27 August 2019

Theo Taste Tests Healthy Fruit Snacks

hey guys we're going to the store and

we're gonna get some healthy snacks and for a taste test and let's go [Music] okay guys so we're at the store and and we're going to fight some hunky snacks and let's go in to go to the front section [Music] okay so we found some like some from charities this for now and was going to go back to the car it's not [Music] for example shopping so let's go home and taste ups [Music] but back at home and we got 12 different food too so I think I'm just gonna try the banana first for now so okay I'm gonna give that a 5 so I'm just gonna eat another one now we're gonna try the mango okay it's a five another five so it's the same thing it's really good in my mouth Phyllis it's really sweet okay so we have um these this I don't know raspberry and blueberry and Decker

laughing so let's try this very first and then we're gonna go with other days kind of sweet a little bit sour but sweet and it looks like it's shaped like a mountain but all spiky so like cousin cuz that's like the town and it's it's it's super sweet in okay so this I'm just gonna give this a five and this probably a three and let's try this and what was that one a raspberry it's actually kind of good it's sweet and really good see if there's like a looks like there's a banana okay we have three different grapes we're gonna try the green pick first I'm gonna bet five to go now I'm gonna try this one when they eat but this one and let's try the first one because well five Oh China so which one's your favorite out of the three grapes okay so is it the light one the darker one or like the reddish one the darker one the dark one that's your favorite okay so the darker gray and now we're gonna try these those color cherry plum cherry yes so these are like these

these like Cheers basic Chinese it's that one over there right so these are tiny plops they're like like a plum and it it looks like it's an apple so we're gonna taste it tastes like a plum it's really sweet what's your rating on that one what do you think one two five okay if you really like it give it a five it's okay if they're all five yeah okay now I'm gonna taste these that one's called the apricot we're gonna try to add the pot have you ever had a epic up before okay this is your first time do we find something you didn't like so you didn't like they have your cotton now let's try the orange so that's a Mandarin right it's a mandarin orange so it's a small version of an orange yeah so fine but if if somebody made all of this together it would be super sweet yeah okay now which one out of all of those is your favorite was it the banana the mango one of the berries the cherries one of the grapes or the other fruits the cherries really okay taste one again see if it still is your favorite don't like it it's a little harder to eat than the other ones though isn't it

because it has a pit that seed inside all right now which one's your second favorite okay now remember the mango was also there I think you like mango don't you so which one's number one was cherry number two is Mandarin the raspberries oh the blueberry - okay all right how about how about the cherry plum did you like that one and then and now we're gonna still report it's just working and then that my dad is gonna give me a surprise so I'm just gonna wash my hands and then and then we're gonna skip this for now and now I'm gonna go wash my hands and I was gonna go back inside and then it's gonna be out here actually I'll show you the surprise okay okay all right [Music] oh you did know it how'd you know all right what are they can you show us all right show me it's it's a balloon these are these balloons that you can actually play play with and then it's like you can like yeah the water balloons but there's oh they are all right rotten eggs oh my god I didn't notice that part when I got him I'm gonna