25 September 2018

The Best Muscle Building Diet For Men - Definitive Guide

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are my friend welcome my name is dr.

Anthony Balducci I'm the founder here at the fit father project in today's video we're gonna deep dive on the best muscle building diet for men and this is gonna be far different than some of the other top 10 best foods Bs kind of things you might find on the internet we're gonna deep dive here in our kitchen we're gonna cover all the best foods and we're gonna show you how to combine them into a meal plan to help build muscle boost your metabolism burn fat whatever your goal is right now so first off why should you even listen to me and my team well here at the fit father project my team and I have helped over 10,000 busy guys lose over 75,000 pounds of fat and build lean muscle at any age and myself personally I've had a lot of experience as a former national champion bodybuilder so we know a thing or two about muscle building but more importantly we know how to make muscle building in terms of the proper diet plan simple and sustainable so we're gonna cover that in this video I know you're gonna learn a ton so get out your pen and paper take some notes and let's dive on in fit father project calm all right so the best muscle building diet

plan there's a little bit of a controversy over this anyways because there are so many different ways that you could eat to build muscles so we're gonna give you the science of what does work as well as our personal philosophy because I need you to know that there's a lot of different approaches you might have heard some people that say oh you need to do an intermittent fasting kind of plan or oh you need to eat keto to build muscle well here at the FFP our approach is more of the old-school tried and trued muscle building diet that includes the right kinds of proteins carbs and healthy fats in the context of a simple meal plan so in today's video I want to cover some of the best protein foods carb foods fat foods an we're gonna show you how to slam it together into a simple meal plan so the foundation of a muscle building diet in our book starts with setting your protein target so as a general rule of thumb we like higher protein diets they support muscle growth and when you're dieting they prevent you from losing muscles so we'd like to set your protein target at around 0.8 to 1 gram of protein per pound body weight now if you

are not in the US and you know don't use pounds we understand there's actually conversions below in the description this video to show you what your protein target should be in kilograms the point being is we need let's say 200 pound man roughly a guy who's like 80 kilograms needs to have around 200 grams of protein each day and we want to divide that up into a couple different meals meal timing when it comes to building muscle is more of a convenience factor it really doesn't matter from the research whether you eat six small meals per day or if you have square breakfast lunch and dinner you just want to find the thing that works best for your schedule what does actually matter is your total protein intake for the day but we find it's a little more manageable to split up your protein intake kind of more evenly throughout the day in terms of a breakfast lunch snack in dinner there's lots of different ways you can do it you could certainly do intermittent fasting etc and eat all your protein in a couple hours at the end of the day but it's a little easier to eat let's say 50 grams of protein four times per day than it is

to try to slam 200 grams of protein all at once and we don't even know how well you're gonna digest that amount of protein in that short window of time so protein we know we need a good rich sources and we want to make sure they're clean sources so one of our best protein sources is actually wild-caught fish so here we actually have some wild Alaskan salmon that my family and I caught at a fishing trip so I want to bring this out here to bring up one key point is fish it's an amazing source of protein and something you may see a lot of bodybuilders say is a staple of their meal plan but fish quality matters I do not want you eating low quality fish that is high in mercury so in particular fish like swordfish big fish like shark certain kinds of tuna they have lots of mercury so although they look good when you look at the nutrition label and you're like oh my god this tuna fish has like 25 grams of protein and one gram of fat that's great well the problem is it's also loaded with methyl mercury which is a kind of mercury that stays in your brain for 30 years and it's directly neurotoxic and as a person who wants to build some muscle you need your

nervous system to function just as well as your muscles themselves so you can actually lift and perform your workouts so low quality fish is a no-no we cover that more in the description below of some good protein sources but fish can be a great staple so what we like is wild-caught salmon is great here we have some wild caught halibut but again you don't have to be a pro chef or anything like that to get these protein sources other things we like that are really simple you don't need to cook are things like wild sardines they come in a can this is one of the best muscle building foods because it's so convenient it has all the omega-3 fatty acids that is the good stuff about the salmon and it's lower in the food chain so there mercury is not a concern and we also do like wild canned salmon as well this is better than tuna because you don't have the mercury concern and then again this is wild fish so it's not farmed irresponsibly so fish can be a great staple but we didn't have it here in this video what I'd also recommend is if you do eat and I'm never a stye it meaning you eat both animals and plants then things like grass-fed ground beef

free-range organic chicken are also great protein sources but again quality matters I don't want you skimping and getting really low quality protein sources we don't want you eating non-organic grain fed cows which are pumped full of all sorts of hormones they're eating the kind of grains that are sprayed with pesticides that stuff gets into the meat the fat quality suffers not good quality matters but you don't have to break the bank to get high quality protein you can certainly go to one of these bull grocery stores like a Costco or a Sam's Club and instead of spending like $10 per pound of grass-fed beef at a high-end grocery store you can get it for about half that price in bulk so it's definitely a good option so we have our fishes our chickens you know we have any grass-fed ground beef etc if you have access to wild game things like you know venison elk bison some of these other kind of things really great protein sources they're very lean another great protein source I want you to include in your diet is if you can some high quality eggs and this is egg whites which are convenient because it doesn't have any of the fat of the egg

yolk and we'll get to that in just a second but high quality eggs are rich in the kind of protein that actually is high in amino acid called l-leucine that directly stimulates muscle building so a lot of these good protein or I should say muscle building diet especially if I the old-school ones have eggs is a staple and for good reason because eggs have a really high-quality complete protein but you also do want some amount of the healthy fats in the eggs that the cholesterol in a high quality egg here these are some pasture-raised eggs is actually beneficial for increasing your testosterone levels which can directly support your muscle building so this is something we do with all our father project program members whether they're on our FF 30x fat loss program or old-school muscle building program we have them include eggs on a near-daily basis and this can help support your testosterone levels eggs are a great complete protein source research shows they actually raise your good HDL cholesterol increase your immune system and it's not correlated with increasing any of your risk of heart attacks with the eggs so

that is what the research shows definitely include eggs into your diet but some other more convenient protein sources that aren't necessarily whole foods based our protein powders and I have a couple here I got a standard whey protein powder you've probably seen tons of these online you know a good call quality whey protein powder is not necessary for building muscle it's merely convenience again if we can reach our whole protein target for the day that we talked about from whole food sources you do not need protein powders in your diet but they're helpful well so let's say you're at work and you have that long stretch between lunch at noon and dinner at 7:00 and you know you want to get some kind of protein source state your numbers well a whey protein shake can be an amazing part of your plan or you can do a post exercise so we highly recommend you include some kind of protein powder it does not have to be dairy based like weh-weh is a proven great muscle building source but hey we have some plant-based protein blends over here this is made from rice chia hemp and spirulina so amazing you can get it all plant-based source as well so

you don't necessarily have to have dairy proteins to build muscle the plant-based sources work as well there is one particular kind of dairy protein called casein that you may or may not be aware of this is you know almost like the brother of whey milk protein by its very nature is 80% casein 20% way so casein is the casing portion of the milk protein and it's more of a slow-release protein that time releases amino acids over a number of hours six plus hours so this is a great protein if you can tolerate it and it doesn't cause any problems with you in terms of digestion or food allergies at night and research shows the casein at night can help you build muscle that's not bro science there's actually some research supporting that but I also need to you know talk about the other side of the coin is that there's research studies that do show that diets high in casein are positively associated with an increase in cancer so we're talking strictly about muscle building casein is useful tool is it your best bet for overall long-term health mm-hmm me I would say not necessarily and that's why I don't keep

casing in my diet for all the years that I was bodybuilding I definitely included casein in other whole food milk proteins so for example if you know that you can tolerate dairy in your diet then you can absolutely use cheese is a high-quality protein source things like cottage cheese or you know I have a goat cheese over here - which is a great protein source you can have this stuff in your diet I mean you know if it works with your body specifically so one more thing I want to say is plant-based protein sources don't get enough of a good rap when it comes to building muscles so things like a fermented tofu which is called tempeh kind of looks like this you know kind of looks like some weird like curd it up stuff it's tofu organic is can be a great protein source and Men in the proper intakes so like we have some organic tofu right here it can be a great muscle building protein source it's not going to cause all sorts of the problems where it's gonna increase your estrogen dramatically etc there are plant-based bodybuilders that have tons of soy in their diet as long as the organic high-quality soy preferably the

fermented kind in tempeh can still be a part of your muscle building meal plan as well as the fact that things like beans here although they're not a pure protein source can be a great source of protein and you can certainly whether or not you eat plants or animals or a combination of those include some beans that are soaked and pressure cooked into your diet as well has a great protein source so I think we've covered some of the good proteins here but now we're going to move on to the other two macronutrients because we need to cover all the bases your protein is important but fats and carbs are just as important so let's get to carbohydrates believe it or not carbohydrates are just as stimulative of muscle growth this protein themselves carbohydrates stimulate insulin and we want healthy insulin signaling in our bodies in insulin downstream can help increase muscle protein synthesis that's why you look at all these big bodybuilders the guys who are paid as professionals to build as much muscle as possible a large percent of their diet comes from carbohydrates the more carbs than the protein why because carbs work

for fueling your workouts and they increase the muscle glycogen they fill your muscles out and they directly stimulate muscle building so can you build muscle on a no-carb diet plan absolutely yes it's possible is it suboptimal yes we do believe so we believe it's suboptimal that's why we want to include the right kinds of carb sources at the right time so here are some of our favorite carb sources we love any kind of rice so we have some brown rice we have some black rice doesn't really matter rice is a very clean carb source it's great because there's nothing but carbs in there there's no fats and if you get an organic high-quality rice it's something you can cook in bulk and eat throughout the week that's why a lot of these staple bodybuilding plans include rice is a good carb oatmeal is very similar in that vein it just has a little more of great fiber and it's a little higher in protein than rice but oats are a great thing to include in your morning if you want to you know really increase the amount of healthy carbohydrates with your protein you can mix the oatmeal

with some eggs with some whey protein with some berries like that's a really great muscle building meal so these are some of our go-to carbs and I didn't bring them out for this video but we love sweet potatoes and yams these are amazing because they're so simple great carb source they help keep your energy levels stable there's lots of fiber good vitamins and you can just throw a couple of yams in the oven cook them for the week and then you have them to pair with any of your protein sources so when you cook your carbs in bulk it makes it super easy to make muscle building meals because you can pair you know a serving of carbohydrate like let's just say six ounces of sweet potato with around six ounces of a salmon or so and then you have the backings of a protein muscle building meal but we can't forget about the fat so we're gonna get into that next fats are also important for muscle building fats help increase our hormone production so fats are really implicated in raising your testosterone we do know people who eat very very low carb low fat diets and low cholesterol diets tend to have lower testosterone levels so

fats are healthy that healthy they also give us energy to Train and we want the healthy right kinds of fats so some of our favorite fat sources here are extra-virgin olive oil in addition to those meals with the carbohydrates and the proteins I want you to drizzle this on any kind of side salad or veggies it's amazingly good fat its anti-inflammatory antioxidant will help you recover from your training will keep your heart healthy it's really great another thing you may see is some coconut oil or MCT oil this is a very special kind of fat that's great to either cook with or drizzle on again your protein or your carb sources and in your body specifically uses these special fats these MCTS these medium chain triglycerides to increase your energy and boost your metabolism so this is great for training give it's like one of the unique fat sources that is processed very quickly and can be used to feel your training other things we like are nuts and seeds so here I have a big bulk bag of all here these are great to throw on the side for some added healthy fats again we have some of this full fat dairy like

I have the goat cheese and we have avocados so the way I kind of think about this when building these muscle building meals is let's pick the protein source first let's throw a side of the carbohydrates and then let's add healthy fats on the end so protein carbs and healthy fats and what it might end up looking like is about a quarter of your plate is protein so for most guys that ends up being a six ounce - let's just say eight ounce serving of protein and then the other quarter of your plate or so is carbohydrates and it might be around a similar gram amount of carbs if not a little bit higher so that might be one cup of cooked rice or a sweet potato and again that depends on your exact body size and the amount you exercised and then the side I might throw fat so it might look like chicken rice and a half of an avocado for the healthy fats or some almonds or I drizzle some olive oil on there so those are really great healthy fat sources and so there's just a really good way to think about it is you start to understand the foods are in each category the proteins the carbs the fats you can combine them into endless options and you don't have to go cook

complicated meals what you do need to do is prep your carbs in bulk prep your proteins in bulk and add the fats on the side and it really is as simple as like let's say I cooked a bunch of wild salmon for the week and I cooked a bunch of rice I could have you know scoop and a half of the rice if that's my carb target I could have the six ounces of salmon and then I could drizzle some olive oil on some mixed greens and just pull some salad out and throw it on the plate meals can be that simple and here are some visual examples of what some muscle building meals might look like so you can see that you do not have to spend hours cooking to make good muscle building meals that's why I want to show you things like the wild salmon and the sardines this stuff does not need to be cooked you can just really pop it on a plate with some of your precooked carbs and you have a muscle building meal ready to go and so that's really what I wanted to cover here now we'll get into a couple different kinds of snack options fruit can be very valuable in a muscle building meal plan it's a great source of carbohydrates you ideally want to get some organic fruit it's a great

thing to have before or after training the fruit sugars themselves are very fast digesting and there is some research that shows that having fruit post workout helps preferentially refill the glycogen the stored carbs in your liver which can help your recovery from sighs so fruit post-workout really great I love that and it can be a great snack so let's say you had your breakfast at 8:00 your lunch at noon and your dinners at 7:00 but you want something in the middle you could certainly do some fruit a small baggie of almonds something you can bring to the office and you can have a little bit of protein with that so that's a very very simple meal that doesn't require cooking or you can have a tin of sardines so we want to make muscle building meal plan we want to make it very consistent and simple because ultimately if you can't stick to getting the right number of calories every single day then you're not going to see the results even if you're eating the healthy foods so we also have a couple good free resources that I want to point you in the direction of right now because you're interested in muscle building diet I recommend you scroll

below and check out our free muscle building calorie calculator that tells you how many calories that you burn every day and how many calories you should be eating to build muscle because you need to make sure you're in a slight calorie surplus we have a calculator that does that you can scroll below click that link and then enables you to make a copy of that calculator and you can type in your height your weight your age your activity level and it gives you your number which gives you something to start with and if you're the kind of guy out there that just wants it a done-for-you plan that's like hey dude here's your exact meal plan here your workouts here's the supplements which we cover in future videos as well then I do recommend you check out our old school muscle building program there's also links below we give you the full old-school training plan that's perfect for real than muscle with the diet with the supplements we take out all the guesswork and basically hand you the muscle building Bible that's gonna help you see gains this week but overall I'm happy that you stuck with me on this video again this is a very very big

topic and I wanted to give you some practical examples of the kind of foods you can put into your diet and how you can get these things prepped and this is just the tip of the iceberg I highly do recommend that you check out that old school muscle building program and you check out other links that we have below in the description on some of the best muscle building supplements I have some here but I want to you know tease you that we're gonna cover these more in depth in a future video because when it comes to supplements they're a part of this plan here but food is the basis that's why we want to talk about food first so hope you enjoyed this video and you learned something if you did leave a thumbs up drop us a comment below and above all subscribe to our Fit followed project you do Channel after you hit that subscribe button make sure you click that little bell to get notified when we post new videos we post one new video every single day we have hundreds of videos on the channel on stuff like muscle building nutrition we also talk about how to lose fat quickly and keep it off the proper supplements how to get and stay motivated actual

workout examples we have all that on the channel and over at our blog so if you like this video and you want more of this and definitely subscribe and we'd love to have you in our brotherhood and see you around the channel thank you for being here my friend check out those links below to old-school muscle and you can see all the links to the other supplement videos and I'll see you around the channel and I'll talk to you very soon