10 June 2019

The Truth About Diets and Healthy Eating

Nutrition has been over-complicated for decades by fitness professionals to allow for products and services to be required. Here's a newsflash - IT'S NOT HARD!

there's always a lot of talk about how

challenging eating healthy is how challenging proper nutrition is it is not fucking complicated it's not hard there's no mystery there's no magic diet or magic plan that will give you the best nutrition possible there's always gonna be the argument that food is weaker that ever has been because of farming methods because of just the soils being depleted so the vegetables aren't as powerful so you need supplements the animal products aren't good for you whether it's grass-fed or not you should be plant-based you should be this base you should eat fat you should avoid carbs you shouldn't eat fat and carbs at the same time all these things are usually perpetuated by people that love to make things sound complicated in order to sell you a simple solution I am here to tell you that the solution is simple already the problem isn't complicated the problem is basic addiction it's basic companies making products that will addictive that will get you to buy them over and over again when you buy a car a car company is gonna make a car that will last you X amount of years before you want to upgrade before you want to buy a new car

maybe three years maybe five years you know a car can last you seven eight ten years if you want to keep it that long and you maintain it properly when you buy a box of crackers that box of crackers is going to last you a few days or a couple weeks depending on when you open it and it's gonna be gone and you're gonna buy them again a bag of chips maybe a day and you'll buy another bag so they're constantly trying to create things they're gonna get you to come back for more if the car company makes you a really good car you were likely to go back to the same dealership or the same company and buy another car for a big purchase when you buy a bag of chips you want the company wants you to buy another bag of chips so they're gonna make the chips taste really really good so the next time you go to the supermarket which is probably a couple days you're gonna buy another bag of chips so they make these foods addictive they make them addictive they make them addictive not addicted to steak I'm not addicted to bacon I fucking love those foods I also love sweet potatoes and vegetables I love the taste

they give me good energy they make me feel good but I'm not addicted to them if I don't have bacon I'm not like a one car I don't have bacon well sometimes I am but I'm not craving I want broccoli oh I haven't had broccoli in a day it's because these foods don't have those addictive properties they're not chemically enhanced they are not designed to a dick you they're designed to fuel you if you look at your food and what you put in your mouth just like you do with your stock market just like you do with your your stock portfolio with your investments every time you put something in your mouth it's an investment in your body it's a long-term investment now just like the stock market you can go for short-term really high-risk or you can go for more stable long-term investments and everything in between and most people go for those short-term high-risk they go for that mouth pleasure they go for McDonald's or Burger King or taco bell or candies or ice cream just things that are going to jacket the body up make you feel good in the short term but make you feel pretty shitty in the long term right it's gonna lead to type 2 diabetes heart disease

cancers all these things that have so many variables that play in so you can't say this ice cream is gonna cause cancer or drinking that you know mocha Choka Frappuccino is going to give you cancer you can't say that but you can also make the argument that having two or three of those a week for 40 fucking years that might lead to something bad down the road in combination with a lot of other habits there's so many variables so you can't point to one thing with nutrition one thing with training one thing with genetics we don't know that yeah we're not there yet so anyone that makes that argument and says this is a fact it's not true we don't have those facts I believe that what you put in your body is your investment for your long-term how that plays out we have we don't have the research yet we just as we simply don't we simply don't with the way people are approaching society mentally with social media with being sedentary with air pollution with the food quality with exercise habits with genetics all those calm nations at the cellular level at the organism level they're just there's so

many variables and it's exciting times because we're learning a lot more and one thing we do know is food quality matters and I say that because unfortunately a lot of people ignore that fact and pretend like food quality doesn't matter just like the if it fits your macros grouping of people I don't see how food quality is not a factor quality is always a factor whenever you make a purchase you're always looking at the quality of what you're buying if you're buying really expensive headphones you're probably buying something that has a higher level of quality or so you hope otherwise you're getting scammed or you're losing your money we always get excited when we get something form of airy inexpensive price and wow it has great quality lasts me so long or whatever the product is but quality matters same thing with food and whenever you put something in your mouth it's like putting money in the bank it's like putting money in a savings account it's like putting many money in a long term investment in a Roth IRA something like that you're investing your food into your body because you are literally becoming what you're consuming if you

eat food it's digesting and it's becoming your body if that's not like reason enough to make better food choices I don't know what is but it's literally becoming your body it's becoming your cells so when you're looking at food and you go to a supermarket not all those options are for you people get paralyzed by all these choices oh there's so many things out there there's so many choices so I'm overwhelmed what do I do there's so many options no there's not there's a lot of stuff that a lot of companies selling things to a lot of different people you're not everyone's target market these companies not trying to sell everything to you as an individual they have their target audience they have the people they're trying to sell to you just see it all because it's like walking into an Amazon warehouse can you imagine you see every product that Amazon ships out in one place you walk four fucking miles you see everything oh my god there's so much yeah but when you go on Amazon you look for specific things and you boom you purchase that and it comes and hey you got your one thing that you were looking for when you

go into the supermarket it's like there's just so many things but if you're going into the supermarket with specific things are going to get you get those things and you leave and then the other stuff is just background noise that's why I'm always pushing meditation so hard because meditation helps you view the entire cloud of noise for what it is it's just a lot of stuff you don't need to pay attention to all of it not all of that is for you you got to stop having such a fucking ego it's not all about you and not everything is for you and a lot of those products shouldn't be for anyone but that's besides the point but if you and you're the one that's watching if you're trying to get control of your nutrition if you're trying to get control of your health and you're having problems with that it's because you are looking at everything all at once and you're allowing yourself to get confused it's your fault you're not focusing on the right shit you're not focusing on finding the foods that work best for your body and then sticking to those foods they're always gonna be those outliers you're gonna have the

parties you go to the vacations you're gonna choose to have a cheat day or a cheat meal if you want to I'm not judging in this video I have my opinions on that but you're gonna do what you're gonna do but overwhelmingly you need to be focusing on the right fucking foods because you're investing long-term the vast majority 95 plus percent should be on fucking point having a little slice of pizza now and again once or twice a couple of times a year or something is not gonna make a big deal but people are doing this every week a couple times a week and that's why it's leading to all these major issues that's why I promote the elimination diet if you want to find out more about that you can click the links in the description down below you can check out my previous videos I've done a bunch of videos about the best diet including this one about how to figure out what foods are best for your body about testing your body finding these foods that might be inflammatory that might be causing you giving you allergic reactions or having trouble sleeping joint pain discomfort migraines this is real because it goes right to the food quality food quantity is also a

problem but the way these foods are constructed the fake foods they're designed to make you eat more they're designed to keep you from feeling full and eating and eating getting addicted so you keep on going and buying more and more but if you focus more on the quality first the quantity is going to figure itself out you're gonna have a much better time restricting the quantity if you're eating the foods it's much much much harder to overeat really healthy foods and drop in the comments below if you disagree or if you agree but if you're eating real whole food real quality food you try overeating it's a lot harder so managing your caloric intake is far easier if you're eating the right foods first that's why I promote quality first don't start measuring calories and all that shit before you figure it out which foods work best for your body before you address the fact that quality is paramount this is a big deal but it's also a very small deal it's only a big deal it's only a real complicated challenge if you make it a big complicated challenge I'm telling you fam fitness and

nutrition is very simple it's commoditized all the informations out there already the highest level science is maybe scratching the surface to some cool things with epigenetics and shit but the foundations like we understand that we need Whole Foods we need real foods whether you want to be a vegan a vegetarian a pescetarian keto paleo whatever it is I think we can all agree that we know you should not be eating McDonald's you should be not mat be eating chips and all this soda and all this stuff that really just sneaks in and pushes you over those caloric limits that gives you these just simple sugars are just fucking poison your body that we're not really debating about anymore yet it's just amazing how many people still consume them because they are addictive because they're designed in a fucking laboratory and people don't see this enough behind the scenes they are designed to get you hooked on them they're doing it they are hooking you on these foods broccoli doesn't have to hook you on a food bacon doesn't have to hook you want it you know grass-fed beef doesn't have to get you hooked sweet potatoes and they don't

try to hook you with sweet potatoes you eat them you fuel up and you get the fuck on with your life and your training and your health the point of this video is to reiterate to all types of eating to everyone anyone watching this it's that the food quality matters you need to invest every byte every time you put something in your body is an investment are you making the right investments are you making good choices are you making choices for the right reasons and how are you going to feel about this in the future if you're not making the right choices now are you going for those short-term pleasures those short-term satisfactions at the expense of your future years are you gonna have regrets you say you won't now how the fuck do you know thirty years forty years down the road when you have type two diabetes and you have all these issues from eating improperly and maybe not training right not sleeping well not taking care of your health you might look back differently it's so easy to think about things like I have brush it off when things are going great when things are shitty you're gonna look back off I only did this by only did that I'm

trying to get you before you get to that point although Poppa saw your voice like are you sure you should be eating that that is something that you should be thinking about now because in the future it's going to be too late and I don't want that for you so I hope this video helps I hope this video helps maybe reset a couple things in your brain when you're thinking about your nutrition when you're going to the supermarket when you're going to make those choices hopefully this might push you in a different direction of how you think and how you approach your nutrition how you approach your shopping and I'll have more content on this and I have some more on my game train blog on my website so I'll put all those links in the description down below thank you so much for watching if you like this video hit the like button please subscribe if you're not yet subscribed for more daily uploads and make sure if you're not yet subscribed to the daily school podcast and you click the links in the description down below also put a card up here for the daily school podcast I go live every single day and it's

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