23 March 2019

The Most Dangerous Diet In America by Joel Fuhrman, M.D.

Joel Fuhrman M.D., a board-certified family physician who specializes in preventing and reversing disease through nutritional and natural methods, and #1 New ...


and the other mistake that vegans do is they eat oil oil is junk food how many calories look oil as a 120 calories per tablespoon but because there's no fiber or significant micronutrient load it doesn't shut down the APUs tat if you wait if you're waiting before the appear crediting to come and eat at a buffet and I gave you a tablespoon of olive oil you wouldn't take in less calories there's no appetite reduction from the oil took a few nuts or if you are at Apple you cut back in the calories the point I'm making right now is that oil makes you eat more calories most Americans are consuming over 400 calories of oil a day how are you gonna reduce your calories to a favorable way range how is it possible you tell me how it's possible to get your calories in a favor Alain Juppe pouring oil on your food how is it possible to eat enough vegetation your greens your beans your mushrooms your onions your berries your seeds their whole grains how is it possible for you all the things they're supposed to eat and not overeat calories if you're consuming oil it's impossible you're gonna overeat calories and if you're not overeating calories and you

put an oil on your food then you're not eating enough phytochemicals and antioxidants because that should have been calories you should have been consuming with high-nutrient plants do you follow me this is empty calorie junk food and then when you fry foods in oil they become they form free radicals they oxidize they become rancid and they fart carcinogenic right you have the southern diet the high you know with all these fried foods is the most dangerous diet in America have the highest stroke rate in the world in the southern country in these southern parts the United States and I'm Emma said that one serving of french fries a week increases your risk of breast cancer by 26% even moderate consumption of fried foods is powerfully cancer-causing these fats are really dangerous and they're even you shouldn't even work in a fast-food restaurant or in a movie theater we can inhale the oils we've been inhaling can hurt your health how dangerous they are now when you eat it's bad enough you cook foods in your own house that's damaging enough but if you eat a fast food oil it cooked food then you have the oil that's been cleated up for hours

and making like 4050 rounds of french fries at Fried Chicken you've eaten that food have you ever had a piece of fried chicken from a front from a fast-food restaurant or a face of french fry from a fast-food restaurant that's been fried over in that oil it's gonna heat it over and over again raise the end if you ever did that Wow see when you get your fats from nuts and seeds they're completely biologically different from oil because they're not cooked they're not rancid right there they're in a package with phytochemicals and fibers and sterols and stanols that slow the absorption of the bloodstream remember I told you a half an hour ago that when you ate beans all the calories aren't absorbed remember I told you that well we need nuts and seeds all the calories aren't absorbed because the sterols and stanols that buying fat suck the fat out to the toilet bowl and the fat magnet and nuts and seeds is so powerful that they suck out oxidized LDL they actually take free radicals out of the body they actually take LDL cholesterol and suck that fat out preferentially so the body moves neutral news moves fat and moves sugar both from

through the villi in both directions with the right foods and the right bacteria you're actually removing things that should be removed and put in the toilet bowl and things that want to go in or out to come in with the wrong foods everything comes in good stuff and the bad stuff and no and nothing bad comes out so nuts and seeds also dramatically facilitate the absorption of the anti-cancer phytochemicals in the vegetables so new of that salad with a red pepper the red onion the scallion the arugula with a delicious dressing made with almonds and sunflower seeds and tomato paste and roasted garlic what I'm saying to you right now and a little big vinegar balsamic vinegar in there make a delicious tomato paste for the salad I'm saying to you the fact that you put some nuts and seeds on your salad made you better able to absorb the anti-cancer phytochemicals in the salad so when should you eat your nuts and seeds when should you eat most of your fat in your diet should you eat most of it when you eat your mango and your oatmeal in the morning no you should eat your nuts and seeds that your meal it contains the biggest amount of

vegetables we have more the anti-cancer phytochemicals present should you snack on nuts and seeds you wasted them you only eat them with the meal that has the most green vegetables with the most vegetables to facilitate the absorption the phytochemicals that are needed that are fat soluble nutrients yikes I'm running out of time here talking too slow okay so here's the thing is that there's no controversy here zero controversy you don't to ask me this question when you don't eat nuts and seeds you increase your risk of sudden cardiac death and if you have heart disease you're not eating nuts and seeds you're increasing your risk of death you got that you don't take nuts and seeds out of a diet because you have heart disease that's harmful to your health and been proven to be harmful 40% decrease cardiovascular mortality from meta-analysis of more than 350,000 people more than 44,000 deaths followed for decades showing that the conclusion of nuts and seeds reduces risk of death from both heart disease and cancer and their exclusion increases risk of death here's the prevalence study comparing olive oil to nuts and seeds shown when

people ate more olive oil and less butter they had heart attack rates went down by 10% that doesn't prove olive oils a health food just because it's better than butter or better than sugar because when they use nuts and C's instead of olive oil then heart attacks went down by 70 percent not 10% you can show anything by comparing it to something that's worse and these g bombs there's significant there's more than a hundred studies on every particular G bomb showing it's linked to lower rates of cancer and they have anti fat storage effects and anti glycemic effects which reduce the glycemic effect of everything you eat and there's the beans and the lentils and the split peas and the peas with the high levels of resistance starch and the high amounts of fiber these are some of the healthiest foods in your world I'm showing you this again to reinforce that most of your carbohydrate intake should come from carbohydrates that are low glycemic not from carbohydrates that are high glycemic and the lowest glycemic carbohydrates source are beans they're a superfood and they're linked to enhance

longevity and longer lifespan in any population in every population they've been studied these are irrefutable facts that vegetables beans seeds nuts fruits are good for you that excessive amounts of animal products cause disease and that refined carbohydrates causes easily to overweight and obesity and let's stop arguing about which is worse because animal products are not worse than refined carbohydrates they're both equally bad and it may even be true that refined carbohydrates are worse so if you're having that pizza last night you might as well just come up and have a piece of steak it's no improvement if you're on a high glycemic vegan diet you're not going to achieve good health in a longer life it's been well established you have to cut out the refined carbohydrates the sugar and the junk food and the animal products or at least reduce them dramatically [Music] you [Music]