23 September 2018

The Carnivore Diet and Caffeine, Alcohol, Pot & Other Hard Stuff ... My Perspective


good morning everybody how about we put

the BS aside for just a second and talk about the Carnival diet and certain exogenous substances so the inspiration for this video comes from Bobby's perspective a vegan channel here in YouTube real quick interesting guy entertaining videos well produced you know kind of glitzy and grimy at the same time he I don't understand his philosophy at all it seems like a blend of Christianity atheism Buddhism all these Eastern religions kind of a hodgepodge of this very scary to me New Age philosophy maybe I just don't understand it but if I do it's completely incoherent and the kid doesn't make any sense like in one video for example he says that life is suffering right which is I suppose Buddhism believes this for them sure Christianity pushes this idea and he says it's good suffering is good because it's like this motivating factor and gives you a kick in the butt and it motivates you to become a better person basically to strive so he says suffering is good but then he has another video about morality when he says morality is based in well-being meaning well-being is good now I suppose suffering and

well-being can't be good at the same time but you know shouldn't one reign supreme I'm not sure it seems very contradictory you know what I mean if suffering is good then you know eating animals what's what's wrong with eating animals what's wrong with making them suffer just a little bit after you provide for their well-being for a long time and then you know you introduce a tiny bit of suffering and you eat them should be okay I don't know maybe I just don't understand this new agey philosophy anyway Bobby talks a lot about his New Age philosophy in his videos which is interesting he does he's a vegan bodybuilder which I don't have any interest in I don't workout and then he also large portion of his channel deals with psychedelics and I believe he has a video where he cooks up ayahuasca and consumes it so he's into psychedelics he does psychedelics and he has a tendency to call drugs medicine questions who takes medicine sick people right so Bobby by his own admission using his own philosophy logically believes he's sick I mean why take medicine if you're healthy right is it his diet that's

making him sick his vegan diet that maybe hasn't cured them completely insofar as he still needs to take medicine meaning he's still sick right must be so this is what I mean when I say he doesn't seem fully aware of what's going on because he'll tell you that veganism is awesome and great and the best diet for him and yet he admits stood still being sick on this cure-all best ever number one stunner diet incoherent but you know that is veganism it's inescapable you let a vegan talk enough you'll see how incoherent they are is it b12 cholesterol vitamin A deficiency neurological problems I believe so just my belief is it and this is something that doctor and Natasha McBride Campbell the creator of gaps diet talks about is it the lack of these feel-good chemicals in our brain like serotonin dopamine that comes from a nutritionally deficient diet that makes people self-medicate in my personal opinion that is what it is because that has been my experience so let me put Bobby's perspective on the shelf for now and give you mine before I started eating carnivore I smoked pot

maybe four five times a week you know I would use it to kind of wine that they down relax and go to sleep shortly after smoking I didn't always smoke but I'm not sure if that's because it just wasn't available and it wasn't that big of a deal but when I did have it I tended to smoke it now I was I'm no longer let me put it to you this way into psychedelics I mean now that the rainy season is starting I could just go up the mountain and out of cow dung blue bleeders sprout out readily dinner everywhere so not a big deal not that hard to get very very easy to obtain and free but I don't have the desire to do that anymore I used to and I agree with Bobby about mushrooms being an ego killer and they did make me a better person I've always said that but that's because I was sick and they were my medicine at a certain point in my life but ever since I started eating corn or more I've had zero desire to self-medicate whether it's pot or anything else I mean you know now that I'm eating carbs again because I believe that's the best way to gain weight after my food poisoning I'm drinking a little bit of coffee for

example you know what I mean like and my self-medicating again is it I don't know I don't know but after a month of eating carnivore I lost all desire to smoke pot I have some but it's just there I have no I don't care for it it doesn't it doesn't do anything for me right I could obtain psychedelics if I wanted to but I have I don't care to write I stopped drinking coffee and it wasn't a big deal for me I know a lot of people struggle with that when I'm eating carnivore okay right I guess I'm cheating right now or whatever but the desire to self-medicate completely disappeared now I understand there might be people whose experience is different who are eating strictly carnivore and still smoking pot or doing all these other things but you know maybe you're not doing something right maybe you have some deeper psychological issues that you need to cope with maybe the carnivore diet isn't the perfect diet for you I don't know but if you're still self-medicating you know maybe you're still sick I don't know this is this is just my personal experience and

obviously the experience of a lot of people like Bobby's perspective he does call it medicine right he recognizes the benefits and how it cures him of whatever else he believes he possesses and I think there's a lot of truth to what dr. Natasha Campbell McBride or McBride Campbell has to say you know it is our diets whether it be the standard American diet it's definitely the vegan diet I mean for a lot of people you see vegans are generally very angry people and look when I when I eat carbs a good amount of carbs I get angry I snap like carbs make me angry I've said this before then they make me crabby and when when I eat when I start start fat-burning I mean my mood is just like so nice and mellow my energy is just boundless I don't have these you know high spikes of energy where I just want to go go go go go and then I crash and I need to eat more sugar to refuel no but my energy is boundless and it's a constant steady level supply enough energy for everything I need to do throughout the whole day evening comes and I'm not tired like I might have sore muscles from working or whatever but my

brain is not tired I don't need to sleep I just kind of go to sleep because it's time to go to sleep I wake up very early and I'm very well-rested I don't need coffee I don't need any of that stuff I don't need any stimulants I don't need any depressants I mean you know I stopped drinking alcohol for all intents and purposes quite a few years ago here and there you know when I get caught up passing through town or something and some of the guys are like hey daddy dama de una cerveza you know then when I get I get trapped in in this nasty net and yeah I'll sit down and I have a beer or two with the guys so on and so forth but I feel awful afterwards you know it wasn't that long ago some dude brought some wine over kicked his ass out and we drank his for I'm not getting into that story but anyways we had some friends come over and we made chavalla echo which is goat basically in the hole literally goat in a hole and there was also some pastured pork in there Oh there he's best meat ever in my opinion red meat is overrated man that's just my opinion it's great I love it don't get me wrong but it's overrated

pastured pork in my opinion apart from fish and maybe even rivals fish is the healthiest tastiest meat for human beings eat it anyway you know there were four of us and we drank two bottles of wine so what what did I have two glasses I felt awful for the next two days all right that's not my medicine anymore this stuff when I when I burn fat when I eat mostly animal products I'm all good I'm healthy I don't need to self-medicate like I used to when I wasn't eating that way and I think this is true at least to a degree for most people it's just what I believe we don't have to agree but um you know if you gotta keep taking medicine if you're taking medicine then by your own admission and your own logic in your own words you still sick Bobby you're still sick and if you ask me it's your diet anyway that's just my perspective my own experience on the Carnival diet and as far as drugs are concerned and Bobby got his own and I'm sure you have yours just to say thanks for watching catch you on the next one