22 July 2019

The problem with supplements for chronic insomnia (and why they aren't a long-term solution)

There is very little evidence to support the effectiveness of any kind of supplement for chronic insomnia ā€” and taking a supplement can actually make insomnia ...

there is no ideal supplement to improve

your sleep if you're living with chronic insomnia and this is what I'm going to be talking about in today's video hi I'm Martin Reed if you have insomnia I offer sleep coaching programs that will give you all the skills and support you need to enjoy better sleep for the rest of your life you can learn more at insomnia coach.com a common question I get asked is what is the best supplement for insomnia this is usually followed by is melatonin a good supplement for insomnia is valerian a good supplement for insomnia is chamomile a whole long list of supplements that someone has read about or tried in a bid to improve their sleep now the truth is there's not really much evidence to support any supplement as a cure for chronic insomnia another problem there can be when you're making the search for the perfect supplement the strategy you're following for improving your sleep is you'll try a supplement it won't work or maybe it will work temporarily and then it will stop working and then you'll rush for the next supplement which might work for a little while then it will stop working and then you'll rush for the next

supplement and it just doesn't address the root cause of insomnia and it leaves you just spending so much more time thinking about sleep researching sleep looking for this perfect supplement this magic pill but unfortunately a magic pill for insomnia doesn't really exist at least not in the physical sense of the word there is a great treatment out there for chronic insomnia that has overwhelming clinical evidence to support its effectiveness but many people with chronic insomnia haven't heard of it it's cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia see pti which is a collection of techniques that help address the root cause of insomnia and will improve your sleep for the long term furthermore cbt-i techniques will teach you that you are capable of sleeping by yourself without relying on any kind of supplement it's so easy to become reliant on a supplement or a pill for sleep it's so easy to believe that you slept just because you took a supplement or a pill when the truth is it's only ever your own body that generates sleep now a supplement or a pill might help you relax and that can be often the biggest

obstacle to first falling asleep but the sleep itself is only ever generated by your own body so when you take a supplement or pill you never really learn to have confidence in your own sleep ability because you can learn to think that you're only capable of sleeping when you take that supplement or pill and if that supplement or pill stops working then you need to look for a new supplement or pill that will work and this really doesn't get to the root of the problem so if you're one of these people that's looking for the ideal supplement or you've tried lots of different supplements or pills and you're still struggling with sleep I really encourage you to look into cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia CBT I these techniques are widely recognized as the gold standard for improving sleep for people with chronic insomnia furthermore when you're going through a course of CBT eye you're given a clear roadmap to follow you no longer have to think about looking for new supplements implementing new techniques you no longer have to research insomnia or I'll think about sleep you can kind of just engage this

robot mind and just implement the cbt-i technique focus on practicing the techniques and your sleep will improve over the long term and perhaps more importantly you'll once again learn and believe that you are capable of sleep by yourself you'll regain confidence in your ability to sleep so I hope you found this short video helpful if you did please click the like button and subscribe to the channel and click the notification bell so you don't miss any future videos I do try and share a new shore sleep snippet video on most weekdays if you have any questions comments feedback or suggestions for a future video then please leave a comment below or you can email me directly my email address is hallo at insomnia coach calm I hope see you back here again soon and remember you can sleep