10 October 2019

THE KETO Diet - What is it and is it right for you?

The Ketogenic Diet: A Detailed Beginner's Guide to Keto The ketogenic diet (or keto diet, for short) is a low-carb, high-fat diet that offers many health benefits.

what is Kido is it the magic bullet is

it the answer to all of your dreams or is it something you should be careful with well we're going to go through all that but first before I even do that I want to make sure everybody understands that strong and health is not endorsing the keto diet unless it is properly done and specific to the individual which is very important it can be something that can be wonderful for you it can also be something to be very upsetting and almost dangerous to you if not done right so we're gonna go with three things we're going to go over what keto is we're gonna go over what the benefits are to doing it and why it's so popular and third we're gonna go for what you absolutely need to know before you decide to go into keto okay so what keto is Quito is short for ketosis and what that means is your body's actually choosing to use fat well it doesn't choose to use fat so much as you stop using sugar as your fuel source you've actually burned up all of the sugar in your body and now your body can get into this state where it's burning fat sounds awesome right yes of course so the benefits are gonna be things like weight loss obviously that's a good benefit

you're going to also find that a lot of people get a better mental clarity because fat is an actual great source of energy for the brain more energy something a lot of people report where they're doing that because fat is an excellent energy source a lot of professional athletes actually find that they perform a lot better when they're in a state of ketosis and finally now this isn't interesting when we find a lot of people have a lot easier time with their appetite controls so these are fantastic things that everybody's looking for a little help with so yes it does make sense to examine whether or not we can get into ketosis now I also want to go over some other amazing things that are working under the surface that are really really powerful when you actually get to that state of ketosis and what that is is removing these byproducts of sugar metabolism or carbohydrate metabolism when we are constantly using sugar as a fuel which most Americans are let's face it there are byproducts that are accumulating acetaldehyde is one of them that is something that actually makes people feel a little bit hungover the next day

ethanol of course is something that makes people feel a little drunk you've got acetate and most importantly I think is this lactate and lactate builds up in the body localized and causing different problems and there are theories out there that this actual accumulation of lactate is one of the major contributing causes to all chronic illnesses now that is very interesting to think about and why is it so perfect into ketosis is because you're removing that whole conundrum you're getting rid of all of that messy byproduct of sugar consumption and metabolism so ketosis can have a lot of benefits so what do we need to know before we go into this obviously it's really important and I'm always going to encourage people to find a professional to help guide you through this having a really qualified nutritionist to help you understand your specific needs before jumping into that is going to be all the difference in whether or not this is a dangerous thing for you or a helpful thing for you one thing to be very mindful of is kidney concerns a lot of people have kidney concerns dialysis centers are all across this country so if you are gonna jump

right into this and you have any concern of kidneys that are kidney issues that's gonna be something you're absolutely gonna want to talk to somebody about before jumping into it there also liver gall bladder concerns now this is very crazy to think that so many people are losing their gobbler every week in this country there are thousands and thousands of gall bladders being removed and that gall bladder stores what your body needs to help utilize fats so if you're increasing the amount of fat intake that you're doing in a ketogenic diet you're supposed to be getting somewhere around 70 percent of your color intake from fat alone that can be a real problem if you can't digest it and we're always talking enough about can you digest as you're eating being more important than what actually are you eating are you getting those nutrients in there so if you've had any liver gallbladder concerns absolutely that's going to be a point where you're gonna want to talk to a qualified professional about that another thing that can think about are these extreme micronutrient now we're always looking at

micronutrient emphasis is that strong on health and we find that those are a major piece of the puzzle for a lot of people's concerns when it comes to their health and when people switch over to trying to do a key-value they can get it confused with an Atkins diet and so they think well I can have bacon breakfast lunch and dinner just fatty meats but what they're failing to recognize is all of these micronutrients that are doing all kinds of things under the surface keeping you going keeping you alive and if you create a massive deficit in that you can have all kinds of concerns and problems there are actually medical conditions that are being told that you should be careful of going into ketosis if you have them if you've had bariatric surgery that's something that you should be very careful about if you have pancreatic insufficiency that's something you have to be careful about okay so that's a lot of concerns before you jump right into this so obviously again my advice is going to be make sure you speak very thoroughly with a qualified nutritionist so they can help you understand the pros and cons and the pitfalls of getting into keto and of

course I'm always going to try to help you find what is the next right thing for you to do if you really want to explore this and get to that magic place where you are burning fat getting that better energy having better mental focus and getting your appetite under control and that would be to prepare yourself number one make sure you're preparing your body before just jumping right into it there's a lot of ways to do that but the easiest and quickest things I want to remind people is it's about those vegetables that are giving you those micronutrients I'm always going to encourage people to eat more beets and beet greens the week before or two weeks before doing it I'm gonna encourage people to eat things like asparagus to help detoxify the kidneys and also black beans I always talk about half a cup to a cup of beans being a part of the Blue Zones diet part of my diet when I'm preparing myself for keto so those are the things that you're gonna want to look at and then when you get into it here's a couple of things that I'm always going to be doing when I'm in Quito and that's gonna be avocados I'm gonna make sure I'm getting a half of an

avocado to a full avocado every day because that again is going to be undoing some of the concerns that people are going to have in the way of fiber and potassium those are two major things that people miss out on if they're not doing this correctly and I'm also gonna get some salmon in there on the regular because that is also going to give you a good healthy source of fat but also those micronutrients particularly again potassium being a concern for people in that so there are great ways to do this and I'm definitely going to be doing it myself but if you are interested in you really want to do it make sure that you're examining all of those things that could potentially be dangerous for you before jumping in and of course make sure that you find someone who's qualified and knows what they're gonna do to help get you there in the best safest possible way first do no harm should always be the rule and I hope you guys found this helpful and hopefully in the next video if you found this video helpful like it share it keep on