09 June 2019

The Ultimate Weight Loss Program

I followed the Ultimate Weight Loss Program for 21 days! (Update.. still following it 5 months later!) Chef AJ: eatunprocessed.com.

hello my name is Emily also known as the

vegan Catholic and I just completed the ultimate weight loss program by chef AJ and John Pierre I had a really great experience for the most part so I want to share with you basically what the ultimate weight loss program is it was created by chef AJ who I will link her website in the description or whatever but she is a youtuber and plant-based speaker an advocate for a hopefully plant-based lifestyle and she created this program that combines a lot of education with healthy eating so basically what it has you eat is everything to the left of what's called the red line which she's just put a bunch of foods on the chart and put their calories per pound on them so it's and then drew a line where you should kind of stop eating what's the most calorie dense foods so to the left of the red line which has less than 5 or 600 calories per pound is vegetables fruits whole grains and legumes to the right of the red line or things that are too high in calorie to eat would be things like dried fruits nuts seeds avocado and then things like animal products processed foods and then the most calorie dense being oil obviously

so it's an eating plan that goes with calorie density so you just want to eat whole natural low calorie foods obviously it's vegan it's whole food plant-based and it is also sofas free which I did for a little bit and then I started this so you can check my last video to see how that went I did sofas three for one week which kind of led me into this program so you don't eat sugar oil flour alcohol or salt yes so that's basically the program basics you also are required to eat at least two pounds of non starchy vegetables a day one of those being for breakfast and see what else that's pretty much it so I started this I think on I think on Valentine's Day so that'd be February 14th and I ended on Ash Wednesday was my last day of the 21 days so it's a three-week challenge to do this program for at least that long and so I did it and it was a good experience sidenote I'm still on it so I haven't quit yet I ended like half a week ago my 21 days so I'm still doing it and it's great so the first week that I did it was pretty rough it was really hard to get those two pounds of vegetables in because I

not used to eating that much vegetable matter so that was a little bit difficult especially for breakfast I didn't quite know how to do that but you eat them when you're hungry so for me breakfast just usually at like 11 or 12 o'clock and I usually just beat them at work as sort of like a pre lunch lunch and then I eat more food so for breakfast I guess I can just share what I normally eat I've discovered my favorite thing on earth is spiralized zucchini with like some tomato sauce and definitely a lot of new Sh it's so good and it's easy to eat one pound of zucchini cuz it's such a like dense watery food I guess or it's like a pound of carrots you'd have to eat a whole bag of baby carrots or like a whole box of spinach or some other things so I usually eat zucchini or other like steamed vegetables for breakfast and then lunch is usually some form of vegetables and starch I love sweet potatoes to the max I could eat them for every meal so maybe a sweet potato or some rice I make a lot of soups because I love soup and probably some fruit and then I eat all the time

so I do not eat three meals I eat as many as I want and so if I'm snacking I'll usually eat fruit or maybe some vegetables or starch like a sweet potato or rice or something and for dinner it's the same as breakfast or lunch just vegetables and more starch and my favorite dessert has been banana an ice cream which is just frozen bananas that you do in your food processor with like other fruits or whatever my other favorite dessert is a sweet potato split but you get a sweet potato and then you like heat up berries or my favorites like frozen berries and you warm them up and then microwave so they're like juicy and delicious and then you put those on with bananas and it's like a little treat with cinnamon obviously so that's also really good so that's what I have been eating for the most part let's see so the first week I was kind of learning what to eat and how much to eat and when to eat so that was a little bit difficult and I was getting off of all these chemical stimulants of sugar and salt and flour flowers been the worst one it's been so difficult so one week into I started on a Thursday so the next Wednesday night so I was done

with one week I was ready to quit 100% I was ready to quit the program I went to sleep that night and had every intention every single intention of waking up the next morning driving to the store getting a loaf of bread and just going ham because that's my weakness my biggest reduction is to bread so I went to sleep was ready to quit I said I tried it I just can't live like this I'm gonna go eat some bread I woke up the next morning and I had more strength and it was definitely by the grace of God that I didn't eat any bread I didn't go to the store or anything I was like I'm just gonna try it for one more day and so the next few days were pretty rough but I made it another week and then after the second week I was like this is it I can't do it I'm craving bread so badly that's all I can think about is carbs and carbs and carbs and carbs and not like whole carbs but processed carbs and I still was like you know what I need to think about my why I need to think about the end goal and why I'm doing this and again I went to sleep I woke up with a little bit more strength I took a nap you know whatever it was taking naps really helps me to like curb

my cravings and so then I made it the last week and I and I did it so I did it three weeks and I decided since I ended right as Lent was starting I'm going to continue this through Lent my real intention is to continue it long term but for right now I just have that solid end date not an end date but I solid gold date I know I'm gonna do it just make it until Easter and then I can think forward that way I'm not doing it ambiguously you know till the end of time so let me see if this is still recording so how did it go well I will tell yourself thank you um it went pretty well things are looking up I'll share a few things that I really liked and learned from this experience and this way of living the first is that I feel way more in control of my eating and never in my life have I felt this mentally stable about food I've never felt like I was the one deciding what to eat it was more of like the chemicals of my brain taking over due to the addiction of these stimulating foods these pleasure trap foods that you know get you to eat them and release dopamine and it's just a trigger to continue

consuming those foods so I feel more in control I feel more mentally peaceful another benefit is that I lost some weight not a lot I lost 4 pounds which this is the healthiest diet in the entire world 100% I uh 100 100 percent believe this beyond a shadow of a doubt this I mean I didn't do it perfectly I'm sure I could eat healthier but this program is the ultimate ultimate program ok but I only lost 4 pounds in 21 days which i think isn't it's not extravagant it's nothing to write home about I am home and I don't write that's a joke I do I love writing but I didn't write at home I probably wrote while I was at home what was I talking about Oh weight loss so I am still a little bit away not a ton and I decided for lat I'm not weighing myself because it's just your pole towards the earth by gravity and that doesn't really matter so I'm starting to become okay with that the last major thing that I noticed was the improvement of my acne I have PCOS polycystic ovarian syndrome so that means it's hard for me to lose weight insulin resistant I have acne and

a lot of extra like hair on my body and really bad periods it's basically PCOS is pretty crappy overall syndrome right so my acne is so much better from eating a lot cleaner and I think it is probably like the sugar and the flour that you know not having that has helped my acne a lot and now I'm starting to break out a little bit because my periods coming but it is the best of my skin has been in like years I think overall it like my overall skin texture is improving and healing which is amazing and for that reason alone I want to continue this way of eating because I have been looking for a reason or a solution to carrying PCOS and I believe that it can be cured with healthy eating and overall I just feel better on the UWL program I have hope for the first time in my life that I can actually lose weight permanently and like actually get to my goal weight I've never I've never seen the light I feel like I feel like I've been hacking my way through a jungle my entire life with my weight and like now I can see the ocean I'm not there yet but like I can see it and I see a way to get there and I believe maybe the

difference is I believe I can do it now I never thought that so that's exciting I guess um other than that but else can i rant about Oh time for Doug time this is my dog her name is Lulu she's a good dog and she's a little chicken biscuit so I love her and she has a very large belly that you can slap oh she's a little worm right so thank you for watching if you are interested in the ultimate weight loss program or if you struggle with food addiction or you're looking for a healthier lifestyle I encourage you to look up the ultimate weight loss program lookup chef AJ on YouTube and give it a try I think it's worth it in the end I just want to be healthy my goal is to live to 100 and I think I'm on my way to doing that I've still got 75 years but I think I can do it pretty well so that is my why I also just want to be healthier but my long-term goal is she lived to 100 years old thanks for watching everyone and that's pretty much it bye