08 April 2019

The Mental Health Space Topic 1

hi everyone my name is Taryn little and

my little project has officially begun so for those of you who saw my first video you remember that I basically gave an introduction on what I'll be doing and why I'll be doing it this is basically just me raising awareness and information on anything that's related to mental health so I finally came out with a name for my channel or my own project and I'm gonna call it the mental health space as I see it from the first video I'm just a student in the field of psychology I'm not registered with any board I'm just a counselor as well so whatever I'm sharing on this platform is from my experience as a student as a counselor and as a member of society so the topic for this first video is depression I'm just going to talk about general is just general information nothing to clinical nothing to teach just general information to get you guys started for those of you who don't know much about it to give you an idea right when I just talked about what it is what sometimes to look out for when we can go if you are going through if you think that you may be displaying symptoms of depression or if you think that you may actually be

a depressed that's what I'm gonna do I'll also be putting the links on like we can get links and other information on where you can read up or we can get hardware you can go in stuff like that right so depression it's important to understand and yeah just understand that depression is a motive order it's a mental health disorder that is characterized by persistent depressed mood and a loss of interest in activities and depression causes a significant impairment in one's daily life so you're unable to function properly in your social in your professional academic life etc etc so characteristics of depression if you want more details on that you can read them up on the DSM I'll put a link for you guys as well so I'll just summarize all of these when I talk about the soldiers yeah so people generally use depression to refer to feeling sad low or unhappy right but depression goes way beyond us it's not just that it's way beyond us depression is a serious clinical syndrome guys and but the patient you have cognitive some terms you have physical symptoms behavioral emotional

and perceptual symptoms so I'll just cover some I'll give you an idea of cognitive some terms the semantics and terms and the behavioral symptoms so the cognitive symptoms people with depression or people struggling with depression and I have a negative view of everything so they believe for example one may believe that they are worthless and that they are unimportant and these kind of views or these kind of thoughts often reinforce each other right so the person ends up being trapped in feel in these kind of feelings and they find it difficult to escape this and this creates a sense of worthlessness and helplessness and hopelessness because this person is in this dark deep hole they feel like they can not get out of it most of these thoughts usually revolve around loss guilt suicide and death for example and then with the somatic symptoms somatic symptoms are your physical symptoms right so you have fatigue you have weight loss or weight gain changes and appetite changes in sleeping patterns loss of libido and loss of energy so that's just some of the somatic symptoms and then you have the behavioral symptoms right so

typically people struggling with depression are often socially withdrawn right so they're not the same person with their friends or their family with their colleagues but it doesn't mean that only those were socially withdrawn are the ones struggling with depression because even your happiest person may be struggling with depression in the inside and you may not be able to see it because this person is always happy and cheerful and smiling and sharing jokes so he is typically they are socially withdrawn but even your most cheerful happy person may also be struggling from depression so with your in emotional once you measure some terms it's those feelings of sadness wanting to always cry yeah we know suicidal thoughts exaggerated so those are just some of the symptoms you can find more like I said if you just read up on the DSM you can read up more and try to understand it a little bit more so there are a lot of factors that can contribute or that can trigger depression they can cause depression it can be anything from biological factors to psychosocial factors to environmental factors but biological for example if someone in

your family member was diagnosed with depression if there is a likelihood that you may also develop depression in a long run psychosocial and environmental factors include things like poverty relationship family problems Roma abuse right so if anything like if you feel like you may be suffering from depression just try and think of what your possible triggers may be because those are kind of things that can cause depression unemployment many issues substance abuse though all those things can trigger oh they can influence occurrence of depression right treatment options so you can get help through treatment options you have medication for example antidepressants antidepressants and mood stabilizers right so these you can get from a doctor a psychiatrist or your GP right so they basically have to modify the brain chemistry right and then you have therapy therapy and counseling me sat down you speak to a mental health professional and you just work through what if it is that caused the onset of your depression so if you had childhood problems you may have to revisit those face those and start healing from what

happened to you so talking to someone does help right and then I always say to people South hub tips so you might find that people who aren't really severely depressed they don't want to be on medication maybe don't want gold see someone you can do certain things to help yourself as well so exercising eating properly giving yourself a break you know don't put yourself under too much pressure don't know more don't overwhelm yourself right yoga you know going out for walk you know just taking care of yourself ginger there's a lot of things that you can do to help yourself I will also put a link on where you can read up on different self-help tips that you can do for yourself so I'm just going to mention a few like I said exercise eating properly trying to get enough sleep over anything that you find any pretty gardening cleaning washing dishes anything of that sort can really help you okay so yeah so I just wanna say to people that it's normal to feel down and it's normal to feel stressed being stressed doesn't necessarily mean that you're depressed right so if you identify with assumptions right and you feel like they

have been persisting on a regular basis I would say consider seeing a mental health professional because yeah the depression doesn't discriminate guys anyone can get a child an older person a man a woman anyone can get depression right it doesn't it's not only specific to one population among a certain group of people and I also want to say to friends and family event if you have someone who is suspect may be struggling with symptoms of depression or someone who has been diagnosed with depression listen sometimes they just want to be heard so just listen to them right encourage them to get help be patient provide reassurance and support them in any way or any capacity that you can because it's very hard I know that especially if you have someone in your life who has been diagnosed with depression it's a roller coaster and sometimes you really don't know where you stand with this person but you're doing your best and sometimes it is only so much you can do as a person but I want to say to the kid give yourself anyone who's struggling with this mental health issue that you're doing your best and

it okay to feel like it doing you're not doing enough but the truth is you are doing your best days and there's only so much you can do as a person because it's or it might also be affecting you as well so yeah guys um that's all I have for now on the specific topic I will put links below you can read up on some more information on the issue on the south up just because I find them really really really helpful so yes thank you for watching and I hope you guys watch my next video on our second topic I'm still deciding on whether it should be on substance abuse or anxiety or suicide so I just need to prepare for that as well so yeah thank you guys bye