26 October 2018

Things that SUPPLEMENT WON'T DO for BEGINNER || A mysterious training from dark web 💀🤬

Some people who are just starting on training and the journey of working out think that supplements will help them, but the fact of the matter is that there is ...

they are talking about supplements for

beginners in the video so watch all the video until the end because I'm going to talk about something just kind of find that kind of funny to make it cool entertaining and it starts with talking about the topic of the day as I said in the introduction parts today we are talking about supplements here I have a case with protein it's not we're not talking about whey protein as I said it's just for beginners just to people or just something they are confusing just like skinny guys they say should I take gainer to gain weight or the bulky guys who says should I take protein to lean my possible spend make them more lean so I just want to talk about this topic so I'm gonna define things that supplements will not do for you if you are just a beginner so first thing first supplements will not overcome a lack of focus on your training so this some people will just soften in work in this journey of working out and training to get a better shape or to get more strips or gain more strength but they have lack of focus in so they're not they're not doing the movement properly so I pull up they do a full range of motion and corrects for or

push-ups they're not doing the correct form push-ups so supplement supplements will not overcome this lack of focuses on even if you are taking supplements and you have a lack of focus on your cause you will not see results the second thing that supplements will not overcome is poor dice if you're not following a good diet I mean a good diet I mean a proper diet it means you are taking the color the color is that you want to take if you want to gain mass for lower body fat or to just maintain you your ways you've got to take the proper amounts of calories and protein so like you can take I guess for just beginners take one one-half one point one point five grams of protein per kilos if you're not taking that amount of protein and calories and carbohydrates and fiber and vitamins supplements will not have any debt overcome this there is there is some people who are skipping the meal or are saying that I will skip this meal and instead I will take supplements no supplements are not created for this reason so you should take supplement why do you are following a good diet and

that I serve our peoples just sorta norteños who have just started working out they they never been engaged in any type of training and from the beginning they want to take supplements and it's kills me I don't know why just follow engage in your training in the new if you didn't see results like people skinny guys there's something on training and they want to gain some weight and from sauce then they go and buy some gainers but I don't know why it sucks I'm not saying that Venus up sucks because I'm gonna cover this topic for another video I'm gonna talk just about mass gainers I'm not saying as Venus are sauce but the people who are taking data from the sauce just like nonsense follow your diet first and your workout if you didn't see results from these two things then you might think about taking supplements and I'm gonna just focus on one thing that I still have people are doing is they replace some middles wait the protein shakes or with supplements and I see this like fucking with a broken condom because you should not do that supplements are created too soon

so some the supplements just their name complements complements blood via you can be nasty bacteria for Morocco viewers for her I repeat viewers from around the world their name is compliments mu community it's gonna be leaked they were partying the first time out of you it might because it feels weird so comment down below of course if you want me to talk Arab or English just give me your opinion speak because commentary is confusing in this thing that's why I didn't share in video in the spirit because I know what leg we should I saw in my statistics of my youtube channel and see that a lot of viewers I'm not I'm not from Morocco so that's why I'm talking English so just comment down below give me your opinions about this thing so just kill these subjects supplements for beginners beginners should not take supplements just focus on the training and York Times a few moments later so recently I entered the black web and I buy this box this mysterious one I have here the knives to open it up I buy this box and I want to make it man boxing up this

box it's just gone to the dark read and write down how can I get the best check back once and I found a seller there about this box it's here free so I won't just been up in front of you and see what is in there so it's sauce first it's pretty heavy here's a big one what's this one just find something to get the best shape it's check it I'm gonna get my computer and check it out let's see it's maybe kind of program dice playing the secret program or secret I swear there is someone in this maybe a woman with sauce this is scary so so freakin scary do you have the guts to bypass from that whip just for training is so scary so let's see rather consider is funny or not I just wanna tell you something from this this that there is no total precision device there is no shortcuts in anything you are doing in your life so the pretty successful people do mr. Olympia Olympians or unknown seek jobs or anyone who accomplished something in his life it's not overnight it's you have to put the time you have to invest your time and your money in it

so to get the best results you want so if you're golden muscle or strength then you just get up engaged in this thing there is no fucking shortcuts so if you think that if you take supplements you will get the best so fuck focus on your training and engage on what you are doing there is no teleportation device there is no shortcuts as the same that is just your work you know desire put the hardwood I know you admit that I know you're me hate this fucking senses how hard work yes you gotta throw hard work to get the best shape you want you gotta put the hard work to get that degree or to get that PhD or under what you want to get in your life so so let's let's not just talk about getting the shade maybe some girls who are watching this video do become a say Oh boys they are just training the ABS and breasts girls but let's not just cover this topic of training let's talk about life in general in general if you want to get whatever you want in your life there is some ups and downs you gotta be engaged when I say engagement take you meal you means at the right time when it's time when it's sign of long enough go and smash the fucking

what are you waiting for well if you are waiting for the situation to be better or you are waiting that situation is comfortable it will never be fucking comfortable so put the time and the money in engagements your whole focus on this one thing that you are what you want in your life and for sure you will get the results you want well wait wait some people will ask me this question though I take this is this mine I know that people are going to test this question part majority rock is song and speak Arabic I'm gonna make the sub sighs oh well I'll take supplements why because [Music] I'll take supplements for the moment step because the first thing is they are pretty expensive for me and I invest my money on diet as I said and on workouts instead of I can't get all the proceeds I want from the day from from just nutrition and micronutrients like breast and eggs and just just simple diets I try to get all my protein intake apparatus and fibers and filaments from just my lights so that's why I don't take a second thing they are [Music]

and this box did this is a Moroccan mint sarcastic this is just an empty box gonna shoot Eddie and I'm Finn mom it's not miss you fade away until she has mouth with number of dancing subscribers already once for me to connect see my channel next the next generation so please [Music]