03 May 2019

Today Cafe preview part 2 (supplement) in 4K

Please don't take it too seriously, I was just having fun. Hope you enjoy this second look at the preview! Being serious, any constructive criticism is welcome and ...

all right I heard your groans and moans

and saw your thumbs down so hopefully I can fix a little bit of the video from the today cafe video I will show you the menu a little better I'm also trying another food item recommended by Kyle from few from the cheap seats Fuhrer not subscribe to view from the cheap seats you should because it's a really awesome channel he's a really awesome guy too and he and and Mary I see them around a lot so let's go in okay for the menu here it is you see it just get it that's the breakfast side sorry for the distortion here's the lunch menu [Music] it's very distorted I'm just gonna meet you in the middle over here is just still today they're showing dogs love dogs and I look at the grab-and-go section these look interesting nice option if you're on our jury just got into EPA and want to get to that Harry Potter stuff grab this and go [Music] I'm going to try the confetti cake as well as the Big Apple cheese big shadow okay so today I'm eating some cake and I'm eating the number 17 so water is okay confetti cake is 469

again this is the Big Apple cheese grilled cheese with a food option and this is $11.99 they try my new level grip with which is a micro tripods [Music] hmm interesting a little bit of spice to it not not that much but it's quite good [Music] the fruit is really good too and of course everything served on eco-friendly cups and plates and obviously it's classic Vegas reused and washed thoroughly it's also a nice place to eat and watch the superstar parade the confetti cake is pretty good as well as these um little metallic like decorations which are a little rare they could see how the layering effect here as well [Music] Cyprian thanks for watching this video all the way wait wait one more thing get fit get that off this bit off the screen hold on after I stood the most recent update for universal I thought wait a minute this does make sense all this stuff is horror related but it's specifically horan makeup show related and used to be the Terminator vibe

Terminator show would dump out here horror and makeup still comes out this way well there's only one attraction that code goes into this gift shop right now so it seems to me that they seemed it for that one attraction now that's it's my speculation I could be completely wrong the universal did also just announced the classic Universal Monsters as a house is here too so once again I leave a comment section below but as of what you think these are just theories I have no inside information is it just my thoughts so ok back to I was saying enjoy a little bit of the superstar parade as the end screen comes up for real [Music] [Music] or check out that stabilization on the GoPro here seven