03 April 2019

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[Music] [Music] [Music] welcome to the show the wellness show this week ladies and gentlemen assalamualaikum today our topic is going to be very interesting and you're going to talk about natural products you know Kenya in East African region as a whole has been dumping ground of products from all over the world beauty products do you eat kitchen products products we have had lots and lots and lots of products in our shelves in our supermarkets and which end up in our homes and most of them have had detrimental side effects on ourselves and all our families today segment on talking natural products we are privileged to be with King and the company she's the CEO of 30 a larger yes yeah thank you thank you um so i'm francisco and i was born and raised outside of kenya yes but united states but i'm a perfect cocktail of Kenyan and Ugandan heritage a bit I speak a bit of the chigi I speak Lua fluent and of course English and I'm learning Swahili yes yes yeah this is more of an inspiration because my

background in terms of education is as an investment banker and a stock trader so I think what inspired me were two great things one was a lifestyle change that I did in the United States and the second one was more of an uncomfortable situation I faced when I was doing my graduate studies in UK and I went to look for makeup for my skin tone and from a very well renowned luxury international brand and the lady at the countess's with a straight face told me that they do not stock products for us African women because we cannot afford it so that in the UK yes so I felt a bit put off by that comment and that's when I say that maybe one day I'd go back to Kenya and and and and start something so that they can know that of course we have the money to start such a project and that we Africans can actually afford what they feel is beyond reach yeah yes this yes the the main response was that were not in the target group for their campaigns yes yes yeah yes yes so yes yeah I know I know so Larry tear group is I decided to stir it like a skin care company and then later on I decided to incorporate like a wellness company into the laity a group

so now for the skincare side I manufacture a wide range of products and I three categories first category is fragrance and this is attested to by this perfume bottle yes you can have a look at it that of fine Oh de Parfum made here in Kenya a hundred percent the bottle is painted in pure 24 karat gold of a glass and we use natural botanicals big yes yes made in Kenya no you don't have to you don't have to and what inspired that was what inspired that was the fact that you see a lot of international designer brands saturating this market you don't know if they are fake or they're not fake but some of them actually they they're very disruptive to the endocrine system which produces hormones some of them are they're really responsible for the allergies that we develop out of nowhere some of them cause skin reactions and on women when they are expectant and they use those perfumes those manifests later on on their infants as eczema so then I decided to to develop a perfume made of authentic natural oils oils yes because a lot of the international brands they go for synthetic ones and then a lot of them

like I cannot name some but the mainstream ones like you know the designer ones that you'd see with rappers and stuff they go to a house in France they licensed the company to make a perfume for them and then now their job is to now produce the billboard and the ad spend and celebrity influences with the fragrance but for me I was involved in the lab work in the testing this fragrance is the first one ever to be made in Kenya but it passed caps standards made in Kenya thank you colognes and yes yes yes yes and we thank you for that we are made sure that it transcends across both genders so we've sold this to even 70 year old men and even 25 year old women and so we did a lot of field studies before we produced before we before I signed off on this first we did trials for like three months people to give us feedback is it affecting them health-wise second was perceptive perception on their notes and then this surprisingly we had a total split 50% man 50% women like this versus the other fragrance were trying to develop yeah yeah yeah so it has yeah yes thank you yeah I'm guilty of the same guilty of the

same here ho ho yeah thank you thank you so we also I also have a face cream a lot of the face moisturizer a lot of the brands in can you stay away from face products because they're usually nervous to go to do enough research to to make sure that a product will work on a face as opposed to cause acne or blemishes or severe allergic reactions so a lot of the face products we find in this market are actually imported and they charge like at least three times or 7.x markup so I decided to develop something with one of the ingredients in there comes from this flower the reason this flower does not die it's called the immortal African immortal so it's basically immortal it doesn't die yes flowers are from South Africa immortelle flowers are from South Africa the oil is from South Africa so then now immortelle the oil it's also good for anti-aging so addressing wrinkles and so on and so forth it also has things like neroli which is an exotic type of orange it has vanilla from Madagascar so it's actually like how do you say it it's actually like the best African botanicals trapped in a jar that can

actually unfold a very beautiful face for you whether you're a man or a woman again our products are not gender based we want men and women to access the access the same exact quality for themselves yeah yeah yeah imported text but also that was defined yes yeah yeah true true and even people who were going for chemical treatments in a row be paying seventy thousand shoun just for one session but this one can give you all the things you get in one session and it's only 1530 showings only yes yeah yes and then also the French brand L'Occitane anything of this that has the African immortelle oil cost not less than $40 four thousand shillings for us we want to make luxury skincare really affordable for anyone yeah yeah yes we have this one is also a top seller that one that one is a leave-in hair conditioner for the hair and this one we've really targeted a niche market women who have been weaving and they lose their hair line because of the manifestations of yeah because when in the weaving process or in the wig installation process there's usually a line that's braided from this way to

this way so then once you have your wig or your weave as you comb it through the month you're tugging your hair and these are usually the baby hairs and yeah these are called baby hairs for a reason they're very tender and they these ones fall off more than anything so then now if you're hiding your natural hair beauty all the time manifestation would be that this was that you're abusing your hair and also men also have like hair loss due to genetic situations or some of them they just don't take good care of themselves inside so then that manifests as baldness that one yes yes you put it as a moisturizer don't rinse it off and this one is also a Scout moisturizer yes yeah okay yeah so this one addresses each it addresses dandruff it addresses scalp order it addresses growth volume strength and moisturizing the hair strand dandruff itch moisturizing scalp acne scalp order yeah the tiny things that can eat you and be usually between your hairs I don't know yeah and then this or the ones that men have back here when they shave so scalp acne looks like that on women as well yes so

scalp acne growth strengthen valium yeah yes volume yeah as you can see for me I'm natural and this is the oil oh yeah this is the oil I use yes so we did in every single product we develop we think of the experience it's not so much of the product alone but the experience that you derive from it as a client so first of all when you apply it a lot of women complain that some of these hair conditioners from outside when you apply it you feel like there's a snail on your hand after you've done this it's like this the whatever's left back is like very uncomfortable first of all the second is disappearance into your hair you don't want like flakes because of the products and then now the real problems we face with particular situations for the face we profiled things like dryness excessive oil aging blemish under-eye whether you need to use a primer with it or not if you're a woman yeah and then for hair we thought of the things that I just said yeah like volume and growth and so on and so forth it took yes it took one year to research because this country this country yeah one year to research that was the entire 2017 just to know which oil profiles

would go into every single product and then it took three months to now manufacture and within the one year of of research we did like product test we developed the the samples and we had people try them out for three months so nine months of research three months of trials then three months of manufacturing again they've passed caps and then there's also a very well renowned consulting group in in California and so we consulted with them to give us the full guidance on developing like products that are fully natural so even if we have like an additive in a product the additive let's say comes from coconut oil or corn or something else yeah and they were actually ready to certify some of our products as well and it's very prestigious yeah [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]