06 February 2017

Sweating for the Wedding! | Tips for Getting Toned & Healthy!

hey guys!! in today's vlog Bo and I are getting fit for our wedding! I'm walking you through our workout and telling you some of my favorite ways to train in order to ...


we're going to go with it okay all right it looks crazy okay good morning everyone welcome to today's vlog I wanted to welcome you to today's vlog and sipping on my coffee actually got a question from one of you asking about how I make my coffee healthy I think it tastes good and everything like that I enjoy my coffee in the morning I'm not gonna lie sometimes I drink it just because I enjoy it I don't necessarily need coffee to wake up in the morning it's just delicious I made a video all about my favorite ways to or my favorite way actually to make my coffee you can check that video out I'll leave a link to it in the description box and it's how to make the best coffee ever also I get a lot of questions about what kind of coffee I use and I thought why didn't I say that in the video I use bulletproof coffee so my parents order it it's delicious it's amazing I love it that's what they buy and I drink it so at least I'm going to be drinking it for the next two and a half months before I get married in which case I will figure out if that's what boat and I are going to continue drinking or not it's a

really great morning I woke up and I thought that I had a doctor's appointment and then I kind of call 30 minutes before my appointment started saying that they were canceling on me so I the second time this has happened so we're only no more chill about that but anyway I'm going to finish drinking my coffee checked and reading my book and then we're going to get started with the rest today your hop in the shower and get going because we have a lot of stuff on them to do it my to-do list is so long it's not even funny so doctors at 9:00 a.m. scratch that because straight up cancelled on me I got to order on my bridal shower invitations reschedule my dress fitting because I need to reschedule it for later because I scheduled it too early I need to upload a video today I need to finish editing a vlog today I need to call the auto shop and get my light change because my right front headlight went out I need to choose the giveaway winner for my iPad because it's been way too long and I've been so busy and so caught up so I just really need to choose the winner and send it out and I also really want to

get the box out of my room I need to do all my I need to finish working on the secret project that has been put off because they've been so busy and working on so many things I need to prepare this week's email because I'm leaving on Tuesday for some business meetings and a doctor's appointment and then a hair appointment it's going to be a very busy trip but I'm only going to be gone for a day and a half and I just want to get this week's email done and out of the whites don't have to worry about that I'm going to go work out tonight with Beau and I need to make sure that I buy my wedding shoes here pretty soon so I'm going to try to look online and really get those today because I do have a dress fitting in a couple weeks and I haven't been able to find shoes that I like I thought I would read my morning devotion because I thought that would be awesome and fun February 3rd she's not going up February 3rd but just take it for what it is it says be strong and work frame with you says the Lord of hosts I'm the vine you are the branches he who abides in me and I in him bears much fruit for without me

you can do nothing I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me be strong in the Lord and the power of his might the joy of the Lord is your strength that says the Lord of hosts let your hands be strong you who have been hearing in these days these words by the mouth of the prophets strengthen the weak hands and make firm the feeble knees say to those who are fearful hearted be strong do not fear the Lord turned to him and said go in this might of yours if God is for us who can be against us therefore since we have this ministry as we have received mercy we do not lose heart let's not grow weary while doing good for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart thanks be to God who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ I'm wearing devotion and I'm going to finish reading and read my Bible Hey I'm going to work at all hey guys we're at the gym and we're about to get our workout a new comp and are you doing are you going above my head I'm trying to make it look like Joan footage [Music]

the workout plans got switched up they're having a dance party in that room Oh yes [Music] okay hey guys alright so we're going to start off this workout with some squats so we just did pretty lightweight warmup I think that we actually stuck with this way yeah we actually did stick with this victims couldn't fund any more weights add on in this room and they were using in the room anyway we couldn't go in there so we're just going with it so what we did was we just did some warm-up squats and then we just did then list and we're just basically trying to get the body to warm up as you saw in the beginning clip with the little monkeys okay how funny was that bo made me add that in and it's hilarious so anyway we just want to do lots of different movements running and then coming in with the weight you just kind of want to warm up your muscles before going into like a full-on workout so we just did some clean and presses and again I don't know if I have like absolutely perfect form on all this like this is just what I was taught in our

class so I try to emulate that when I work out on my own so then we moved in to some weighted lunges after we were nice and warmed up with the leg especially after the high knees and the running and all that kind of stuff we actually got into the workouts I'm using 15 pounds here single leg lunges are really great at isolating that particular side of your body and we moved into one of my favorite moves that I do a lot in my workouts this is a single leg kettlebell deadlift so bow didn't use a kettlebell because he wanted something heavier than 15 but he didn't want to use the 30 so he's just using a 20 pound weight and I'm using a 15 pound kettlebell I love those exercises because it really isolates your glute and then we move straight into kettlebell squat so literally just holding the kettlebell and squatting down I again really love movements that are really easy to transfer in between if that make sense so straight from the kettlebell deadlift to the kettlebell squat so it's really easy to just keep going in your workout and that way you don't have to pause for very long times you can keep your heart rate up and then

see we go directly into kettlebell swings so again this is really great because it's going to save time it's effective and I just really like this style of training so then we went ahead and grabbed some weeks and then this is one of my favorite moves for my arms in fact it's just kind of my go-to number one thing so if you're wondering what I do for my arms and how I train them basically as you can see we're kind of opening up into a press coming back down and you can kind of just see the movement for what it is I don't think it's like called a particular thing okay moving into just some hair curl to the biceps again going straight into the next movement so that we can keep the heart rate up and keep the muscles firing and get some fatigued and all that kind of stuff so then we moved straight into these like I don't know what these are called I'm just going to be super on it but you can see what we're doing here clearly and it's really great for your shoulders and then we moved into some back flies so these are really great I should have actually bent over a little bit with my back keeping my back flat but kind of bent over just

a little bit so anyway I will correct my form on that up next time it wasn't like bad form but it would have been better so anyway and then we went into some tricep kickbacks so now again I really like to work all major areas of the tricep so with your tricep kickback your one of the major areas and then we go straight into triceps push-ups so again the triceps is made of one muscle but it has three heads and so when you do extensions which is what we're doing right now tricep extensions and then you do the pushup and you do the kickbacks you're really nailing all of the angles of the triceps so you're going to get a really salted looking arm okay then we're going to move into one of my favorite movements this is so fun and it just adds something different into your workout we're just taking a medicine ball and squatting down and then you want to throw it up into the air and catch it so this is actually going to make your brain work a little bit harder and it almost helps you to get through your workout more I get not not necessarily faster but it kind of takes your mind off of things so you're really focusing on like catching the ball and

watching it yeah so then we move straight into squat jumps with holding the little medicine ball and this is great because it adds weight to it so it's a little bit more difficult it's going to get your heart rate up and it's going to work your arms as well and then again throwing in things like holding like go down on your squat and hold and then come up an inch and go back down and then come up an inch and go back down like doing little things like that it's really going to help to fatigue the muscle and really help you to sweat so then we move straight in the burpees I always recommend adding in burpees into your workout because this is a great way to get your heart rate up and to really pour out sweat which is what we want to do when we're working out and then we moved into just some medicine balls roll up so again adding weight to movements that you would regularly do without a weight it's just a great way to burn burn burn more calories it's not about calories but it will burn more calories I mean you're really gonna you're going to burn more basically what I'm trying to say so then we come up and hold into a decent this is a very difficult

movement especially after doing other movements if you do abs at the end which I always like to train abs a fan but really AB movements at the end for me that's my favorite way to finish off the workout because you can work larger muscle groups earlier in your workout so you're burning more and then towards the end you finish off with abs and you get a nice tight core and holding out like this is so then we moved into our final part of the workout pretty much which is where one partner does step up or jump or anything like that and then as you can see I'm doing hamstring curls on a stability ball so it's really great because you can switch off and that way you can both be doing something different and while one person is doing the reps the other person does something else so then we finished off with some more core and we just did some plank jacks and then held into a plank really this is going to spike the heart rate up where you're holding down and then we moved into some more of these weighted like press out oh my gosh I need to figure out the name of these loaded like

v-sit basically okay they are v-fib so good job Cambria you're really great at fitness okay hashtag smart alright moving on to the next thing is we're just going into a point I always like to finish my workouts in a plank just an amazing way to really sweat everything out and get your heart rate up and engage your whole body and just get all those muscles firing so stretch it out everyone and you're going to feel amazing this is an amazing workout oh my gosh this feels funny let me see you so it's ready yeah pretty good oh I was it worked out [Music] because I'm so sweaty I'm so tired that was such an amazing workouts I hope you guys enjoyed seeing that and doing it let me know if you try it out or something similar wow I feel really good yeah did you like it I'm open he loved it right now good we're done huh lots of lots of fun movements incorporate a lot of different muscle groups so you know like just from gonna work out you know I have those hip problems yeah just from doing these

workouts I feel like my hips gettin you know it's not overly working out I guess quite heavy squat ride cuz I've been having this problem like over a year introspect yeah it feels it's not a hundred percent but the work out those like it's like it's good right what I get it feels good good and my body likes I guess that might lower back to fakie yeah it feels like it's good to strengthen the muscles around those areas yeah good I'm glad I'm saying that so good I feel good yeah good sorry I kind of like zip the camera down a little bit low there because my I was getting tired and it's really they could have been looking at the floor but anyway that makes me very happy to here cuz I don't want to have any problems and doing like a gret like annoying movements that aggravate your mom how DNA yay