18 March 2019

The One Nutrient You Can't Get from Food

Sponsored by LongevityWarehouse.com Wim Hof explains how bringing in the one nutrient (that you can't get from food) can change your metabolism and bring ...


it is not possible that there is cancer and depression and and and crows disease and rheumatoid arthritis and all the disease that's normal it's normal to have hospitals everywhere and pharmacies I think it's sick and we will show that scientifically but of course yeah it's a natural method and yeah it's no gain in it we should in the evolution of ours we should abolish money and power grieving and go into things of real value happiness strength and health yes that's what I want for the new children the world and the harmony with the nature because those trees and the plants they got all the dmt it's everywhere man we only need to resonate with them because their is our oxygen and our is their food so we are one and about the food don't let them mess with our food no more [Applause] David is right we have to form a wolf pack pack of wolves people who care for each other and you're go for it yeah right on cuckoo nice like crying together the emotion it's good good nice I'm crazy I told you already but I like it feels good all

right let's do this breathing exercise this breathing exercise is able to cleanse the acidity in the lymphatics lymphatic system the fluids in the depth where acidity of impression stress etc are translated into acidity and they are stored up in that area the lymphatic system goes deeper than the blood it feeds the blood later and if we don't deal with that then it becomes outer immune diseases or deregulates the DNA it messes up the chemistry in the brain and logically we get out immune diseases cancer this and that because you don't what cancer is yeah so actually very simple you take a cell you deprive it from oxygen for 35% for two days and it becomes cancerous okay let's breathe breathe and believe because your belief that you are built to be happy strong healthy yes that's the only Trinity man that's what we will pass out to all the world so help me help the world have nature nature's there for us I abide to the laws of mother nature no war anymore yeah I think so but that of the whole planet coming

together and love is the drive nothing else [Music] [Applause] you [Music]