest is just as important as your workout rest allows your body time to rebuild and recover when you run or do any type of exercise you actually create little micro tears in the muscle tissue your body then rushes in to rebuild and repair the tears this normal muscle exercise building process makes you a stronger person however if you don't take the rest you might pay another big consequence which is injury the proper rest your body may or have time to fully repair before your next run causing you to feel sore tired and sluggish when you first start your beginning running program it's a good idea to have at least one day of rest in between runs okay if this is your first

time remember to subscribe running it's very important for your health running makes you lose weight running helps you breathe better healthy helps you sleep better running has so many advantages and benefits I will have a new video coming up next week about that all the benefits of running I hope you have a great day and remember to subscribe I'll see you on the next one