16 November 2015

Teaching Healthy Eating / Watch- I'm Crazy !

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hi hi how are you Oh another another

shocked rainy day in South Carolina and not only is it raining today and i'm going to hold the steering wheel so no one has to pee in their pants today because it is too cold to pee pee in pants it is 40 degrees out here y'all I want to tell you this I have a couple of key points that I want to chat about first of all you can enjoy the raw egg and wraps that I made and the dipping sauce and salad that I am take you to a hard-working friend of mine that is the common I'll tell you what you know if I'm going to share my food especially the wraps people you know I only have a for trade dehydrator and if I share that stuff we keep you better eat it and I mean you better not leave a crumb on the plate because i have shared my food in the past and i found some of my food and someone's refrigerator and it was not being eaten and i almost struggle them I was like what in the world that's wrong ok so anyway this is the last chance on that and I mean it and I am NOT playing but anyway the first thing I want to say is this I'm sorry if the right noise now is what I have to chat second of all I know I have something on my cheek right there okay let's just get it out

of the way see this is what I do too if you know it looks like a bar but I think that may be something there because it itches and I try to put some little like masks on their lights and bentonite clay and it just itch worse and anyway so whatever but this is what I do too if I go to the to somewhere where I know people are going to pick on me for my food and I say um I know the weirdo has arrived let's get it out of the way and then people like can't even come up with a funny at you because you already got to the punch line so I know it looks like something's growing out of my cheek okay I got it so anyway what I wanted to say oh yes a couple things I wanted to say if you are teaching hail no matter how you're doing it okay if you are I don't mean you're getting paid for it I mean you're trying to shed the word of truth and love and light on people with vegan vegan existence no matter where they are whether you're just whatever you're doing at the end of the day be careful not to do this don't just make people food and give it to them like you're I don't know Oprah's personal chef and never teach a man to fish

because you can see the man all day that doesn't know how to fish but you can teach you how to fish and he can eat a lifetime right we know this parable it's very true because recently I had a friend that I was you know introducing to the vegan lifestyle and and I hate to just say vegan though yes we want to be there but I wanted to be plant-based I don't want to teach people to live off vegan donuts and create massive destruction in their health because they're eating processed valueless nutrient list food right so anyway I'm shedding light on that and all and then understanding that this person doesn't normally cook doesn't normally but here's the thing if you have just a relative amount of intelligence like you can go to the bathroom and and understand how to potty be potty trained and like flush the toilet wine do a basic load of laundry you know what I'm saying like you function in society you can learn how to eat vegan you can clearly by like low-sodium organic beans tomatoes black rise you can put that in a big pot you could buy some seasoning that you somebody's clearly lay it out for you you could cook that up and you

can have it out with a big sound or what if it's not that hard but here's the thing some people they don't want to do that they just won't like to maybe like hire a service to come in and fix the stuff for them are you always and then that's going to become too expensive and furthermore it's probably going to be very processed you know food like that is made for the masses like it's going to be super salty super toxic probably even if it's vegan food vegetarian food whatever you're doing but I oh yes you've got you've got to be teaching these people how to do it yourself you've got to be showing the basics the basic simplicity of it you know and furthermore if they're coming over or whatever maybe you can invite them into the kitchen and they could help you cook our uncook or whatever you're doing you know prepare healthy meals and therefore they know how to do it you know sometimes I am enlisted for my service up like personal shopping I don't go out and shop for people I shop with people and this is a great skill to teach somebody how to go through the grocery store and pick out foods that are going

to build health in their life how I can go and I are they on a budget are they wanting to fix more extravagant things are they fixing for a family are they trying to do ro and their their families cook but they want their family to you healthier wherever they are meeting that person's needs do you see what I mean because at the end of the day if you're just even let's say somebody that goes to Jenny Craig okay I hate to use the title of somebody but you know what I made are like Weight Watchers or something like that I'm clearly not saying that's healthy I don't know how people ever live off those portions of food that are like that I like a lot of food you know but let's say they do and they're losing some weight now that what's going to happen when they quit eating their ex points are they they quit buying that is very lucrative for these diet industries because when you get off their food it's very hard to stay within that realm furthermore you're going to to come off that because people need to eat volume is the thing volume fiber and nutrients and those things are usually very low to assault and chemicals sugar msg all

these kind of things they're very small portions and they're not giving your body what you need you know what you need is a plan will you get everything you need nothing you know you get a lot of volume so you feel full you know when you're eating plants especially raw plants you can eat even more volume but yet you're getting more nutrients you see it's a win-win every day so remember that when you're coming to people also remember this a lot of times if you're a teacher of hailed meaning your knowing what you're doing you're getting results and somebody's asking you and you're trying to to share with them then you're a teacher of what you're doing right you are a teacher of health a teacher of love in line right so let's say you're doing that when you're going to do that realize that people will want to do but sometimes these people i have found this especially true if it's if it's somebody that has like a romantic interesting you know are maybe it's not remaining many as the sexual Rangers you see what I'm saying they're interested in you know you turn their lights on so to speak well let's just say it's somebody like

that people are trying to impress you you know and they don't want to let you down and what's worse than that I said this the other day is when they let their self down so a lot of times people when I even tell you what they're really doing though you haven't seen them in a couple weeks in there like oh yeah I'm eating just like you I'd like you know eating but yet you see them and they're like swollen I mean if somebody goes from eating like a higher raw vegan plant-based diet no salt no chemicals no nothing and they eat I don't even care if it's vegan a big salty mock cheese only pizza it's going to show the next day all over their face in their fingers on their body how they move in in their attitude it's a big difference now obviously if you eat pizza every day and you back down to beat and you've got the faux Jesus death rock home sister a brother but you see what I mean wherever you're saying you are when you fall off that can you can tell well past people don't want to take in the truth you know make sure you're giving people the tools they need are you giving them the tools they need are you

teaching them are you like if they like your songs I mean don't try to like keep it to yourself like oh I've got the power you know I feel like I'm yelling when it's grown or Woodson and I'm writing I'm sorry I don't maybe yellow jumper but um like if you make a good dressing like I made my not honey mustard dressing the other day and somebody's going to say why not honey tell you what's wrong honey I don't like to eat honey I don't particularly like the flavor I am in question of whether I think it's a good idea or not that's up in the air but regardless it spikes my blood sugar and it makes my eyes glory and I don't like it I don't need a gob a nectar for the same reason it's a very refined situation to me I used to eat it and now don't put any way so not honey mustard sauce or dressing well it's really good it must look like that well I jotted down the recipe for my friend who had it therefore and I was like what do you know what this is something we'll aren't familiar with date so my mother be like I'm not eating that looks like one of those palmetto bugs like a

gigantic cockroach okay we'll pass it to me because it tastes like a tiny picking and pie you know I mean so some people make sure they understand the ingredients that they understand you're talking about brown mustard seed powder in that or whatever you're talking about you know okay here's another thing what time is I want to talk about well I'll tell you what we'll come back and talk about this in a next video there's been a wreck up here it's really really yucky other words right here been flooded up and some of the saw the world's ending I hardly saw the Sun this whole summer that if it was out it was like through the humidity that was like a fail like I don't even know I hardly even got to lizard out the Sun it it's quite tragic you don't tell you that and I was talking to my friend eme the other day you know you just deserve other parts of the world like y'all probably stem South Carolina it's always humid and hot down there no it's not there's a winter and the fall and spring are not that warm enter but in the winter it can dip below zero degrees Fahrenheit here a lot of times anyway Amy lives in Australia and you

think why I think I love Australia is just hard and it's beautiful and and all this and all these beaches and but where she and she says that hardly ever even that summer gets that hot so is it an interesting hi Amy so anyway I'll come back down we'll talk about the next topic it is going to be talking about why is that people are gaining white on raw bacon diet why is that because people keep on asking me and we're going to talk about it you want to talk about it so here's what happened this is legitimate okay y'all think I have it together this this is how knots i am I kind I'm now on my way back from where I was going okay and i still have the lunch with me why is that because i got to thinking to myself self you know people don't really appreciate that food like you do you know do people realize that it took about 12 hours for you to make those rats and then you only have a for a dehydrator and and that's three trays worth do they appreciate that are are they going to kind of mock that when you're not looking at and maybe toss it to the side it here's the thing the

longer I thought about it I just can't take a chance okay I'm sorry but I have to bring that back home and when people can we can prove their selves them then hood and until then yeah that's crazy these are the very kind of I had to stop and get gas in the rain and I and then I was thinking you know I don't have me gasps and this is like 30 minutes 35 minutes down the road I could almost been in my daughter's place and sing a little maggot clearly loves my food okay which is a great idea I could turn around and see if she's home and and I could snuggle I mean I am daughter you know who also loves my food and eats everything it's any every little bit of it anytime she can get our hands on it so I just wanted to just share my crazy today okay and and I wanted to say if you're somebody that really appreciates the food that comes out of the kitchen of love and light that then you can come over because I have this fabulous package that of food that I would serve you because I love you very much I really do but you ain't gotta say too much ain't gotta say too much I can read your body language you

gotta say too much after me