17 September 2018

Toddler Weight Gain Food\ Besan Halwa\ Easy Recipe\ Healthy and Nutritious Baby Food\ D Bandana

Hello mommies. This video is for you if your child is fussy about eating and not gaining weight. This is a simple and easy recipe so try it.

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could not have known it yesterday but today I come with a video for mommies of Portland's you are worried about their little ELISA for the IRA fussy about eating and you do not know how your little one I would gain weight I have but the recipe of this very simple mission command butter that will help your toddler to gain weight missile why is full of for protein and essential fats it is quite similar to be sunny keeper prevent them there is the difference of consistency and it is not apart or chewy hunter very much kind of like what most of the kids have a craving for sweet and will satisfy your BP screaming for something sweet it is especially good to consume in autumn and winter season so let us start without wasting time but before they do not forget to subscribe in the red button and subscribe to my channel so let's go [Music] [Applause] [Music] this was all about this this and Kahala and I have some other recipes of our toddler and for babies who are younger than two years I'll share with you all those recipes the empty if you like this

video then now please subscribe to my channel so bye for now and see you soon