29 August 2018

Tony Stephan on Fox News 7 Healthy Foods To Eat

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we're heading into the kitchen okay we

are going to do some healthy food swaps if you're trying to eat just a little bit healthier we're gonna help you achieve those goals [Music] we are tackling the New Year with a healthy time registered dietitian Tony Stefan is here to tell us about the healthiest foods the 2018 that can make an impact on your wellness Tony good morning thanks for coming in hey always good to be here thanks guys so Tony you're saying if we make a shopping list yeah we should absolutely have these how many do you have here seven foods these seven foods should absolutely be included in its weight loss season we all know this is the highest point people want to get healthy get fit and you see so many products for weight loss pills powders potions bars why not just go with real food right yeah bood in your diet that can make a huge impact on your health and your weight loss all right so oatmeal that you know I you don't meal with we don't really you don't we do you often - yeah I'm borrowing your peanut butter from Iommi let me ask you about Allen's approach to

oatmeal yes sir I feel like this trick is not healthy for me okay but Allen says it is okay adding a scoop of peanut butter into the oatmeal yes that's perfect it'll actually talked about that healthy fat so the biggest thing that most people do with breakfast is it's very high in carbohydrate low in fiber and that sets you up for that midday crash you always hear people say come 10:00 a.m. I'm so sluggish so if we do something very high in fiber like this adding some natural peanut butter or almond butter is a good source of healthy fats and protein keeps your energy levels stable so you can focus that work you don't get that midday energy crash so to recap Allen right Dina right he's right again okay so again back with healthy fats a lot of people get concerned with dietary fats but there's two different types of fats so there's the more processed fats and then there's a more plant-based fastest avocados so loaded with good healthy fats there that's an absolute superfood that we should be including in our diet in 2018 Tony what's that thing they do with their the pit where you scrape off like you take on you can scrape it off

yeah I mean you said do I have to go through all that or is there no they scrape off the outer coating them yeah yeah you can just slice and consume that any way you can make a homemade guacamole which is great some veggie snacks things like that that's the biggest thing is you don't have to fear fats fats are super healthy for you and our good source of energy eggs so eggs bad rap for a long time they were enemy but now everyone seems to be dieticians changing your changing your tune yes we are changing our tune so I I wasn't part of the bad fat category but yeah so eggs are the highest source of natural protein so it's the best protein source you can get and again we look at healthy fats in the morning loaded with healthy fats so it's a good energy source you'd feel much more full and satisfied having that as a healthy breakfast compared to like a cereal like a bar or something like that so great source of healthy fats you don't have to ditch the yolks that's where a lot of people make a mistake the yolks are very healthy for you loaded with vitamins and minerals so keep the yolks as long as you have normal cholesterol levels you're

absolutely fine and consume the yolk and could I even suggest that you combine the two a little avocado with yes cuz that's a good source of a healthy fat and protein you'll say full and satisfied good energy level that's a great idea there you scramble the egg up and a little a little that way you don't need the cheese the Spanish don't have the flavor yeah I have to eat it on one of these because they look delicious let's talk about more healthy fats right yep so more Brazil nuts there that is the highest source of selenium in the diet my name is a great antioxidant so again a cold fluencies a lot of stress you know a work stress life stress so incorporating antioxidants what we have there with the Brazil nuts and the blueberries those are natural ways to help fight straws keep you healthy can be feeling good and cold and flu season alright ma'am what do you have on the plate there so that there is salmon so salmon is actually the highest source of what's called omega-3 fatty acids again anti-inflammatory anti stress good source of healthy fat I see a lot of people mistakenly avoid salmon because

it is so high in fat high in dietary fat but I'm telling you those are the good fats was look fat to me want you more of so those when you say good fats I know we got to go but so when we eat those fats they're not gonna make you fat no no those are good healthy fats that as long as everything else is in balance they actually promote good health in the body and keep you healthier full satisfied good energy levels all right Tony very good good seven change that's all we need I'm like the seven minute workout Deena Ronnie see there we go oh I didn't know we were on cam