13 September 2018

The Healthy Mummy's Rhian Allen and Meal Prep Queen Sascha Farley on Sunrise talking fussy eaters

Have you got a fussy eater in your household? The Healthy Mummy founder Rhian Allen took to the kitchen with Meal Prep Queen Sascha Farley to help ...

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fuel them four percent of us eating the daily recommend a Sun of vegetables but what's worse our kids eat less across the country parents are pulling their hair out dealing with fussy eaters we have got the tips and tricks to trick your little ones into eating exactly what you want them to research our show might of course we were all there once remember like I remember getting told to eat the Brussels sprouts look we put the big and little kids in the kitchen to try and solve this daily meal time to let my tasty the struggle is real picky kids busing over food not getting the nutrition they need most Ozzy families have at least one choosy Chomper we found three Ava Hudson and Kaia to taste test recipes with fitting goodies we an Alan from the healthy mummy knows all about fussy eaters and now she's dishing up advice be consistent don't make dinnertime stressful and get them involved well I would actually making dinner and make it make dinner fun don't make it a stressful for and full of argument dinnertime less than 1% of little ones are eating

the recommended 2.5 serves of veggies a day it gets worse how four eight-year-olds make a shocking zero percent when it comes to consuming the suggested four point five serves okay we do a bit better with fruit four out of five timers isn't the recommended one serve but the numbers drop as they get older sunrise nutritionist Suzie barrel believes this is a big problem the eating is extremely common between the ages of about one and three and it's really a child's tendency to have some power over what they are or aren't eating but we also know that there are some behaviors that parents can implement at home that can actually encourage the fussing eating so things like making different meals for different family members not sitting down at the table with the children are both things that we know can increase and enhance fussy eating behavior well generally new foods will have to be served around five to ten times before they will try it so if you're struggling should you use supplements in extreme cases where children's food variety is extremely limited nutrients like the

iron and calcium are of concern and a general multivitamin for children is recommended but it's not the answer and long term the answer is to help them develop more balanced eating patterns by being supportive in the home making sure parents are modeling good behavior and only keeping foods in the home that you actually want the child to eat if you don't buy the white bread and the chicken nuggets they can't eat them sascha Farley has tried everything with her son Hudson having food separated rather than giving him the bolognaise constructively sort of deconstructed so he has the power to try different things in his own time I think keeping things simple and not making a big deal out of it so I will put something in front of him and say this is your dinner if you don't eat it you're not getting anything else and leave it at that there's not too much conversation around it because I found the more we talked about it the more he would protest to avoid that mealtime tantrum some suggest hiding the veg including them in basic foods like spaghetti bolognaise as a starting point mixing them into vegetable juices in the

morning but also encouraging them to eat cut-up salad vegetables and individual vegetables as part of their overall meal parents remember persistence pays off if you'd like some healthy mummy recipes for your fussy family head to our website that's too short to eat stuff you don't like we sometimes some of the things you don't like as a kid you don't like it's an add-on broad bean sprouts yeah people the diner tomato is ridiculous really poor tomato out of this and do it yes with queries for taxi [Laughter] to get a scene is one he just gets on the bus and go just on the bus all day still to come this morning