23 July 2019

The Carnivore Diet Failed Me?

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you know what I wanted to take you out

there for a walk but it's super windy and I don't think you'd have been able to hear what I was saying so unfortunately we just chill in Mitch's car for now but you know what I'm good company so stick around but as you may be able to tell by now I am eating carbohydrates but you know what the majority of my calories the vast majority are still coming from animal proteins and fats still eat about a kilo and a half of me today I just consider the carbohydrate intake that I have now is an addition to what I was doing already because the carnival diets so satiating I was having trouble eating enough food so for two or three months now the majority of the carbohydrates I've eaten I've been from white rice I've experimented with other things I've eaten out I've done silly stuff and had really bad reactions but I know that the whole meat and white rice is like my middle ground now so fortunately I mean maybe it's not as good as straight meat diet in some ways but there's pros and cons to either situation for me now so I'm just gonna keep on with that it's not that I've eaten carbohydrates or plant foods every day it's just that

most days now I need to I need to keep the glycogen stores up just for energy general day-to-day energy and in the gym but I'll do sometimes I'll do like a cycle I'll do three or four days on just meat alone and then I'll I'll come up on the next day when I feel depleted because they'll get to like day three or four I'll train you know pretty hard which in the training session will be fine it'll be after the training session that I feel depleted and I feel you know sort of tired and out of it a brain fog or whatever carb refeed and you know by the end of the day I'll feel myself again so if I were to go meat only I probably have to get fat adapted over a few weeks again but you know it's it's not outside possibility at this stage just depending on how I feel way too cold at the moment don't know if you can hear it coming through but it's a really sore throat block nose and shulman noses into block berry get a headache yeah coincidence perhaps maybe like has haven't been sick in a while maybe there's just been a stress on my body is eating a few a few things that I

shouldn't have maybe that stress on my body has led me to get sick easier so I guess what I want to ask is are you still kind of war if you can stream plant products you know controversial but I don't think we're a dogmatic community I think people are pretty open it's not about like proving that a meat only diet is the best about finding what works so this is this is the situation at the moment for me is to have about a hundred grams of carbohydrates in the form of white rice per day just as in addition to the ton of meat I'm eating so that's that's what's working for me at the moment I want to tell you why because I want to just compare the pros and cons of it you know meat amedeo need lifestyle it's just that that is very taxing on the system itself to eat a meat only diet even when it feels so good so eating out is a big one there's opportunities for me to go and socialize which is very important for your health and overall well-being is to be a social person and to make to make those connections with people so for me to not be able to go out and eat with someone when you know life is quite busy it's

not I don't have a setup where I can invite people around to mine and we can cook and eat in that way so going out for a meal is good I went to Korean barbecue last which is very meat heavy but they're marinated in all sorts of sauces and things and I don't think I reacted well to that so it's a trade-off it's you know about deciding going there making the best decision you can based on the circumstances for the right reason that right reason is to maintain and establish relationships with people on top of that eating at work is hard because I personally don't like reheating meat of all things meat is probably the least reheatable food like so I just cook it I'd much prefer to cook something fresh and eat it as it's been heated rather than having it cool down and then reheat in the microwave it just really sucks so getting around that can be tricky for people carbohydrates help with the explosiveness in the gym I can't deny this it's not that carbohydrates make you stronger or better it's just this explosiveness that's missing that is quite valuable and obviously you don't get a pump when

you're on a meet only diet so when you you have an adequate amount of carbohydrates you know your glycogen is stored in the muscles you get you get this massive pump in you know the water and the blood in the muscles which it's really fun I mean I can't can't deny that that's what I enjoy is getting a pump so that's this is this is a hobby of mine so if it if it's impacting a hobby then you have to consider you know what you're gonna do about it if you want to improve it if there's some sort of yeah so eating carbohydrates seems to work in that regard another thing was eating enough as I said before I'm pretty much eating as much as me as I was before with the addition of carbohydrates is this is like a limit in which you would eat a whole bunch of steak and not want to eat for hours and hours and it's like well the overall caloric intake for the day isn't actually that high because you're so satisfied with how much you've eaten you don't really want to eat much more so eating and then plus the addition of carbohydrate in a more simple whole food form you know white rice it's pretty natural you can say what you want about

grains but white rice no just quite easily it's like well that is just a step beyond the the whole all meat diet that I was doing before so I can eat enough in order to maintain or gain weight just with just by adding in that extra food sauce so I still have meat only days with the refeeds as I said so I'm still more or less carnivorous it just depends on what my body needs and I'm becoming more intuitive with the amount of carbohydrates and needs and which sources are troublesome and it's you know I might decide to go meet only again based if things aren't working out because I know it sort of like my stable it's my way to sort of reset and look after myself if I'm feeling enough that's probably what I'll do the best feeling on a carnival carnival diet is in the morning that fasted state there's just so much mental clarity and this clearness and it just feels great like to be in that fat-burning mode in the morning you eat you feel a little off but you can still go right I mean it was never a huge issue but I did find that my energy depleted after eating so really what I'm wondering and what I'd like to ask you

perhaps leave a comment down below is what what does the carnivorous diet what is the carnivore diet to you and what additions do you include beyond meat and water do you have organ meats do you consume dairy what kind of dairy do you consume eggs do you consume green veggies or something like that which a lot of the carnivores from the keto community might do do you consume avocado or coconut oil like what do you do because I'm interested and I'd like you to also add why you do and why why you exclude certain things why include certain things because I don't think there's any one way to go about this all right future I'm gonna I'm gonna do a little investigating into these additions you know there's some people in the carnivore community who do consume dairy some consume honey some I think some people are still consuming yeah nuts and other sort of keto start foods and I mean investigate why these things might work so that's gonna be the future content for this channels like what in addition to meat is making up the majority of people's diet and what result they might be getting from doing so alright guys thanks for your support

stay tuned I'll see you next time