23 July 2019

The USDA Dietary Guidelines Committee Part III

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Tuesday edition of video clips and I will announcements so new courses that we have committed to video this year PCOS thyroid food exercise in mental health diabetes time management and cognitive health and Alzheimer's disease started this week but you can pick up the the next week I guess it starts and you can pick up with classes that you missed already on video Alzheimer's disease is next then you're amazing microbiome cannabis and irritable bowel so I teach these classes live and then commit them to videos so people who are the early enrollees get to take the class live for me and then later on you get to take the class online they all have assignments and the assignments force you to learn more than even when I tell you in the lectures so if you're interested in that send me an email at hand popper at msn.com the food our medicine coaching class course starts tonight that's a combination of online classes and live classes and trains you to set up a food / medicine coaching business we give you slides and materials so that you can teach the course at Sullivan you have the option

of starting a food / Medicine chapter if you would like to do that so I mentioned last week that we would do part three of the Dietary Guidelines committee meeting last week when we have all or couple weeks ago now when we had all the testimonies so here goes a large contingent of low carb advocates also testified they were in large part and angry Bunch I was appalled at the attitude and the first thing that I thought is maybe they're just all constipated which causes them to be so cranky I don't know but I was taken aback frankly one of the first ones that who testified is dr. Priyanka Walley a private practice physician and she was very aggressive and started her presentation by telling the committee that the dietary guidelines are a joke that the process of developing them as a joke she was angry and confrontational as she reported successfully treating thousands of people with a low-carb diet and stated that if you have diabetes your carb intolerant she literally at the end of her presentation stormed out of the diet out of the auditorium like angry storming out of the auditorium

obviously mad at the world over this issue and I mean I was looking at the people next to me and and just we were incredulous that you think that anybody would think that the place that you start when you're trying to get somebody to accept your ideas is to be angry and confrontational I mean that was appalling Annina title it's the author of the big fat surprise told the committee that the current guidelines are not science-based and almost all good evidence points to low-carb eating she rambled on and on and on reading from a paper like this in a monotone exceeded her time and had to be told to sit down they had to interrupt her a couple of times the most creative of all the presenters I thought was dr. Darin Schmidt a medical doctor from the deceptively named nutritional healing Center located in Ann Arbor Michigan he promotes a low-carb diet to his patients but his suggestion to the committee get this was to focus on macronutrients carbohydrate protein and fat and then let people choose the low carb diet Airy pattern they prefer so they could choose carnivore paleo keto and plant-based as long as they were all

though carve the benefit this is where I was fell off my chair he said the the committee would not be upsetting any special interests if they did it this way so everybody would be happy the beef people the fat people the dairy everybody would be happy and I thought the purpose for this is to make sure that the special interests are happy I mean it was amazing dr. Georgene a psychiatrist believes that healthy mind requires a good diet so far so good but then he launches into the whole thing that a diet based on animal foods and high in fat is best that nutrients are hard to get from plant foods and plant foods contain anti-nutrients so he thinks the keto diet is best for mental health the continuing theme from the low-carb folks and I won't go through all of them because they like the animal groups that seem to have gotten together on this choline issue and you can't get nutrients from plants that you can get from animal foods this group seemed to have a continuing theme which was that the people in practice were all trying to help people and they came to us they showed up and they've been all eating a plant-based diet a high carbohydrate

diet they didn't say plant-based high carbohydrate diet and exercising and yet they were still overweight and diabetic and then they put them on a low-carb diet and magic happened immediately and the people were better and the weight fell off and the diabetes went away and it was just a magical thing and it reminded me of when I read William Davis's Wheat Belly book he claimed the same thing he's in Milwaukee and everybody going to to William Davis is eating perfectly and they're eating a high carb diet and exercise it can't lose weight and so I want to see all these perfect eaters who are exercising I mean we don't see him here at all the biggest companies in the world so I wonder where they're all hiding because we don't find them here and when people do come in and they're eating a high carbohydrate diet it's not a well-structured heiko project I mean if you're eating toaster pastries and vegan junk food and you know that sort of thing that's not the type of diet that we're promoting here so mu Lanoue had said during her presentation in the first video clip by gentleness that the differentiation between sources

of carbohydrates was important and these people did not make that differentiation at all which brings me to my testimony which I had put together in a very organized fashion and I read the first page of it and then I decided to go off-script and I said I really feel compelled to comment on what has happened here today I said the first thing is I'm appalled at the lack of respect that was paid to the committee for somebody to get up here and claim that this is a joke I said this isn't a joke it's very serious I take it very seriously which is why I'm here today and I'm offended on behalf of the committee I said the second thing that I said is that the low-carb promoters seem to think that any means is justified by a short-term end in other words they're not talking about following people for 20 years if you adopt a bad diet it takes 20 years to get cancer you know you know you don't eat a lot of fat today and by next January you have cancer it takes a long time for that to happen and for the other bad things that have been from eating a diet that is not appropriate for humans

I said if we're basically gonna open the door and I actually said this to almost anything that produces this weight loss and low glucose levels I'm gonna suggest something cocaine addiction so we never had a cocaine addict in our office who is overweight and had high fasting glucose levels I said I'm being facetious of course but I'm doing it on purpose because if any means is justified by the end where do you stop okay where do you stop and so I encourage the committee to take the long term view and respectfully ask that they consider a plant-based diet as the best diet for humans another thing that I said is that if starch and carbohydrate are as bad as these people have told you then the Okinawans and two billion Asians never got the memo the Okinawans are living on sweet potatoes and rice and plant foods they don't know that you're supposed to gain weight and become diabetic as a result of eating those foods so the misrepresentation from the low-carb promoters many of whom had very impressive credentials was was truly truly frightening and I I'm just appalled absolutely appalled so that is the very messy almost insane process of

the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee and how this all works what happens next is that the Dietary Guidelines committee will continue to meet they seek input we can send written testimony and follow-up information at some point in time they will come out with preliminary guidelines and analysis and everybody will have an opportunity to comment on that and then they will come out with final guidelines and if things go the way they usually go a physicians committee will probably sue them because of not following the guidelines every time the physicians committee is one so I'm sure that they're looking forward to that but anyway I think it's important for the the consumer out there to know what goes on that no wonder everybody's confused you have people from prestigious academic centers like Cornell talking about low carb diets you have committee members that are appointed by the egg board it's just it's enough to make your head hurt glad I did it happy to participate and do my part and by the way just so you know they don't pay our expenses they don't pay for your time to do this this is

just doing your civic duty to show up and contribute so applause for everybody who contributes in the process it's an important thing it's a messy important thing all right if you're not a subscriber hit the subscribe button and as usual pass this on to anybody who you think will enjoy reading it and I'll be back to you on Thursday with more news