08 July 2018

The Best Food to Eat & The Best Way to Reduce Belly Fat - Dr Alan Mandell, DC

Simple, smart nutrition is what we need. Everyone is selling their diets for profit. We should only be eating healthy foods to achieve optimal health. I hope this ...

welcome everyone dr. Mandel here let's

get right to the nuts and bolts to lose weight and to do it correctly you need to get your mind off these crazy diets I'm gonna give you my opinion you could take it for what it's worth you're gonna hear other people's opinions but I would tell you what I've seen the last several decades what's worked for numerous people simple smart nutrition first of all let's talk about losing weight there's no such thing as spot reduction there's a lot of fad diets out there you people just want to live on protein want to live on carbs want to live on a combination live on different degrees percentages I'm not gonna go into any of the names I'm not here to nitpick other diets but I just want to get you to understand one thing if you understand your basal metabolic rate females about 1,500 plus or minus males about 1,800 plus or minus that's when your body burns at sleep during the day within 24 hours the amount of energy that many calories doing nothing so if you look at a pound of fat upon a set is 3500 calories and if you gain more than 3500 calories or add it to your your body you're going to gain a pound of fat and if you burn 3,500 calories you're gonna

lose a pound of fat so if you do the computation of carbohydrates proteins which is four calories per gram you look at a fat nine calories per gram you add up all those grams over the course of the other day and then you deduct your basal metabolic rate or any exercise you do above and beyond and you can kind of get a balance I don't want to spend time on that in this program but I just want to tell you and I'm gonna stick by my guns I have another great video out there and it's helped thousands thousands of people real simple fresh and cooked vegetables now we know that vegetables are poor in calories but they are very very rich in nutrients they include lots of fiber we know that fiber provides no calorie it adds bulk to the food it helps fill you up basically allowing you to eat less calories I will still tell you that my favorite are the vegetable soups adding all kinds of veggies you can add your proteins to it that is a slam dunk that will help you burn fat now we're talking about stomach fat we talked about no spot reduction but your body will burn all the fat throughout the body and you will lose stomach fat

he will lose that stomach fat as well a lot of people knock in sugar okay but if you're eating fresh fruits and I never they don't care how sweet it is as long as there's fiber and that fruits gonna slow that digestion of sugar you're not going to get that spike so fiber is a big key so don't go crazy about these sugars if you've got that fiber in the raspberries bananas and apricots your figs your pears whatever you're eating it's all good now if you juice the fruit and you just sucked down the juice with no fiber then we're getting that significant spike of sugar which is obviously like drinking sugar nuts seeds and fish as well as on saturated fats are extremely good pertaining to the peanut and cashews highly inflammatory it can cause IBS intestinal allergies prostatitis and Men there's a lot of symptoms that can cause because it is very inflammatory omega-3s are extremely important salmon oily fish a lot of great benefits mackerel and herring I'm a big believer that when you eat foods if you can get it in the whole state particularly whole grain jury not eating that enriched foods particularly those sitting on the

shelves it will make a big difference for you now what very few people talk about we're always talking about foods but I'm gonna tell you that if you start drinking lots of water and you hydrate you'll be amazed upon your metabolism there's huge changes when it comes down to hydrating your body your body this works more efficiently remember we're made up of sixty something percent water and that's who we are so why just worry about foods if we're not taking in what we're mainly composed of which is water so in summary I have to go back to the vegetables put it in a big crock but all the vegetables you want in there it's filled with nutrients lots of fiber it's gonna fill you up little calories of any you can eat that forever and you're gonna burn calories I hope this video really helps you your family your loved ones shirt on your social media most important make it a great day I'm dr. Alan Mandel