01 January 2019

the movement above - rich ones eat healthy.


2014 18 make them amend as we make

amends for the year that has passed and we are past ourselves as we smoke this blunts I miss my aunt but we have not mentioned I was knee-high but look at me about to take a second pass about to get real high P cannot see the peaky blinders kind of keep or softer cushion trying to grow up cushion list cushion you see the tobacco smoke it's got cushion so when she wants to pillow talk as a bitch shut up you know the cushion pushes in we are here but we are not citizens with our morals hear me front of these niggas this is why I Cole orals but no not like the way she gave it to you when all your future children were dancing on the tongue doing the Djemba Djemba the slow dance the african master the Koosh smoker the young planter that kid who left home all alone looking for marijuana just to be with friends and have a trap song sing along bitch I'm trying to give her the dingdong goodbye and be the dog Joost mm-hmm but not engulfed get tempted call myself a gang gang trying a gang bang when the gang slang is not the main vibe

one paw paw stuck one poop us yeah okay can I say yeah one purpose now okay I liked it when you talk about a dog I'm imagining olive-skinned on yellow sand pink thong yes I did the ass of that yellow thought my vagina fucking [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] why does the douche or snart