18 November 2015


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hey let's be guys okay I'm very excited

today because I'm going to be trying McDonald's breakfast food items oh ha that's genuine excitement by the way no I'm not getting paid to do this this is not hash tag spawns although I wish it was I'm doing this because I have not had this breakfast since I was a kid mainly because I don't wake up that early anymore but now since they're doing like a whole all-day thing I can go whenever I want and get some kind of a meat substance inside of some kind of a bun substance their food is basically poppin cookin but who cares let's eat it oh oh now as I remembered okay a little rank but that's fine this is the Egg McMuffin um this was my favorite let's see if it still holds up oh god I hope it does oh oh she's wet it isn't she lovely isn't she dripping grease oh I love her oh she's flaking all over eat I love that okay let's give it a bite I'm actually drooling like literally drooling okay here we go oh my god there's a hair on it why does that always happen to me okay oh okay I must fit this out okay here's the thing not as I remember them not good not not good I'm depressed that was sad

that's like watching Jumanji again which by the way was so good when I was a kid i watch it recently no comment just like not tasty at all hard just kind of like a lunchable but wetter and more expensive and it kind of doesn't look that bad but when you put all the items together it's awful I don't think you hear that but I mean it sounds like I'm playing with a scrub daddy literally no difference okay well that's depressing hopefully the next thing will be good I'll have to go get some Taco Bell breakfast which honestly I'm terrified of a breakfast waffle taco I don't know enough drugs for that yogurt parfait okay I used to be so jealous of my grandma because she would get these all the time she would tell me how regular kept her but not reality anything at McDonald's is gonna keep you regular because it's just gonna clean you out okay what is this oh it's little granola I mean you put the little granola on top mmm this is healthy I mean you might as well fucking Yogurtland geez all right here we go go chunk of fruit what is that that's not fruit oh that's a strawberry

that's been in here for three weeks oh god take her back to her home planet oh look at her just squiggly okay here we go oh she keeps living off all right here we go oh I'm scared okay I got this I got this whoa oh fuck oh my god oh my god okay here's the thing number one I have a sweet tooth I love anything sweet I love sugar I love just eating sugar from the package this is the sweetest thing I've ever had and I've literally had 500 splendas in my iced tea on a daily oh my god how do people eat that that's fucking crazy that's like sweeter than any ice cream if ever had any cold stone I've ever had literally why would you eat that when you gonna go to cold stone like you want that instead of a birthday cake remix what oh my god kind of wonder kids are so fat no wonder I was so fat no wonder my grandma was so fat oh that's depressing and that's not fruit that's a pie there's a pie in there okay let's move on before I get too depressed what is this they're burritos now I'm confused now seeing everything

oh no it's like a fake burrito oh it's like a Mick Reid oh oh no what's she like on the inside ooh Oh actually I didn't go live the way she broke apart the way she melted the way she wanted to keep holding on ooh bitch all right here we go I'm not mad at this one okay ooh there's a lot of stuff in there okay here's the thing I didn't hate that that was like what the hell is in it all right let's open her up let's do a dissection okay so it's like me potato onions and boogers some angry employee Huggies and some tears oh okay it's not bad that's the best thing I've had so far and I'm very surprised because what the fuck why do they agreed us what's next if not pull out a piece of pizza my brains gonna explode okay this is our second chance if you will I don't Mick muffin this is the sausage making my friend now this is the one I always wanted to get but my mom wouldn't let me get because she's like you can't have that much meat mom always try to keep in the club all right let's see now this one is just like the other McMuffin but that's a big old slab of meat in it all right here we go

this was a bomb this one I'm out pop sends it off this one the cheese perfect it was melted but not too militant you had the egg that was like greasy but not too greasy but then this patty I'm gonna look up fuck this is made out of it tastes like a mixture of like sausage but also blood but like in a good way like when you're like fighting on a scab and then like this guy starts to bleed you like oh shit I gotta get out of the blood out before that I get blood on the clothes maybe but you're like damn bloody too bad I kind of understand that part a little bit Oh God so salty I should probably drink less soda or more soda like that like I would eat myself if I taste it like this I just honestly eat myself if post mates never came this good I'm not mad at this I ain't hating on that I love in it alright I think I only have one thing left oh I got a little tray hot cakes woo oh my god Oh little pancakes oh those feel weird but they're cute oh my god on a little plate oh oh this is fun okay poor my little syrup on my little pancakes oh look I'm a cook oh

fuck I never understood people who'd be like bloop okay I'm done oh my girl babe oh my god yes Queen yes hot cake God oh look at her oh what a picture Instagram I'm gonna eat her like a waffle taco this is what dreams mega oh my god oh she's the best she is all bad the other girls they don't even know this is amazing I would eat this every day I would be obese I would be 9,000 pounds I'd have my own show on TLC but I would eat this every day oh my god that's good oh oh let's go that was me hmm living my life living my dream being goals oh yeah but I don't know the comments if you like McDonald's breakfast also give this video a thumbs up and subscribe because every minute is every single day also let me know what I should be next maybe I should try talking about breakfast I don't know I'm scare I've been sponsored by them before so I don't want to piss them off but like that waffle taco scares me maybe I'll try to test my fears who knows let me know down the comments all right I'm gonna go Bo I'm gonna finish that I'm gonna finish that I'm gonna throw that away I'm a burn map I'm

gonna shit that out i'ma have fun see you guys later but discovery zone was so scary they had like all these um jungle gym things and they have this room it was called the room of spider webs and it was like these bungees and shit and you jump in and you fall down this fucking bungee room and I was so fat I wasn't allowed in the bungee room because they said it was a bungee room safety hazard they said all little spiders have to be under a hundred pounds while this little spider was too fruity so yes Chuckie Cheese would have been the place for me