07 September 2013

The Raw Food Diet Healed My Teenage Daughter's Terminal Brain Cancer

http://foodnsport.com Maria Sherow shares her touching story of raw food recovery. For her daughter, diagnosed with an aggressive and rare brain cancer, raw ...

in August of 2009 my daughter was

diagnosed with stage 3 brain cancer and basically it changed our entire lives we we had we she had gone through two surgeries and unfortunately couldn't get the tumor out so then she became a patient of st. Jude after several months of that they had no protocol to help her so basically she was sent home and we we just figured she was just going to die eventually we didn't want to do chemo or radiation because the type of tumor she had was a glial neuronal tumor meaning if you treat it with chemo or actually treat radiation the other cells would then became a resistant so that automatically means she's going to die so for about a year we didn't really know what we were going to do but I knew chemo and radiation was not the answer and so my goal was really to just work on her immune system and so by the next year August 2 2010 I found Arnold Coffman and we were introduced to a raw foods diet essentially and now she's cured her brain cancer and she's 17 she's graduated from college she's done amazing things you know she's involved in theater she has been so many performances and has won so many awards

and been nominated for so many things so she you know she got her life back no no no and in fact you know it's funny I always look at problems with common sense and one of the things that I ask the doctors was how do you get cancer and they said to me don't even go there because if you go there you're gonna go insane you'll never find the answer and I totally disagree I believe you had to work backwards something obviously gave her the cancer so what I started to do was literally eliminate things from her life I eliminated all her shampoos that have fragrance all her soaps that had fragrance we got rid of all the cleaning supplies so I literally started changing her life and I figured everything she was doing was wrong so let's do everything backwards and you know really there was a when we went to Arnold's in August of 2009 we also met Megan Elizabeth MacDonald and she put a book in my hand called the China Study and that book was actually instrumental because I had no idea that animal protein was as dangerous as it actually is and I never would have gone there without that book and with as soon as I read it I realize like oh my god

this is it this is really the key and and that's really what sold us on being a hundred percent raw because I thought Rodman you could eat raw sushi you know I didn't realize that it was very involved I also didn't realize initially that you had to be low-fat so for the first three months she was actually very high fat because she didn't like vegetables she didn't like fruits so she was eating a lot of kale chips that were making it home and she was eating about 90 grams of fat a day just from the cashews in the kale chip because she had to take stuff to school right so three months later we went to get another MRI and it showed that the cancer had stopped growing so even with a high fat the cancer had stopped growing but that wasn't enough so we basically removed the fat and we noticed that her symptoms started to disappear more and more and and we just never went back we never went back she knows that she's cancer free I mean you can feel it there's a difference you know when before she would get migraines it would be debilitating now she has her life back you know so it's very exciting did you read I actually I did afterwards

afterwards so we were doing 80/10/10 but so it was great to read it afterwards to see all the mistakes that we had made and realized we actually had gotten to the final result which was really good so but I think you know because Arnold knew he led us there so essentially we were definitely following 80/10/10 principles but I did read the book since then sure what did the doctor say we don't care what the doctor said they don't even do I know if I've heard that they want to hear it no no they totally didn't believe right because you know when we used to go back and I told them because her cancer was very fast-growing and it started to slow down and they said well you know it was probably just surgery you know you never know how it reacts they don't really know anything but when I said specifically that we she was eating fruits and vegetables the doctor said absolutely not that has absolutely nothing to do with anything and I knew it was wrong because you're just just common sense if you're putting a lot of foods into your body it's going to heal it if you put dead foods into your body it's going to disease it in

common sense so yeah fear never entered or she was never in fear and we always had a very positive attitude like I always knew that this was going to be a gift this was gonna be a great gift if we chose to accept it as a gift so that's basically all we did and it has changed our life so you have any advice for any other parent or person that may be suffering with cancer and knows someone very intimately did suffering with cancer you know basically the first thing you have to do is you have to change your attitude but you can't be negative you have to be positive and you have to use common sense you have to want to believe that everything you know is wrong because that's basically a right wound up you know I wound up finding out that everything I was taught to believe was wrong and once you can understand that and realize that it's not my fault that everything I know is wrong then you can begin to grow as persons you know she have to be open-minded to everything and you can't and you also have to ask who has a profit motive because that was the thing when we went to the New Jersey Cancer Institute they had this amazing

building that probably cost millions of dollars brand state-of-the-art new stuff we looked around not one person had anything in common and we're looking we're thinking this is big business and I thought you know what there's no way we're going to go and do this we can't be part of the system this does not this is not working so we figured we'd be better off doing nothing than doing the chemo and the radiation so that's you know luckily we were very lucky we were very lucky that she was willing to go raw during she didn't like fruits and vegetables so that was you know oh yeah she loves romaine hearts she eats six let six heads of romaine hearts every night that's that's her dinner essentially she doesn't even bother cutting them up she just eats them playing so thank you so much for sharing oh you're welcome you're welcome anytime we are creators we are bread take this a we are energy babe there's be an uncle super we are creating the bread plate energy business and when you sign up for Woodstock this year and have the free option to sponsor one of the presenters please choose dr. Douglas Graham to let

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