10 October 2019

Thursday Thoughts ep.11 battle of the diets!

Happy Thursday lovelies! today my thoughts are on diet judging and diet shaming and how I don't think it's fair but also how each Diet Works for each person, ...

hi and here is another episode of

Thursday thoughts um I think it's episode 11 so I'm pretty proud if it's not 11 I know it's 12 um but I'm so happy to continue all this and keep talking God knows I could talk about anything forever men along the time I talked I know so keeping it into an IG TV video very short is actually kind of cool for me and it's a nice practice so you keep being short and sweet today I want to talk about the Battle of the diets and I'm not talking about like slimfast vs. Weight Watchers I'm talking about like vegan versus plant-based carnivore vs. keto I'm talking about stuff like that and why people are doing them well first off there is no wrong or right diet I know that sounds offensive but there isn't everyone everyone is so different you know and everybody's bodies work in such a different way we have all evolved yes from what we think is the same thing but actually what we've evolved from is different regions our ancestors came from all different places so it couldn't be that we all are the same and that one person's medicine is going to work for everybody because it's not true and that's not so so I just wanted to say that um sorry my

phone was going off and a little bit crazy but where I was at um I was trying to say is that what I eat personally is not going to benefit my neighbor not in all cases so a lot of vegans they can thrive off of veganism absolutely no animal by-products and that's amazing it's amazing for their bodies my body personally personally feels amazing when I do a vegan diet but I get vitamin deficient very fine because I suffer from like other problems like dehydration and stuff like that so even when I'm doing a vegan diet which is a lot of vegetables which is a lot of water content my body lacks iron and then other things start not working so that I'm supplementing and I'd rather not so um I still don't eat a lot of meat because my body also does not digest all the meat products so it's just personalized what I've done to my body what I've done to my diet and it's all over trial and error because I have literally been my own science project for years now and learning more and more every single day and trying that out too so I understand a lot of vegans also are vegan not just for health reasons but they're vegan for you know social belief

reasons and the environment and stuff and I am fully supportive of all of that and I in my life tried to support the earth in everything that I do - okay so then keto that works really well for some people but for some people that get dehydrated really fast or they have high blood pressure or they have other problems that are already pre-existing sometimes keto does not work for them that's all I'm saying is like everyone is so judgmental and it's just food we are judging people over what they're eating and I feel so bad because like there's people hiding in their houses that don't want to eat in public because they're embarrassed over what they eat I know this because I used to not want to eat in front of people and that's just like a eating disorder but still when you think about it it's because at some point in my life I was shamed for with the food I was eating and then I developed an eating disorder from it um and that's exactly what happened but we're shaming people for what they're eating but if they're thriving if their bodies are thriving off of this food we shouldn't be shaming them the only thing I would hope is that they're

picking top-notch food for their bodies there's only one diet that fails every single time and nobody's gonna like the answer it's the standard American diet abbreviation of that is sad literally that is what America lives off of its processed foods its refined foods it's highly sugar like their sugar in everything um that is the diet like fast food that's the diet most Americans are living off of and that is not causing anyone to thrive so that is the only diet that I don't want to say we should judge but that we should change or should want to change in our lives you should not want to eat fast food every single day your body doesn't respond to it our bodies don't process processed food I will repeat that our bodies don't know how to process processed food because it's not food it doesn't recognize it as food which then causes our bodies to gain weight bloat get um digestive issues like sometimes it even causes the digestive issues like allergies that you are lactose intolerant or you know you're allergic to certain foods this is what causes it it's not the actual food some up in most

cases so it's just changing ourselves from this highly processed diet and changing over to something that actually works for your body that's what keto does that's what vegan food does that's what plant-based diets do they change your body from being so used to sad diets that your body starts functioning normal again that feels amazing food also affects your mood it affects your day-to-day life I'm trying to keep this short because I can go on about this for days but I will notice that if I've had a lot of bread products it's causing me to be a little bit depressed or it gives me instant anxiety if I have a lot of sugars I have it's anxiety and it's almost hard to get rid of and I don't know why I have it until later when I've processed it and then I'm like oh my gosh I did this to myself i poisoned myself I gave myself the anxiety right I gave myself my bouts of depression with my food but the awesome thing is you can also heal yourself with your food which is what I've done and what I help others to do with their food my dad who's a truck driver he lost 30 pounds or he's almost to his 30 pound mark just changing the food that he eats

not exercising more than he already does because he's a truck driver so he doesn't get more exercise which is sad but he's changed the food he eats and he's lost almost 30 pounds visit Annie and it's making him happy he's literally a happier person this thing like that is amazing to me because it's just adding vegetables into his diet he's almost like I want to say like a vegetarian but I know my dad and he loves me so he's not always a vegetarian but yeah so that's what I want to talk about like there you can be judgey if you eat tons of meat and your friend is vegan but is that really being nice to them no you shouldn't judge anybody for the amount of vegetables that they eat or the reason that they like bacon you know like that's not right nobody should be fighting with each other over the foods that they eat unless you see them eating McDonald's every single day then you're like how are you processing that don't you get all messed up inside don't you feel low and depressed can I show you how to make yourself bill better with just food if I can show you how to feel better with just changing your diet

please DM me let me do that because I can definitely show you how to do that and it's so fun and it's the best adventure I've ever been on is my food adventure I have made best friends with my diet and I judge myself a whole lot less I'm not saying I'm not my worst I'm not my own worst enemy anymore that's what I should say because I used to be I used to be really harsh on myself and now I'm not I totally learned how to process the process um so that's what I'm coming from another thing on my mind is the meditating Mama's are meeting up again on Sunday for the full moon and that's gonna be awesome little Women's Circle so if you're local and interested please hit the link and RSVP and then um anything else if you're interested in a one-on-one help consultation please DM me or email me I am so happy today and I hope that everyone has a great weekend I love you all so much