24 September 2018

Time Management and Diet Integrity 8-26-2018

hi everybody this is Andre just wanted

to say hello and I'm about to blog a little bit for you I'm about to finally do something I've really been meaning to do and that's driving to the DM & it's taking advantage of my time and be more fishing so what I'm doing now is I'm going to the gym and I just wanted to talk about two things number one reading really helps out and sometimes maybe I should have been doing it you know doing certain things a long time ago actually I probably was doing it but I just real really realized the reason why I do do what I do that is the first thing a person should do is just plan out your week and I got out of habit of doing that but now I'm planning out my week so whatever I'm doing workwise whatever I'm doing with my other interests you know I am a real estate agent now and I'm involved with other opportunities and so I'm learning that if you just plan everything and it makes them feel so good it's so accomplished that you plan you go through then by the end of the week you feel like you accomplished a lot of stuff and so normally on my day that I take I take a certain day where I don't do nothing I

just I just just take a break and then I Drive into the next week I take the day after that day I sit I sit down and I'm playing what I want to do okay second of all on the fitness tip we should work on continuing to be focused on your diet and I kind of fell off to that and when my weakness is is like breads stuff like that I love bread so you know during to my break I used to get a peanut butter and jelly sandwich but now I'm going to switch it over and instead of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for snacks you know I'm just going to just try to drink you know just you know coffee or tea or water or something that is less calorie intake if I do eat something it'll be nothing but maybe a protein or kick in possibly a salad some vegetable and I noticed this bin of miraculous change in like two weeks that really helped out with you know maintaining what campus kept and me keeping me back it's gotten me back on track with my phone so on top of that the importance of having you know vegetables in your diet but sometimes it's hard I'll talk about that later but I mean you keep vegetables in

your diet along with your protein that enables you to build muscle maintain muscle so just about done with my video and what I'm doing is I'm parking at my gym and I'm about to go ahead and get my workout on so thanks for watching hopefully I'll be able to post a little bit more now because I'm hands-free got a nice phone now and I can you know speak and get some more more blogging in be able to post throughout my social media so have a nice day so in ending I just wanna let you know number one plan your week not everyday plan what you're gonna do every day of the week and then execute it by the time you finish with that you'll be so you know feel so accomplished number two stay with your diet staying on track with your diet I mean of course you have maybe might want to cheat once in a while but my case I was cheating every day didn't realize that and you tell yourself hey you know it doesn't wouldn't hurt if I could just eat a peanut butter jelly sandwich here or whatever but bread does stay on you and it turns it to fat so if you want to stay lean you gotta cut back on the brass the sugars the cookies candy stuff like that so that's the end of my blog

have a nice night and see you in the next block