01 May 2019

SWiTCHING DiETS with a 6 YEAR OLD for 24 HOURS! by Inzar Info

I decided I would switch diets with my little sister, and eat only what she would eat for 24 hours!

that is a lot are you excited yes we're

looking there [Music] good morning everybody today is eight well it's a new day obviously also this is the first time I've straightened my hair like this tell me if you guys like it I'm kind of liking it this little buns like my new favorite thing anyways not sure why I said that but today I'm actually pretty excited to be filming this today we are going to be doing it I swapped diets with a six year old and that six year old is Cora my sister from the Ohana adventure obviously anyways that so how this video is gonna work is whatever she wants to eat I'm gonna eat that and then whatever I normally eat she's going to eat and it's not just whatever we want to eat it is more so what I normally eat breakfast lunch dinner and the snacks in between that so I'm super excited also a little worried because the proportion it's proportion proportions proportions are gonna be a little different and the foods definitely gonna be a little bit different so we'll see I'm actually pretty excited not sure if Korra's gonna be excited though cuz I need a pretty

boring diet so let us just get straight onto this video all right so I've got Cora with me are you so excited for this video yes yes I am worried but I'm super excited what are you excited about she has no I do not have any idea what we're gonna be doing today oh we're gonna be swapping diets so whatever you want to eat I get to eat and whatever I want to eat you get to eat what do you want for breakfast cereal okay and I would like eggs with a little bit of tomatoes I'm lovely okay let's get started I'm gonna go get cereal okay I normally like um the marshmallow ladies I normally have to stand on this little K so short I normally keep its mobile cuz I don't like that much [Music] all right so for my breakfast I'm getting mixed up with my meals I normally have eggs and tomatoes I want to save Tomatoes tomorrow I have eggs and tomatoes so we're going to go get that um I normally eat about two eggs so I've got a mug and about one egg inside the thing two eggs now do we have tomatoes today hmm I think we do okay we've got

some guacamole I'm gonna add some guacamole but I mean we gotta have some kind of substance over then I've got cheese guys I'm jealous of coral I love this kind of food I think I might add a line to it just add a little bit of extra flavor okay let's get started on okay all right so I've got my eggs here I'm going to crack them you normally definitely don't eat this much eggs do you know I write one yeah so this is a very large proportion all right now got ourselves a fork we're just gonna mix this stuff all right toss that we're gonna put this in the microwave beautiful alright so we got our cup we're gonna get a plate whoa it is one beat all right so we got now we're gonna have the cheese it's a little okay so we're actually going to microwave it because it's not exactly nothing so voila it's all the way done so we're gonna have some walk do you guys put block moving on eggs with cheese looks so good it's mine that kind of looks super disgusting that's actually super delicious okay all right so now that's out of line yummy okay um I'm seriously jealous

right now this looks like actually so delicious I value I can eat that you don't okay it's time for our breakfast oh is this what I get how much milk do you normally put in it grow and I will pour it yeah pour the milk where is the milk there's like no milk in this well it's her proportions here's your's hello wow that is a lot eat up no that's my remote ladies and there's no much more us in there no so what I want some okay so I wasn't expecting for her to eat all over there you're like plowing that thing down you do not look like the system she just finished her food what hmm well on the other hand I've only eaten like five bites and I am absolutely full and ready to keep going with the day let's just keep going with our day and I will see you guys at lunch time alright so I am kind of really starving right now that proportion that Cora gave me was really small but I didn't finish but I got so hungry like right after it cuz well it doesn't have the exact right amount of whatever it is not calories to keep you going throughout the day it's

just empty calories yeah I think it's calories anyways I'm starving so Cora what is for lunch mac and cheese I kind of like mac and cheese okay I could do with that and for my lunch we're going to be having a salad you love salads don't you all right so let's get cooking all right we're gonna start making these salad so first we need some lettuce and some meat get those so Cora it's your lucky day you don't exactly have any lettuce normally if I don't have a salad I just find something to eat so let's go find some wreck or something okay we're gonna do an apple sauce I actually seriously love these we're getting an apple sauce as well as an apple and some apple sauce so normally if I don't have a salad I have something like a little bit smaller but also pretty healthy and an apple and apple sauce is actually something I probably would eat [Music] all right so or I can't make this alone looks like I'm gonna be helping her we've got ourselves a pan okay so I have the apples and I've got the applesauce so I got mine and I is what so yeah that is quite a bit all right well I'm not

your food so let's dish up and let's go sit at the table all right so we've got our boodles and our idols and boodles of food and this is what corn is going to eat aren't you are you excited yeah yeah what do you think this is enough food for you and you excited yes I love mac and cheese some mac and cheese and only four tomatoes in it to stop for the eggs less yeah let's swap okay are you ready let's take our first bite oh I'll do an apple three two one got it this tastes like there's nothing in it ate with you smile oh it literally tastes like there's like a chemical like something tangy but not like a a good tasting tangy like like citrus not like a good citrus like oranges or lemons actually those taste very good either he knew this is like a bad taste Oh core look over there there you go all righty you guys it is dinnertime it's getting a little bit darker it's been quite a few hours since we've last eaten I'm starving I mean for lunch I had a pretty a pretty decent lunch but it wasn't the best tasting so I didn't finish it all I'm not a good example but Cora how was your lunch

good yeah did you like everything that you ate I'm still full from that cuz your lunches and dinners are so good yeah I'm kind of a little bit bigger than you and I kind of eat a little bit more so like I said these serving sizes are definitely different especially for me because I am starving right now so Cora what I'm gonna be get making for dinner is fried rice with fried broccoli you will eat a lot of vegetables and throat what yep because you know I've got this growing body and I need all my vegetables and fruit so that's what I'm gonna be making pizza you want pizza feed yes no okay I guess that's what you get well technically that's what I get all right let's start cooking our foods [Music] I'm gonna get a very large pan because I wanna be able to eat this like tomorrow because I love fried rice we never really make fried rice so I'm gonna make a big batch and save it for tomorrow we've got our measuring ingredient things okay I've got my sesame seed oil why do I get sesame seed oil oh here we go we got soy sauce I feel like this is like my cooking show almost feel very fancy pretty let this boil for a bit um

I'm actually going to get the rice ready there's 2 cups of rice now we are ready for when it says to add the rice in I like to be prepared before it I'm going to put in so you know takes up less time I'm so excited for this no I can't be excited for this lunch because this is gonna be Kouros take it look at how big guys these look like the trees feel Totoro tell me if you guys have seen Totoro because these look exactly like [Music] okay so the soy sauce is boiling I will show you you can see that it's pretty much boiling okay so it says to have the rice one of those pour in uncooked rice and let stand okay so normally when I make rice it actually kind of fails and either sticks to the pan and it's awful or it's SuperDuper crunchy and we've been cooking it for like an hour but today's rice is actually looking fantastic it is still not done obviously but we've got that done I've got some right now is helping me with broccoli we moved it to a bigger pan and we're gonna start on that and yeah today's dinner is actually going quite as planned Cora you are welcome [Music]

master chef raquel hasn't gotten everything ready so now we are gonna wait until this thing is preheated takes so freakishly long but that is done I have got these tomatoes and bell peppers are ready and cooked and we're going to keep going on the fried rice [Applause] oh it's awkward to eat that much just kidding that's not how much I eat money so we're going to that side and right away for the broccoli and then her dirt is ready feet broccolis get it amazing does that walk all right Korra are you excited for your food yes but no why not that looks so amazing doesn't it I just don't like broccoli with words that's so clear does don't like bird broccoli it's not part it's crispy see it is so delicious what are you talking about well it gets a lot more else I'm gonna get a lot of it today because we have to do my serving size twice kyoka broccoli yeah well not this entire pan just the amount that I okay daddy'd that whole rule No okay I'm gonna go a plate and the pizza and microwave it mmm I'm jealous of you clay cuz I want

pizza are we not gonna have any fruits or vegetables no just a pizza pizza oh my gosh you would never eat that big amount Cora okay good we're splitting it in half there's no pepperonis on this pepperoni pepperoni pepperoni only three yeah you're just gonna have to deal with it oh oh no you guys I have to eat this whole thing and there's not even any pepperonis and the worst thing the thing that I hate the most is pizza after day tool when it's been refrigerated and then you have to cook it I can already feel a stomachache coming on and that's all I have for dinner [Music] okay we've got our food here you go coral you don't get bored you don't get bored joy cord you wish that my diet was your diet now mm-hmm or do you like your diet I like stem in my diet switches do does that feel it with you in my eggs you liked the eggs here they enjoy the best breakfast ever I don't understand how people can like really really really love pizza like what's so good about pizza I understand

it that Jesus good the crust is good everyone I used to love these brownies are now I really do not like pizza I almost finished it you guys I almost finished I was so close corta how'd your food go good Oh was there a little too much fried rice for you yeah yeah but did you like the broccoli well you ate all the broccoli I mean that was a lot of broccoli that probably was like a little bit the rice was so much yeah all right well you guys thank you so much for watching this video Korra what should they do give a big thumbs up and make sure to subscribe down below to join my club a family go and check out the Ohana adventure as well as toy toy library and if you guys like this type of video give it a thumbs up like course said and comments down below and we will see you guys next time [Music]