31 December 2018

Toddler makes a superfood super healthy breakfast and loves it. Eat this and feel energized.

We used avocados and bananas for a delicious healthy creamy chocolate breakfast. The health benefits of chocolate without the fat from it make this a no ...

is that Oh No okay it's an avocado and

what else do we have two avocados okay we're gonna make something out of that what is that what is that banana okay can you pull a banana off take them a banana apart there you go now pull them apart pull the banana off to open and take it apart alright good job now Kent can you peel the banana - you know how to peel a banana there's the way most people do it and then there's the easy way the way it the easy way to peel a banana is you squeeze this the bottom in and watch what happens it pops open see that and now you just pulled the peel off go ahead and pull it off that's it Wow and you know we do it banana we put it in here and just pick blender BAM just like that okay put the other piece in the blender also oh that's a little piece let's get the big piece that piece peel it out well it's slow windy today but that's not gonna keep us from making breakfast all right let's find the avocados can you find an avocado go get Alva kado in the fruit bowl over there [Music] what is that what's that called hmm Ready Set all right if you want to put

turkey head on we'll put the turkey head on while we make our avocado all right here let's put it on let's see if it still fits you well all right turkey hat fish you okay squeezing it is one way to do but we're gonna do it a different way all right let's use let's see what's in the avocado what is that yeah it's a ball in avocado huh how'd that ball get in there hmm you want to lick it clean you want to taste it how's it taste good all right you have a little more of your cleansing juice and we're gonna recycle this is going in the recycle bin so it's gonna go back in the garden [Music] along with these things all right we're gonna open one more will you get another ball out of there you think there's a ball in that one too hmm let's see if there's a ball inside oh that one doesn't look as good yeah that's I don't know what that is I don't like that one kind of brown what you doing are you eating the avocado huh we're gonna eat it later we're gonna make something with it now you're just eating the ball okay

what are we gonna do with that we're gonna oh oh but we'll put that in the blender all right what's next in our recipe you know what we're gonna use this that right there what is that bag we have ants in our honey yeah yeah did waiting just wait a minute it'll come out in a minute hold it upside down right there and now we squeeze it you're first put it one on your finger put a drop on your finger here on your finger no here comes taste that lick it now lick it with your mouth put it in your mouth how's it taste sweet pretty sweet you like it okay now here's what we're gonna do I'm gonna put honey in there [Music] look not a lot because it's still sugar right and we don't want a lot of sugar in our diet but gotta have a little bit of sugar what you have there can I see it show me oh this is called vanilla want to put some in there it helps it flavor even better okay we have enough we have enough honey put the honey down put the honey down and close the lid close it all right now we got to put our vanilla in okay we got to put our vanilla in help me put the vanilla

in come on put it in the in the blender up up up up up now turn it turn it alright is it all in there smell it how's Fitness just smell it [Music] let's keep it closed we already got honey in here guess what's next in that in the recipe here look what's that what is that look good get some cocoa powder a little bit out get spoon stuck all right scoop it out now where does that go is that enough you want some more let's put a little more in there good job I think we have enough now huh all right well now we have enough you really do we got enough wait a minute you're gonna be a chocoholic if you put all that in there it's not on all the way see it has to go over to edge use two hands both hands [Music] push this down on the top okay come on down we're gonna get some ice because we didn't freeze the bananas that's good what are we getting what are we gonna get can you say ice no ice there you go that was a good ice cube if we can push this now we push the cup in there all right

all right let's put the ice in there in the blender now what's in your cup what is that oh yeah alright and we're gonna put the ice where in here in here put ice in here go ahead just ice not the cup shake it a little bit shake shake shake alright there is it in there look can you see it alright what else do we need I think we got everything we need banana avocado ice vanilla alright the last speck of ice is going in okay we're ready to to go to our final step and what we do okay now we can close that push it down alright now it's locked and ready to go now it's unlocked push this part there's just but nope this part there now safe and ready alright here comes a technical part we're gonna push buttons which button there we gonna push oh not that one no not that one that one now watch the light will come on so you got a little red light came on now are you ready Wow when we push this other button it's gonna make noise alright yeah it's gonna make a lot of noise and things are gonna happen in here are you ready to push another button right okay let's push it alright try another

button try a different button all right making breakfast boy that was quite scary but you know what we got it under control but you know what does it look like chocolate it's still green all right do you want more chocolate don't we yeah [Music] well we're going to so I put chocolate in there we don't want to take any you two of a kind of out all right this is gonna be interesting we're gonna dig a spoon in here turn this foot over and put just put some berries in the bowl [Music] let's open the blender push the little button push the button alright that's it now lift a handle lift the handle up over here lift the handle up remember don't push but unless I tell you to yeah we don't put your fingers in there what do you think how does it look if you like it you want to taste it yeah all right let's taste it what kind of berry tart is hmm blue are they blue the blender because we scooped we scooped you up the bowl now you get to taste it take a bite wow that's a big bite oh my god

all right take a bite and there's the last one that one's our oppa I know all the goodness underneath it is well the stuff on tops not too good but we'll be alright