22 March 2019

The Breakfast Show; EPISODE10 - HEALTHY LIVING

THE BREAKFAST SHOW EPISODE 10 Topic: HEALTHY LIVING With: Dr. TOLU SOWANDE Hosts: @Joyce Chuks @NekiMoyo @Ejiro Omoigiade ...

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and so much more did you know that we also have which historians you testicle let me share and tear sell my Jerry TV good morning your welcome to the breakfast show on CFL Nigeria TV's another episode that is gonna be and my he's got access to and a major oh my caddy is beautiful with the beautiful all right so we have the newspaper headlines Adam I have not revealed and the Magister is three more rights for Canyon and three states borders closed you can find out some pictures of the Niger intriguing at one point six million cyclone fixings in Malawi Zimbabwe moves and we receive aids from whu-oh he could find out on page 33 of the larger intervene in truth 200,000 in Zimbabwe needs or junk food age UNC's and US military may join rescue efforts suicide so sad and for the graphic picture we have an entire and treyvion itself occupants of a building at the rooftop in barrier Mozambique as a result of the cyclone that ravaged South and African countries of Mozambique Zimbabwe and Malawi making it difficult for international organization to reach them for help and we hope they

could really reach them for help and also to calm members killed as what Lestrade Barbara's large my else's take very very sad you can find a story and page 33 interviews social security Carlton's tribunal judgment day today and we have how it goes Romeo Brera say stats ok and you can find a story at the back of the Nigerian Tribune for much more information the world to go to your local vendor pick up badgering trigger and you get details for today Joyce what do we have in the bank at repair is how the Vanguard newspaper for Friday March 22nd 2019 five in March 22nd 2019 for the major story pose I met presumes result collation in Reverse on April 2nd I'm a presumes result collation in rivers on April 2nd to end collision on April 5th the claw final results between April 13th and fifteen makeup elections in Adamawa bhaji car New Bern way plates you on supporter tomorrow federal Benoit Bailey and suka - I mean aunt Leigh's about to deal with troublemakers and finally I like Optimus chief says a PC no need for belching local poems sales PDP now this was all said in a news conference a

picture in the front page from the right we have our National Commission on information and vulture education mr. Fester sukui and is addressing a news conference on our next activities at the Paradise you at mangia soon on the front page over 52,000 Joshua farewell thousand teaching jobs in 30 states you can find this on page 12 you can find this on page 6 I lost plates we have lungile vs. Seychelles it's the most real Gemma wrong I also believe it's a mouthful yes I have the Guardian for Friday March 20 seconds money 9 sale and there's a picture story here that says members of akkad women and youth initiative for good governance a league protesting against alleged refused fuse all of the independent electrical I neck to allow at siku Abu Bakr and PDP to access electoral math serials and militarization of pulling units in rivers Kogi bouchy and other states at the INEC headquarters in Abuja and this was yesterday photo by nun you're as squashes crunch cautions stakeholders on peaceful rerun of pools you see that on page six also you see also on that story

a GP high G's see ensure security in states and then I like Val as on bouchy Adamawa polls and then releases timeline for conclusion of River states exercise you will see that on page 6 of your Guardian newspaper another one here says in such of autonomy for government-owned universities it's a special report and you see that on page 40 of your Guardian newspaper then ESS club agents threatened to ground leaders parts over alleged multiple checkpoints this news is on page three and then measles effect 4690 3q set seemed inborn new states now this edge and then you see this on page five of your body on newspaper and then from Fritzie did last one is FG closes huge are not yet - fountain okay submission and you see this on page three of your guardian newspaper for more news go to your local vendor and get the Guardian newspaper and a half that imbecile is more like a wisdom then comedy so nuisance she says everyone like the man who is carrying which men are generally loving I'm if that face hmm people with athletes fruits unless we meet groups princess to give our water we stop actually love generous a lot of them you know some Wow anyway

Asians will be in talks about mention take for the headlines all right we're gonna break when we return it's gonna be healthy leaving on the bridge yeah that Jersey you don't going away [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] and as we know that this was to ensure that the nutrition is a balanced diet your food has to have five food groups goodbye a fruit this we have better nutrition if we know here's an unhelpful to lose your one day good morning LD food living thing from a personal experience okay I used to be very fast so I was able to lose them like 28 kg you have to exercise well you should say that you're living healthy now the food that you eat is very important in injury that you need it we you plants like him from avocado pear okay yes that's very you know good fat for you from a plant like for you to add another one yes so if you believe in animal shots yes you can't break you down when you

have very active your exercise I need another oh okay it puts it's a lot carbohydrates so basmati rice has less study dynamic index than published if you decide to be conscious of these at that time you can prevent it you might have had it Elena now you have system manager is and then imagine that you have to be on drugs every day of your life and of course you didn't you could have prevented it yes yes that question now I know that people usually view that food it's for healthy living is for the rich and also you see pictures on Instagram or and ginger no way you see very scanty things on the cliffs you just want like no no it's not for the rich only you can afford motivators that you want to take I mean she mentioned Google who is not route 15 I have plenty you can't add quickly okay you know you can add them smoked fish it doesn't have to be expensive for you to be healthy it just has to have the right quantity and quality of the classes of food your own future has our final question for today examples of food we need to be more practical we've heard about what to do on how to do it so where are the

practical things we can now apply for food where can we eat what should we eat how should we eat when you eat heavy food it should be is light if you have about a perfect a pre-clear it should is every food I mean you don't need something every you know most times down we don't eat because we're hungry we eat for pleasure most times to have a give us a very nice then you continue to eat imagine if I continue to is and you don't need it so you know except you do add label you shouldn't eat so much the plate shouldn't be so full you should eat smell smoke yes and then we should try to incorporate more fruits and vegtables none of Nigerians don't like fruits and vegtables if you go to a party and there's them all the jollof rice fried rice and then salad people rob us tea with the UK you know so we should eat more fruits more vegetables take more water instead of soda instead of them bare and all that we should take more what know what yes because we're made up of 60% of water so we should take more water don't wait to

your festive we are thirsty you already graduated so you shouldn't wait till then before you take water sir I think okay thank you very much I'm really really excited very excited London lots of day all right it's been very exciting today on the breakfast show we have had you can attest to it that it's been both informative entertaining and educated so we are I'm sure my ladies can agree with me that today was really it was a slap in my face thank you very much that's a rule do not forget we have to come to the end of the show and you know mothers would love to continue we have to come to the end of the show do not forget to follow us on our Facebook page Twitter and Instagram and subscribe to our YouTube channels on TSL nigeria TV and then this has just been beautiful today please ladies Hospital you have any last things to say yes we're gonna be here tomorrow