15 February 2016

Team Beachbody Scam? Yes It Is In My Opinion!

Click the following link to check my facts on the Team Beachbody scam: http://ethanvanderbuilt.com/2015/08/17/team-beachbody-scam-yes-opinion/ Weight loss ...

friends and internet neighbors some of

the most common products you're gonna find in business opportunity scams or weight loss products and health products the vast majority of these companies will not provide enough income for you to pay for the products you purchase while you're a part of the business opportunity one of the most requested business opportunities that my subscribers have requested that I take a look into is Team Beachbody here's what I've found to get you started in the Team Beachbody business opportunity there's a lot of different claims that are made to get you excited and it gets you in now you can help friends and family feel good and get healthier too as a Team Beachbody Coach when you do you're making a real difference in people's lives and enjoying great benefits for yourself we've already paid out millions of dollars in weekly commissions to coaches that's because we have a plan that works you'll get the best sales tools and training to help you succeed our starter kit gives you all the tools you need to get started and be successful Team Beachbody was founded in 1998 by Carl Daikeler and John Condon

they're a Santa Monica California based company and their focus is really fitness and weight loss programs some of their popular programs are p90x insanity Brazilian Butt Lift slimming six turbo Jam and hip hop abs among many others the business opportunity that Team Beachbody offers you is to refer people to a duplicate of the company's website and when people go there and they purchase products you receive a commission on the products that they buy you can also refer people to the business opportunity so they can do the same thing that you're doing in my opinion it doesn't really make any sense for you to actually pay to sell products for Team Beachbody and refer people to sell products for Team Beachbody why are you paying them to do this it just makes no sense to me so since Team Beachbody is all about helping people and coaching people let's take a look at their requirements for you to be a coach for Team Beachbody the requirements are that you're old enough and that you reside in one of the countries that they are doing business in you have a Social Security number you

purchased a coach business kit and you submit a properly completed coach application it would seem that you're not really qualified to coach anybody with those requirements in my opinion Team Beachbody offers coaches that are not qualified to coach you with your fitness and weight loss in my opinion they're just salespeople multi-level marketing sales people and not coaches here is what one Team Beachbody representative had to say about how they succeed financially within Team Beachbody the key to success with Beachbody is helping others succeed only 5% of my paycheck is based on my own personal sales it seems like helping others in Team Beachbody means that 95 percent of your income comes from people in your downline and not from your personal sales that does not seem like you're really doing that much direct sales to people you're mainly making money off the people below you and their sales as anyone that's involved with sales knows leads are really the lifeblood of your business with Team Beachbody they do offer a lead program for you the problem is is that to qualify for it

you have to personally purchase product through an auto shipment to qualify for those leads one of the things that I think that makes it very difficult for you to succeed in Team Beachbody is that you have to compete with the company's own late-night television ads that they're using to market the products what you have to work with is basically just a replication of the company's website to sell the products and you going out and meeting people and talking to them directly that puts you at a very big disadvantage and selling the products in my opinion they tell you if you're gonna succeed in Team Beachbody you need to be drinking the Shakeology products those products cost about a hundred and twenty nine dollars per month which works out to about $1,500 per year if you look at the income disclosure for this company you find that for people who are just selling the products and not recruiting a bunch of people they're making about $500 per year so the average person is losing money by following the recommendation of drinking these products every month if you go on to the Better Business Bureau website

you're gonna find hundreds of complaints about Team Beachbody and a lot of the complaints are really focused around the difficulty in people canceling their reoccurring payments one of the things that I find really ridiculous about Team Beachbody is they actually try to limit the business opportunities that your family members are involved in if you're involved with Team Beachbody and your family members are involved with something else they're gonna be holding back commissions from you and they're not gonna invite you to leadership events I mean that seems really ridiculous to me in them trying to actually control what business opportunities people in your family are involved with the cost to participate in the Team Beachbody business opportunity is thirty nine ninety five and then they have a fifteen ninety five monthly coaching fee then a $2.99 Club fee that you need to pay if you want to qualify for the leads program they have all kinds of fitness and weight-loss programs for you to sell they also limit the prices that you can actually sell the products for so as an independent business owner you do not have the

option to sell the products at whatever price you want to they control the prices when you take a look at the compensation plan for Team Beachbody you're gonna find that they give all different types of commissions for selling challenge packs retail sales for memberships you'll also find that they paid to an infinite levels deep for the people that you recruit into the business opportunity in my opinion this is a clear sign that you're involved with an exploitive money transfer scheme a scheme that's really all about recruiting people into the business opportunity and when you take a look at what some of the successful Team Beachbody representatives say when they're only getting about 5% of their check from selling the products and 95% of their money from the people below them I think that's really a clear indication that this is just a recruiting scheme if you take a look at the income disclosure for the Team Beachbody business opportunity you find that there doesn't seem to be really all that much opportunity for the vast majority of people to make money for example 44% of Beachbody Coaches do

not receive a bonus or a commission 69% of Beachbody Coaches make $500 on average per year 91% of Beachbody Coaches make three thousand four hundred and fifty four dollars or less per year Team Beachbody seems like a great opportunity for you to make far less than part-time minimum-wage Team Beachbody does have a refund policy for their business opportunity the problem is is that they're encouraging you to use the products all along so you probably won't have a lot of products that you can return because they require the products that you return to be in resellable condition so I want to conclude with this in my opinion the Team Beachbody business opportunity is just another recruiting scam the representatives that are called coaches are really just multi-level marketing sales people with very limited requirements for them to be actually called a coach the requirements for you to personally purchase products increase as you go up and rank in the compensation plan for Team Beachbody you're also required to recruit people to advance there's a lot of reports of people having difficulty canceling their

monthly shipments and their memberships you're competing with their advertisements that they have on television and all you have to work with is just a duplicate of their website in my opinion I would avoid the Team Beachbody business opportunity