08 October 2019

The Carnivore Diet - 4 Week Experiment (Day 8)

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hi everyone and welcome back I'm just going to give you a quick update today and a little reminder to those of you who are yet not subscribed to this channel to please do so because obviously when you subscribe the channel will grow and I will be able to reach more people they won't cost you anything so everyone wins and I get happy hopefully you will be happy because I would be able to create more content and it will also tell me that you think that what I'm doing is worth doing so please do that thank you very much and having said all that I have been saying for two days now that I'm going to go to the butchers and I'm going to try to get my hands on some beef suet or beef earth and a few other pieces that are not that easy to find in the supermarkets yesterday was a fail because I luckily luckily I say I checked on the website and he said it closed on Mondays and today I just went over there and I found this so if anyone is interested in opening a butcher's shop here in green mouth let me know and please know that I expect to get a good discount if you do so there you go that was a complete fail clearly so I'm not going to get anything

from there and bless someone well opening up again very soon so I gave up on that idea I went to the supermarket again and I got me some more pork pork shoulder for the time being so that I can make some more pork crackling so this is the pork that I got just the free farm pork shoulder roast with quite a thick layer of fat and connective tissue under the skin and here it is and this lovely thick layer of skins at this side we make excellent crackling so yeah I'll probably make a video of a the crackling how to make the crackling tomorrow because someone was asking me how I made my crackling and how we turn out so good so I'm collecting a few bits and pieces and I we'll probably do that one tomorrow other than that all I have to say is that my head is still fine no headaches no problems there that's great I'm I'm starting to eat more when I'm eating as in I'm actually able to eat more at each meal so I do not need three meals per day anymore I'm still doing my chicken stock or actually I did have some chicken soup this morning because I still have some chicken meat left and it

smelled nice and there's a tiny bit left so probably her chicken soup tomorrow again I say morning it was actually a lunch time to be fair I don't I don't no longer need to eat as soon as I wake up so after that there would be chicken stock morning lunch whatever it is and then probably one meal a day again that's why I've been doing today I was probably 4 or 5 hours since I ate and there was lots of fat in my only meal and I'm still shocked full so I'm quite pleased with that and yeah how much to eat so I actually ate 450 grams of Wagyu Burgas I only fried up too to start with and then I decided that actually I'm still hungry so I'm gonna do go for a third one so I did and after half of it I felt like I was probably done by the Nana ok I'm gonna push it now and I'm actually gonna eat this because I don't want to be hungry later so I ate it and it still tasted nice and I took all the fat from the frying pan and just poured it over and I was trying to soak it all up so that I would get that so that's that's that and much proud of myself that I managed to eat that much in one go so something I actually forgot to

mention earlier at day five I think it was I actually developed a couple of pimples on my back and then the day after I got one on my chin he probably would see cuz it wasn't large but it was here somewhere and I can't even remember when I last had a pimple actually so clearly there's something hormone adjustments going on or something's going on some things are changing in my body from just pretty much cutting out salami and cheese and you have processed me that bacon I don't haven't had any smoking meat for quite some time so I didn't cook that many things out I had had a couple of cheat days on purpose before just to see the difference but other than that it's nothing specific so yeah I'm not super energetic today I feel totally fine I feel normal and since my head is good I'm yeah I'm just feeling good in general but I'm also totally bogged down with work and then I decided to do this project as well and try to do one video everyday so that could be the explanation for why I'm feeling quite tired and haven't had a lot of downtime so it might just be the the workload and the stress that comes

with that rather than the diet that is causing that but we shall see I still have almost three weeks to go so there's plenty of time but what I can say is that when I'm eating more fat but I do feel a lot more satisfied and full than when I'm not God so that's probably going I'm probably going to try to make a point of getting more fat into my diet daily it's just proving a little bit difficult right now to actually source that fat but I'm sure I'll get there at some point so I'm gonna leave you with that and yeah I will see you again tomorrow take care