10 June 2019

The Internet Is Arguing About The Right Way To Eat Toast

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the Internet is arguing again but not

over things that matter like climate change and world hunger the Internet is arguing about toast welcome back to IO I'm the potato Queen Charlotte del Rey and I'm the potato King Jared Bronstein yes I do have a potato king and that title will never be taken right Jared that's me he's plain hit that subscribe button for the toastie estates on youtube and follow the io team on instagram i like to do that i did that before we get into this video tell me down there in the comments what do you normally eat for breakfast what do you eat for breakfast Jared well for breakfast I'm making waffles what do you breakfast sure I eat eggs I'll be honest bacon egg sure of action I go to eggs and bacon man yeah over easy and or scrambled eggs in bacon - the bacon bacon and eggs and Wilson lead singer of the band Hart posted this photo to Twitter on June 5th that asks can you please reply the correct number trying to settle a debate it comes along with a photo that shows nine pieces of toast toasted at different levels one being not toasted at all and nine being burnt the tweet went viral and has hundreds of responses clearly people are

looking for an excuse to get into a heated debate what else is new here were some of the responses the answer is option ten clearly your toaster is broken and you need a new one the top row is not to toast four to five anyone who says otherwise is high for when making a sandwich five when you're eating toast is aside so it's clear that most people like their toaster pretty golden-brown either out of four or five or six but there were a hefty number of people who liked eight how do you like your toast Jared I think five or six is like a very solid it really depends I'm getting my eggs over easy or or just with toast like jam it up mm-hmm ya think yeah I know what you're saying I usually see I have a really bad toaster that like always burns my toast so I like leave it in there for a few seconds and then get it out so I like always a guessing game yeah it's always a guesstimate so if you guys want to donate Charlotte toaster yeah please I'm accepting donations we're not going to tell your address because you guys will be really weird about it but just you know the appeal box oh well if Charlotte

did you know that eating brown toast increases your risk of cancer no I didn't Jared please explain there's a link between a chemical called acrylamide and an increased risk of cancer that's according to the United Kingdom's Food Standards Agency they launched a campaign in 2017 called go for gold that was meant to reduce the amount of acrylamide people eat the correct answer is golden brown golden is what you should aim for when you are cooking starchy foods like toast acrylamide is a chemical that is formed in starchy foods when they are cooked at high temperatures this includes frying potatoes and making toast according to studies performed on animals acrylamide can damage DNA and cause cancer the best thing to do to avoid your acrylamide intake is stop eating certain foods like really crispy fries the suggestion is to boil or microwave potatoes instead of frying them and toasting a piece of bread so that it's golden brown rather than dark brown or burnt is suggested the areas of the toast that our darker contain far more acrylamide I can't believe we just did a whole video about

toast it's good to have you back Jarrod you know toasty toasty inside why don't we wrap up this video with some common features a from our last video together the Titanic - to set sail along the same route as original Thai juice let's do it so the potato librarian said Jared you back you need more screen time screen time that's supreme time are you sure you don't want more screen time I like this view sometimes for ice cream long live the potato King yes Anthony Lambert said yeah my mom and dad are finally back together you know we had a child together that's kind of hard the real Wolverine said WTF Charlotte is bigger than all the guys I mean yeah you're pretty tall like she's a model she's tall spelling model I'm not I'm actually sure I'm not sure it mal oh no you're not I'm just really tall I'm like five nine I'm five eight and a half I'm 518 3/4 Todd Winthrop's said you think Rose 2 will push Jack too off a second floating plank of wood problems 100% 100% selfish yeah Oh tonight would have been like I don't know why JP said is Jared back to stay are you

well guys the answer that is Jim needs more eye videos to find out that's it for this video thanks for watching if you want to keep watching we put together a playlist that's right every day you should definitely watch it not him that there's mommy yes not he's not the realest then right right over there but yeah and obviously if you liked this video let us know how you guys take your toast and if you guys like the video be sure to LIKE share subscribe and we'll see you the next one bye