11 October 2019

TASTY & HEALTHY THAI FOOD | Mushroom Salad Recipe

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hi everyone my name is Jeff ten welcome

to the world food studio today I will stay in a beautiful organic mushroom house and I could let the interview for you some disease related with mushroom and one of the best dishes they called mushroom salad how to make it at night healthy and more simple and easy to make at home play watching us right now to rebait for nine mushroom Salle's we need to collect first we have to collect some oyster mushroom a farm beautiful oyster mushroom here and I will cut a little bit on the end up okay so what's the up nicely right now here got a beautiful mushroom here now we may have text more bases beautiful mushroom here good water say I got some wood ear mushrooms some kimchi mushroom also Texas one business out there this one this one Cooper a quiz I will put together you can cook more longer and a little bit rice button mushroom here just few slices thinner okay need long cook I put into the boiling water first cooking them get ham waiting up I also cut some capsicum making my collar very nice funny Julian's some green capsicum

now are we taking up everything or the mushroom in sign out looking for pan 232nd I think it everything out everything else good now we use a spoon to press down looking oh no water coming out now put into the bow of salads we got knife of salus right now here now will be better we better salads rest in sauce we have right now here we go kumquat gonna Happ ice we on a choice inside here then you tablespoon Allah sees out one full tablespoon of sugar one full tablespoon of soy sauce ping obsess ping up chips you li ping of chopped garlic and the people like spicy get 1/2 teaspoon of chilli salt inside stir it nicely now I chopped up some coriander don't you're too much just roughly chopped these are here then I will miss all increase ingredient together or assaulting together I put inside here one hand with tablespoon one hand and with chopstick gently mix well together nicely that's good now we place and the Bosch beautiful place the outside hide you can

declare a mountain you get a beautiful mushroom salad and Ganic Singh with some mint in this section here some pepper mean some lemon mint and then some sesame peanut it's a nice simple chili flower you got a beautiful mushroom salad into your time thank you very much