10 June 2019

Tips to follow Health Canada's new Eat Well Plate

Registered Dietitian Carol Harrison shares some tips to get more veggies into the weekly mealtime line up, and also shows us a recipe for a Zippy Steak with ...

and she's here to give us some tips to

follow Health Canada's a new eat well plate and also to get to more veggies into our week weekly a mealtime lineup not always an easy thing to do but you'll help us out in a big way Carol Harrison is with us right now a registered dietitian hello Carol hello thanks for having me good to have you here you're also with a yummy lunch club dossiers yes what is that website yeah well that's a website where I helped make planning and packing healthy lunches for busy families easier while helping kids to build food skills along the way very important things to learn now can you tell us about via the food guide what it recommends at this point yeah well the food code is really recommending the eat well plate so if you'd like you can have a look at this example here because it's very simple to follow what we want to do is get people off the ultra processed foods back to whole naturally nutrient-rich foods and proportions are really important so no serving sizes no recommendations for like how much to eat what time of the day half your plate vegetables and fruits one quarter quality protein one quarter whole grains okay so that

shouldn't be too hard to do no we're gonna show how to make that magic happen at home at someone's house good can I ask you though okay so milk and dairy is that still something that people are yes it's a major part of people ask a lot about that so the milk and dairy would still belong to the protein group so we don't have food groups anymore we've just got sections of the plate to eat well plate and you're gonna find milk cheese and yogurt would go in that protein group along with fish and beans and beef and nuts and seeds and legumes that would all go in that same group small changes make big differences always so sometimes people think when they're tackling this like it's not gonna make a difference cuz but in the long run so you actually have a couple of ideas here you put together some salads for us yeah as well yes so this is again how to build that eat well plate at home in less than 30 minutes and what we were featuring over here in the plate in front of you is steak with a savory melon salad and you can already see it's got those proportions right the half your plate vegetables and fruits 1/4 lean protein and 1/4 whole-grain so

that's brown rice there it also looks really good oh and so delicious and so summery and you know let's just get going and I'm gonna get too busy over here or walk through this okay so the first step would be your salad dressing so the salad dressing is just delicious it's got lemon or excuse me lime zest in there honey mustard and that will be going in with all these great ingredients for the salad so watermelon edamame which you can find in the frozen section of the grocery store cucumber and you know we can buy local cucumbers here in Ontario radishes some people grow gardens and have their own radishes some red onion so you see that's adding a lot of color and those radishes are going to give us a really great little bit of bite and sweetness and the juiciness from the and the crunch and sweet and juiciness with a watermelon and then some feta and we're gonna go in with about half the dressing we're gonna see the rest to go on top that's gonna sit for 20 minutes because you want all those flavors to meld together and hey you don't have watermelon use what's on sale and what's in season right what fruits do you like

watermelon I do enjoy your that's good stuff oh you can tell I'm a fruit and vegetable guy yes some strawberries raspberries all good peaches will be coming you know will be in season in the summer nectarines all these all these fruits that we have just use what you have on hand and once since on sale these recipes are really flexible okay so that's its 421 actually doing something because you want if you're gonna cart the stage okay this is a strip loin 500 grams here that's enough to feed a family of four yeah 400 grams is one serving so beef is so packed with protein you only need about a hundred grams to get about 30 grams of hunger curbing protein so I'll probably slice a little thinner you know yeah that's okay I love the way you're doing a really really great job there so you could also use a ribeye like I said this is trip loin you could use a sirloin steak and if you had I know a bigger stake then you know what cook once eat twice the leftovers will make a great lunch right so packed with protein iron vitamin b12 and zinc beef is a naturally nutritious choice and it follows the countess fuga it's in

that protein section do you want to do this whole steak by the way yeah why not make you work slow here but these are big chunks for sure yeah that's quite generous right you don't need to have those foods are so naturally nutrient-rich that will serve a family of four that's something yeah okay so you just add that into the salad Bennett to you or me yes so I would then plate it just like we have it over here so I'd put a bed of arugula and then I would put the salad here on top of that arugula and then the one quarter of the plate like we have it would be your rice so you can always use barley if you wanted to and another great tip for people who are busy is make your grains ahead of time so the rice the barn it can be kept in a ziplock bag in the fridge for four to six days and so you just get your steak going and your salad going and then just use the grains that you've got in the fridge just over 30 seconds left here and cooking at home really is key though it is cook and eat at home and use these naturally nutrient-rich foods follow that eat well plate and you're all set okay and I know for this recipe these

recipes in particular you move it make vfc a yummy lunch club she has so much to offer just tell us a couple of things how to involve children in in preparing and packing their lunches I mean school you know might not be on during the summertime but we're still sending kids to summer camp so you got a pack lunches so check out all the ideas at UW launch club see all right there you go and developed a hunger here I mean this looks like tasty stuff we'll wait just a moment or two but Carol Henry Harrison thank you very much thank you registered dietitian more day time coming up you