31 January 2018

testing stripper life hacks for shaving my bikini line

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hi dad thanks so much for supporting my

youtube career but please just don't watch this video okay thanks you can tune in next week just just just one thing okay okay cool this video is only gonna get awkward if we make it awkward so we're just not going to be awkward about it kay cool thanks great perfect ah like how do you introduce such a video you know alright listen guys I'm a teenage girl and I dance okay and no one ever taught me how to shave my bikini line just last summer I was at the pool with Bella and she was like hey leap all right we're not gonna tell that story but I want to shave my bikini line now this isn't my first time but every time I shave there's those disgusting razor bumps okay no one likes another exactly you know what I mean being a dancer like you see everything okay and I'm going swimsuit shopping this weekend for a video and I can't have that you know so my dear friend Noah sent me this article it is by cosmopolitan and it is titled how to stop heck is shaving rash on your bikini line once and for all and the sub-header says a former stripper has taken to Reddit to share her tried and tested techniques shippers have

their couch on display for everyone to see every night so I figured this would work and Noah said it works so I'm gonna try it oh my gosh she was a dancer too see this is great you guys are teenagers something you guys dance we can all do this alright so let's go to the store and buy our supplies [Music] I'm street dream yeah okay so I'm not gonna lie I did just spend $45 at Walgreens to shave my vagina there's a better freaking word so I guess I'll do a whole they said get a man's razor with at least four blades but I have five so this better freaking word ultra sensitive hydrogel this is the weird part Yoder in I couldn't find the dub unscented so I just did the dry protection shower clean damn baby oil what hey I think first step in general stripper or not is to trim so this is definitely the weirdest video I've ever filmed I'm currently sitting in like an inch full of bathtub water okay let's begin first exfoliate I'm going to be using this so big Lori exfoliator just let's do this so I do you guys like my

new concept pretty fun isn't it then rub the area with baby oil before you shave to soften the hairs skin oh it's baby proof whoa that cap I don't know why I'm so fascinated with baby oil smells so good who came up with this so excessive shape with a mens razor this is my mens razor and you immense moisturizing shaving cream okay but oh my god oh my knees alright this is the moment of truth these noises are literally gonna get me Devo no time oh my gosh this is gonna get the mullet eyes isn't it yeah this is fun okay I'm out of bath no okay Dennis isn't dab some rubbing alcohol on the skin and this is to kill bacteria and close your pores you don't have rubbing alcohol but I have isopropyl alcohol which I looked up and it says that this will work fine okay so dab oh that stings a little boo oh this kind of stings oh yeah it's really getting in those pores oh wow okay oh my gosh I'm bleeding okay so that kind of burned but I feel a little refreshed I guess okay this is by far the weirdest stuff to me it says to put deodorant there because this will keep you dry and it won't shave and it pretty friends razor bumps

I don't see how that would happen but just cut my nails gosh darn it ohh oh my god why no that's not supposed to happen was the men's razor just too much for me to handle okay now I just I'm gonna wear some sweatpants refrain from really tight clothing and I think we're done all right so let's do a review did this work I think it did let me check yeah it did work and it works really well the only bad thing is I did bleed but I think I just shaved wrong also is it safe to put deodorant that closed down there that's a little scary to me try this on your own wrist this is definitely the weirdest video I've ever made so subscribe for more content follow my Instagram Klout game and I always post on snapchat when I post videos and then I post like my favorite comments on snapchat and a lot of you guys have been noticing that so you can follow me on there do [Music] [Music]