11 March 2019

TENNISSANCE Method | A Balanced Diet of Exercise

Kenneth Loch | tennissance@gmail.com.

yes my name is Kenneth Walker the tennis

on Smith's just want to get into the idea of a balanced diet of exercise the tennis ons method represents the exercise of tennis and the idea is that when you recognize tennis as an exercise and then the idea that how it provides people with benefits say benefits people and being an exercise and the idea is that once you recognize the tennis it actually brings us over into kind of the interdisciplinary perspective so we can actually then take a look at other exercises and then do a comparative and then the idea is that when it comes to exercise balanced diet of exercise and you know there's no similar to the I'm the balanced diet nutrition food so the idea of balance then the idea of the benefits and then being able to use all you know different disciplines different exercises or take different reasons but the idea is how it all adds up and it's balanced and wholesome and holistic yeah the when it comes to tennis and it being an exercise the group that it falls into so the idea is that one thing that I realized is that when it comes to tennis is it works with benefits that people when it comes to like I hand coordination so the idea

of being able to actually even catch and throw part of I feel a little little work with people just with the basics of being able to throw a ball and then the idea of being able to do that with both arms and I now that's what's an ambidextrous exerciser discipline and so the idea of throwing and then catching and then the idea with for the tent with a racket is being able to hit a hit a ball so the idea of that I hand coordination you know when it comes to tennis it's pretty it's kind of involved so there's this running or you know you're movin you're running involved so all the things and then the idea is that kind of historically people tried to connect tennis with yoga and I'm not sure if they really understand about connection or how it goes they've got it self with with with the tennis ops method now and recognizing you know the idea by hand coordination so we can recognize that yoga this has it might have nothing to do with I hand coordination so it's not that I'm putting it down but it's just the idea of the reality the situation so I'm just dealing with reality here and so the idea is the benefits when it

comes to yoga it would help people with experience in their bodies and then being able to develop a practice you know a routine daily which would be based on an increase of awareness and also just physical safety strengthen coordination so that would be the benefits but what I'm hoping to do is inspire yogic people to to balance their diet and yoke themselves with a practice of discipline that is based on developing and increasing their eye hand coordination and then but also ambidextrous or ambidexterity or dexterity skill and the idea is that with the tennis anza method that it will provide them with the means for recognizing the difference between tennis being an exercise and then the sport now if the yogi say is not aware of how unhealthy the sport is and and then the idea is to okay now the sport when it comes to balance it has really nothing to do with balance it's actually just the opposite so when it comes to like holistic health it's actually based on a competition and then the idea is that it motivates people to actually develop their stronger arm and it's

completely not balanced so the idea is that when it comes to like you know equating it to a food it would be like eating candy sugar or anything that would be unhealthy so it would which is kind of interesting so the idea is that I have to turn the light on that so the idea is that whiz now when it comes to like students that are studying you know kinesiology Exercise Science even you know dealing with the brain you know psychology [Music] again the tennis on smething and when it comes to like the whole idea of this balanced diet of exercise versus an imbalanced one or somebody doesn't mean to have a diet of exercise it's kind of interesting because it's the difference would be a person who is say has a balanced diet they would be recognized as interdisciplinary and then somebody who is imbalanced we recommend not recognize them as being specialized and then kind of specialization would be for kind of the wrong reason so right now like you thought though there's probably people out there that are that play tennis and they're developing one arm and they're they're competing and that's

probably all that they do when it comes to their their diet of exercise which is not healthy again like eatin candy so so the tennis aunts method and my teachings and you know professing here the ideas that I'm hoping to get you know educators as well as you know like athletes to to recognize the basis of this and then idea that recognizing tennis awesome s that mind-body exercise of tennis and then also getting yoga people to actually integrate themselves and become interdisciplinary yeah so it's a it's ultimately a paradigm shift it's actually a renaissance and renewable for exercise yeah just want to lay this down hope you got something from it thank you