09 May 2017

The Effect Coke Can Have on Your Teeth with the Example of an Egg

Brushing your teeth is very important and today I will show you the effect coke can have on your teeth | Like me on Facebook: ...


[Music] [Music] hello and welcome to who clogged kid lab making science super fun and super simple today we're going to be showing you a couple of really cool experiments one of which points out to you just how important it is to brush your teeth every day but before we do I just like to say a big thank you to everyone who tubed into our videos watches them and shares them with their friends it helped to make our channel a real success and I'm very grateful and now on with the time I'm going to demonstrate to you the effect that coke can have on your teeth using this eggs you'll need a toothbrush some eggs some toothpaste a can of coke and the jar firstly open up your can of coke and pour it into the jar like so then take one of your eggs and carefully place it inside the jar so that it sits in the cope put it to one side and let it sit for a few hours ideally overnight then using a spoon carefully remove the eggs from the coca-cola you'll see that it's changed color it now looks a sort of yellowy brown place it on top of some tissue paper to remove any excess liquid now we just add a bit of toothpaste onto

our toothbrush and start brushing pick a spot on the eggshell and carefully brush away very quickly you'll see a change put the egg into some clean water and gently rub off any excess toothpaste dry it off then turn it around in your hands and you'll see a real difference between the parts of the egg that of soaked in coca-cola and the part of the egg that you've brushed to clean just imagine if this is your teeth I think we should all stop drinking coke now let's show you some cool feather science you'll need some feathers [Music] some tissue paper a glass of oil a glass of water with some washing-up liquid in it and a glass of clear water firstly let me show you what happens to this feather if I dip it in water it goes inside it gets a bit wet but it keeps its basic shape feathers are a really great example of the wonders of nature if we drop a few drops of oil onto the feather you'll see that it simply runs straight off the side but what happens if we soak the feather in oil let me just try and wipe some excess off using the tissue paper in fact why don't we dump the whole thing in oil you can

already see that it has a very different effect to the water it thins out the shape of the feather let's mix together our washing up liquid and water and try to clean off some of the oil we'll give it a good soak then use some more tissue paper to try and dry the feather this proves very difficult now if we soak this entire feather in water you'll see that once again it retains its original shape this is a really great and simple experiment that's a very good way of demonstrating how bad oil leaks can be in the sea and how damaging it can be to animals wasn't that great thanks so much for watching I hope you enjoyed the experiment don't forget you can subscribe to our channel to follow our videos and you can leave us any comments about what you thought or what you'd like to see bye for now [Music]