10 December 2019

The Power of Omegas Food – Healthy & Luminous Skin. Holistic Beauty Coaching by Marina Z

Eating for beauty. Gain pure energy with Omega 3, 6 & 9 essential fatty acids. They are one of the most important secret weapons in our anti-aging arsenal.


how are you my mindful friends my riemann here your personal holistic beauty coach and today is the power or omegas Tuesday welcome to day 2 of the global skills on the inside holistic Beauty challenge shall we get started task 1 eating for beauty healthy and luminous skin I pull it Oster day Tuesday give you energy with omega three six and nine essential fatty acids to boost your energy improve skin hair nails and overall health add these healthy fats into your diet good to know essential fatty acids are a type of fat our body can't make so we need to obtain them from our diet they offer an incredible number of health benefits from reducing inflammation to peak to keeping ourselves healthy the best source of omegas tree are oily fish whereas omega-6 and omega-9 are found in plant oils nuts and seeds list of foods high in powerful omegas to include into every meal tea today mackerel salmon hearing Sivas shrimp trout oysters sardines for vegans and vegetarians plant only source of omega oils are avocado coconut oil civet and algae chia seeds Brussels sprouts hemp seeds walnuts flax seeds edamame kidney beans

and soy beans please note unsaturated or healthy fats such as olive oil and grape seed oil are liquid at room temperature saturated fats are solid at room temperature things like butter cream or fatty meat the exception is coconut oil a healthy fat which is usually a solid until you hit it try to avoid corn oil is highly refined palm oil is very high in saturated or bad fat enjoy your cooking adventure we eat with our eyes first so have fun invite your friends cook and eat with them I truly believe the benefits of cooking a healthy meal with other stretches far beyond the dinner table so task to reports submit info for feedback for day to personal whatsapp chat and Instagram images report I hope you enjoyed your mega-rich cooking today please send your food tracking images to me via our personal whatsapp chat also make sure to post your meet images on our Instagram group so you can inspire others and have a good chance of winning the special price the fabulous anti-aging Korean skin care kit on my next video eating for beauty and endless hug benefits with my top six superfood powder ingredients

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