05 April 2019

The Wellness show (Lheritier , healthy , natural & organic skin care products )006B

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[Music] [Music] welcome back to the show you saw what happened at the meeting room this time around I want to fill it myself I want to feel the salts and all the properties and all the magic that is has [Music] yeah and this one when you're at home you can just use your wash basin just small bits in in the house I can just jump in actually rejuvenating yeah I both care I know self-care and you just hide all in the house you just put the soul and ensures and ensures yeah so releasing tension from your feet is also a very good way to quickly sleep the living tension yeah actually my tension is released I'm feeling a bit I'm just feeling relieved it's like I've not been [Music] what if you do the salt you're you dehydrate very fast okay it's just okay to to to use warm water warm water yes and then also the salt the oils I I think in the other episode I talk to you about coconut oil coconut oil so coconut oil also kills bacteria and it's also antifungal so the coconut oil in this bath salt is

also going to address athlete's foot athlete's foot okay and what is athlete's foot for those over not yeah is that now like yeah so the fungus spreads between the toes by way of itching okay so so calm it coconut oil is anti fungal Alang Alang yes then properties and then you need something to calm it down to calm the itch and to stop the itch what so this is also good for people with in corn toenails a lot of us women we wear like a closed tight shoes and because you are walking on a slope the whole of your body weight is on the ball of your foot yes and so the toes can clump up it can squeeze your nail and the nail begins to grow in and so the first and the penis can actually also be built back pain oh yes great yeah it's actually rejuvenating I know many people have this problem of smelling feet especially men yes especially men you know I think it's cause we wear clothes shoes for longer hours actually feel rejuvenated you know just apply myself dilution yeah sure i'ma tell it's a radiance ocean yeah yes sure but it has aloe vera extract it has some vanilla extract and then it also has

an ingredient which we speak we spoke about in the last episode the yellow in Motel flower yes it also has that one and this one leaves 48 boys sure we can legally claim 48 hours moisture yeah so I could just clean my feet I think you'll get a towel or something there's a towel there so after I clean my feet yeah do would I put on socks immediately also they'll see your skin so you when you're sweating it's neutralizing the order okay and then and then after 2 minutes you can just wear your also I I chilled for a few minutes per day okay effect to give you a bit of that and how much is this yeah and for how long could I have it is squeeze it a bit yeah that's enough yeah no sort of means very calming it's called okay so yeah in between my that gives you yeah I mean also it helps you use their skin breathes it's not good to also seal off your skin so they're not before they're not reading okay so you can see that the moisture has gone up straighter yeah but then you not develop that a chalky we're talking to you yeah Wow this is for the next the other two there are other tools you know beside us in our facility so I have to wipe it for

just give me that so this is just something that we can do it at home yes quickly if you want to stay long you can also just wait long wait you know or when you want to when you are having a pedicure yet signature spa you can combine the salt to combine the sauce yeah after they are doing now the whole pedicure treatment you know oh nice that's really feel nice just moisturizer yeah so rejuvenating yeah yeah actually very rejuvenating Wow I love I love this I love this for you buddy yes good for heels make moisturizing your heels a lot of people have cracked heels yes yes well well well of all the well ladies and gentlemen you've seen the magic of the Laurita line of products it speaks for itself that's why we're here to have a demo whereby we could feel how the product works and actually the product is a magical product I can feel rejuvenated already you know after a long long day wearing clothes shoes I feel like I've been in the house like the whole day you know in open shoes this is a magic product as you've seen it's all Kenyon done by our friend and

it's a line that you should have it's a must-have product at your place if you have any question regarding skincare regarding going natural please do write to us all the numbers are running on your screen and Francisca will be with us all the time to answer your questions on all our SMS lines and all our social media pages do write to us ask as a the question if you want a professional consultation or one-on-one with Francisca she will be there with you we are going to hook you up with our professionals as we told you on this show of the wellness show the idea here is to take you round to school you to consult you on all that pertains to wellness and as I told you our slogan is always very easy it's big good look good and feel good and that is the wellness show until next time when you're having another professional coming in and schooling us on what as wellness I wish you all the best [Music] [Music] you [Music]