26 March 2019

The Global Health Informatics Learning Center

Based in Malawi, this training center gives students the resources they need to come up with creative solutions to real world problems affecting their community.


the global health informatics training center designed built and run by dr. Gerald P Douglas from the University of Pittsburgh offers internships for recently graduated or current engineers working on real-world problems in their community here in Malawi [Music] I'm George iguana this food is for us it was a shredder oxygen concentrator medical Austin process later we are reinventing this pot this is the rotary of repented visit the religion port and learned about this learn about this one and you did this one in my culture this is about 80,000 quater yeah so for this one yeah this one is costing about less than 10,000 water so obviously you have this one cheaper and I get to get this one you have to get it from from somewhere not here right so this is a local solution when they break they can't be fixed locally these guys are redesigning this board so it can be fixed locally the men the men use of the sacred wood for Cinco setenta is going throw the Sun revolves around a portion of the treasure you're making these four oxygen concentrators at kch

yes and this is because there is not just free-flowing oxygen in the hospital for the most part yeah there's some tanks yeah but it's for just the sickest people that might survive yes so these oxygen concentrators are magic boxes that just take free oxygen yes it's concentrated it's a little like gold yes right yeah so that's why this is so cool these are copper coated pieces of plastic and we put them here in the CNC and they use a special software called Eagle CAD and Eagle cat allows you to trace where you want lines to base make wires out of the copper material and then you can stuff that it's called stuffing with components to put components on that to make 40 [Music] who's out there Oh so does it works now yeah what wait show me okay so I'll show you yeah we've come up with a whereby we used this pipe ID which uses m35 c22 technology there's actually a little antenna in here coiled up in here and there's a little chip in here with a special code on it and when you get close to here radio frequency power

comes out of this transmitter energizes this coil and there's enough power to read and chip it also and it says this if you can see the toy spoke but I can use this guy so oh it's very simple because if you want to control anything it's exam for example this door you don't have to worry about the security you don't have to have the actual keys to open your door what you need you can just pull by these guys and you can use them easily by just swiping if you lose a card you can unregister that card that means it disappears it's very fresh [Music] these are large tubes by those drainage pipes actually the only way you can buy plastic like this in Malawi they put them inside of this contraption eat guys to melt the plastic so that this turns into this flat piece of plastic [Music] so my name is Jefferson yen so this is a CNC machine this very fancy means computer you make so it's a machine that like does the way or new

behalf so what you do is as smokin explained with the plastic after employed in the plastic and after you design what you want to get out of from its is when you take the plastic and put it here and then you load the Jeep off from the computer into this middle of you after that start the process and it does a way for you so normally it's made up of it's just a router which is like rotating at high speed and you have got a small bit underneath here cuts the material for you so somebody made this thing yeah it's actually me somebody yeah it's you who made this machine how that's really impressive you would use this big machine of that small machine see you so this is the mother since she came / - this yeah you just made hospital percolates except in the office so the EBR project with 80 villages eighty desks in all those villages and every one of those desk would bill right here on this CNC [Music] [Music] so my name is Molly Lou in an intern here for about seven to eight months

I've just graduated from the University this is one of the projects that I've been working on the past few months so this is a hospital cards supposed to eat Vanessa's when they are working in the hospital so this thing has two layers the top and the bottom so the top layer has the broth so we have these baskets so this is where everything the next unit goes like the syringes the medicine so that goes in this basket so we have all of these on each tray and then we have this door down here so this is where the beam and the shock box goes in Malawi they are quite expensive so it's cheaper to make your own we design all the pieces on the computer and then we exported fireworks for the g-code we grab the pipe like you saw down there flatten them cut the pieces and this is much cheaper to make than to just buy one from the shop it's also very easy to assemble tasks with Hughes who's like eight of them to be precise that put this whole thing together [Music] unfortunately there are few opportunities to extend their classroom learning into practical applications so the training center offers all of the

resources necessary to foster the students creativity and encourages their resourcefulness in these resource constrained places [Music]