09 June 2019

This feel good diet advice bullshit has to stop!!!!

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okay what's up all right so let's get

this out of the way now if you don't agree with anything I have to say over anything I'm about to say you won't be beefing with that is cool hit up my inbox especially when it comes to all these so-called fitness trainers or these weight-loss people selling these stupid T's and stuff all right right there we can do a live feed we could do a live video or whatever because you're pandering to people and you're gonna eventually get them killed the eventually gonna die listen to y'all because you you you acting too soft on them and you you making it you're giving excuses to people and I understand that you have to have your clients or whatever up my hair as well whatever but I understand you have to have your clients and you have to make them feel good and all of that but some things that should feel good about so yeah let's get into this drink but if you got a problem with me see my own box so the the problem that I have is I keep saying post where it's like hopefully I can put it in this video or whatever but it's like I don't an adult and it says diving and it says all the bad things will happen if you eat the doughnut and they

will say living life you know living life don't have to worry about all those limitations and all that other stuff because life is not about limitations about living life to the fullest but if you're about to die from diabetes it's not live your life to the fullest anyway and then be like oh I'm gonna eat one doughnut and you know what it's gonna be fine it's gonna be cool it's only one doughnut and you know what everything is gonna be okay kind of agree with that but kind of don't and this is why no no that doughnut is not going to kill them know that one doughnut is not gonna make them gain 50 pounds know that doughnut is not going to throw them off however with that post does is makes it okay to let me say like this you're gonna mess up you're going to mess up a lot it is a diet of temptation it is what it is however do not normalize messing up in your diet do not say that it's ok because it's really not okay because what happens is you're going to keep going on mess it up especially if some I black up messing up is not a big deal then you won't have to think twice about eating that doughnut because you're gonna be like oh okay

I messed up but it's okay because I'm human and that will turn that will make one donut turn the two donuts turn two three donuts to twelve no nuts to two dozen donuts because guess what most of these people like myself I don't even show anything show like a titty but like myself have what's called food addiction which means that there are certain things we should not eat because we're gonna overeat them and I'm gonna give myself as a prime example my food addiction is to like bacon and processed meats if I bring him into my house like honey baked ham I will eat the entire thing by the end the day no matter how late the day is a khabees at 11:30 at night by 12 o'clock it's gonna be gone why because it's a trigger it triggers me but also but like but with no triggers normal people sugar because of the insulin because the sugar response sugar is like cocaine so you saying that it's okay for you to just eat a little bit of sugar in moderation is really just setting people up for them to go on sort of bench and honestly I think that's what happy I want to because if you actually cure the people then you'll run out of money so it's cool to string

them along maybe make it let them loose two or three pounds and then let it relapse oh I better throw even more shots now I'm not I'm thinking about it might as well finish it up but yeah get those post about oh everything in moderation you shouldn't feel bad about eating that one doughnut that's bullshit it is because you because you know that it's not gonna last for that one donut if they only had a problem even when dota at a time they wouldn't have that issue like even went done that it's not gonna kill you however if they feel like it's okay to eat that doughnut is gonna go farther and farther like I said let me use myself as an example I was doing very very strict Kido and after a month and a half I completely reversed my diabetes and I'm I stand by that 100% so I started lifting weights when I started lifting weights I couldn't lift as much when I was like no Aikido I went to my parents house I relapsed bad because my parents are like a super high carb diet you can probably see other videos when I'm over the house there is like literally 90% of their houses carbs but when I worked out on carbs I felt

excellent now of course I knew why because my body was used to running on that but I was trying to walk on my head okay maybe I can eat little carbs when I workout you know the supercharge my workout yeah that sounds a good good idea so what I started doing is every day for a workout before workout eating a cinnamon toast crunch bar now did I know that cinnamon toast crunch bar is not really helping me it's doing more harm to me than good yes but I try to lie to myself and said it was for a good cause but I already knew I already knew it was happening so yeah that cinnamon toast crunch bar turned into something else or something else and here I again and here I was again back to Ben sugar addicted so for you to say that when somebody's working hard on a diet they're struggling but they're making it through and I'm doing a good effort and you said oh y'all gotta be on that diet that hard your fucking people up really really bad and I really feel like some of y'all know that especially a lot of these workout people and these people that be selling these stupid T's and stupid cleansers everywhere when it comes to clearing so no I'm gonna wait

until this videos over to talk about you people hey detox PT people um what exactly are the toxins that you are cleaning out of their bodies which is tea from freaking a cave in Malaysia or your magic protein that you find and a goldfish that you find in the middle of Antarctica because basically toxins are anything this is access in your body if you have too much water your body it's a toxin if you breathe too much it's a toxin so what is exactly the toxin that you're supposed to be trying to get rid of or are you just giving people sugar water we crushed up flowers in it and it's basically just make them shit the life away you're just giving them a so-called natural enema and then yes for the record most things that if it's giving you diarrhea means this upset in your stomach which is just gonna just dehydrate you also people does selling ketones and people who are buying ketones you're messing yourself up why are you putting ketones in your body and you're okay do you do people really know how to get into ketosis because I'm feeling like they don't you have to deplete most of your your glucose stores in order for

you to get in ketosis because your body is forced to work on fats it's forced to switch on the fats so why would you just put ketones and a body that still has a bunch of sugar in it sue you're just gonna mess up your your grands it's not your body's not supposed to work that way what are you doing guy like those ketones go if I got a bad Bosh weight on it just wait young baby you gotta believe me just wait and then lastly this is one thing that I feel like it's gonna be important and it's gonna make a lot of people hate me and that's fine because a lot of people already hate me but if you have a type 2 diabetic in your life and they are shoving sugary sweets and things down their face in front of you you need to call that out nobody should be complacent with having a disease that's sitting down their body just because they popping pills and I even I even struggle with this today because I have I have a lot of people that I love that's struggling from it but it is like they don't still an a understand now should be saying when I had diabetes myself I thought that popping the pill and everything

would be good because all my blood Sugar's now but however how is the bringing it down by releasing a bunch of fake insulin or wrecking my liver up so so some people are probably not gonna like me but I'm not letting that dry slide no more like if I see somebody shoving freaking juice and and bread and candy in their face and I know that they're type 2 diabetic I'm just gonna be like Brad what are you doing I'm like I don't want to see that that's like a crackhead shooting up in front of you I don't know crackhead shoot up I think they say you can tell I don't do drugs cuz I don't I got my I got my terminologies messed up I'm such a lame I'm very very lame I'm I know this I'm kind of a loser you could show them my hair anyway but still at the same time though that is not cool that's not oh let them never like no because if they keep living a life they not gonna have that much life to live so no I'm not going to control my mouth this mouth is uncontrollable is wow that sounds pretty weird but yeah I know no not at all finally one last thing I got to talk about is people who will be selling

these highly wanna sell somebody with diabetes a fruit smoothie listen for everybody who's buying a fruit smoothie from somebody that says they're making me help with your diabetes three things that's happening either they don't know what they're talking about they care about money over you or they're actively trying to kill you like they don't like you they want you to die slowly the whole problem diabetes and the Nestle thing they don't teach us they try to teach us to control your sugar but they never tell you about controlling your hormones diabetes is chronic insulin resistance how do you fix that stop eating stuff that gives you so much insulin I say the same thing over and over and over carbohydrates high insulin release protein medium insulin release fat no instant little to no insulin release so if you want to become sensitive to insulin aka get rid of your type-2 diabetes what does it sound like you need to do once again I will say it again carbohydrates high insulin release I'm so bumpy protein medium insulin release fat little to no insulin release so

given that information cuz I know you're smart except for the people with that that so diabetics free drinks y'all have retarded or so given that what does it sound like you need to do huh imma give you a second I'm gonna give you a second to wait and think about it I'm pretty sure that smart people I already got it but I'm specifically talking to y'all that sells these little fruit cheese and stuff with fucking honey honey breath honey you mean the stuff that if you don't burn it off right now it goes directly to your liver and incorporates you into getting fatty liver disease that's kind of honey are you gonna sweeten your supper honey huh huh okay okay and then shove into some diabetics face and they get mad because their sugar isn't gonna get out of control or you get mad because they're not losing any weight but you gave them some freaking dragon fruit from Guatemala mixed with some kale leaves they're sweetened with the sweet power honey huh yeah and then wonder why did why that's not happening it's crazy because I truly truly now see why I have given up on losing weight so many times before while

other people keep giving up on losing weight so many times for and there's a lot of in latter times is because of like the fitness industry and all this false information that we're getting is so like and then everybody likes it people who quit like they're the problem but really I feel like some of this information is blatantly lied to some people I'm like it let it make sense because why fix the fatties when you can treat the fatties tell them if they eat this food they would lose weight and they will it will be water bone density and muscle whether they lose weight so I guess you can't you can't get sue for saying you're lying so you're my man hey I'm eight I need to get me like a tea or something like I said my big thing is diabetes I fixed my diabetes other people can and I and I'm it's not even sunny I don't have nothing to sell you I don't I don't own anything I don't show you nothing eat more fat good fats don't don't be like what I try to do eat a bunch of bacon and stuff avocados fish stuff like that eat more fats protein and little-to-no cars

basically isn't if you stop eating sugar you're gonna be good God and then okay let's be fair if you cannot stop eating sugar stop drinking that shit stop drinking soda stop drinking juice stop drinking high fructose corn syrup in particular high fructose corn syrup has been killing y'all is been crushing all of us and like I said if anybody got a problem or anything I say bruh I would do a live with you so you can catch me slippin as many times as you want but guess what you're not gonna catch me slippin I'm gonna catch you slippin yeah brother so so if anybody got a problem when I say it runneth up tell me a time and place we can live-chat I will speak over you will have a cordial discussion bring all your little Fitness friends to sell their little stupid-ass teas and and all of that I'm gonna bring you bring your little Kido peels please note but seriously if you are doing kylo do not take no stupid as ketones like really if you're not in ketosis that means you still have too much sugar in your body for you to be releasing ketone bodies so why would you

put extra ketone bodies and a body that's not suitable for yet huh don't that something's gonna mess you up no I'm just stupid maybe I'm in make maybe I know I matter of fact I am stupid I'm hundred percent stupid but when it comes to this stuff I think I'm a little smarter and I feel like I want to do more of these and and press specially when I don't look so early and bumpy or whatever but it's okay because I'm still developing or whatever development like I'm fucked a pole or a kid anyway but and for the record no I am NOT a doctor no I'm not a physician no I'm not an Engel endocrinologist I'm none of that however I have reversed my own type-2 diabetes and also when I did have really bad uncontrollable diabetes my doctor told me it was okay to eat noodles no no no I take it back she said the only problem with noodles was the fucking salt packet