22 July 2019

Supplements to shred during the F45 8 Week Challenge

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what's up guys VM Mac coming at you from

supplement solutions we're gonna talk to you guys from if 45 C 45 is only 45 challenges you're glad one of the main goals is body fat loss or body fat reduction now we're supplement solutions have the biggest range of FEM until Isis and fat burners and we've selected a couple which fit perfectly into the 45 challenge or 45 so one of my favorites i want to talk about you guys is Kodiak County shred so carny shred is a non stimulant fat metabolizer so it doesn't have anything like caffeine or anything in there anything to increase your heart rate some people don't like their so what this is it's a blend of L carnitine and all kind of teams and no one to metabolize body fat so essentially to teach our body to release fat as energy so Kodiak have combined all the main source of all kind of things and not just one into one Blin added a enhancer and deer as well so now it turns into a non stimulant fat burner so it gives you all the benefits of a fat burner with a stimulant base into a non stimulant base it also takes away that vinegary taste L carnitine has these guys are some amazing flavors so perfect start to helping your guys body fat reduction the

body fat loss goals now how I would recommend taking it is you take one scoop pre your class or pre your training and in another scoop an afternoon or vice versa depending on when you guys do your classes and if you run there consistently for around four to eight weeks you will see a reduction in body fat fast any normally would not using it sweet then on the other side of it we've got the stimulant based fat burners now with the eight-week challenge it if forty five one of the main things most of you will be aware of is that you're not allowed any caffeine during the first eight weeks of the challenge and that is a massive challenge for some people even harder than giving up chocolate so with the eight week challenge we've managed to seek out a fat metabolizer that does have stimulant on it but as challenge friendly because it's green tea based tear cream stimulant so it's very very slow release it'll still stop you getting those caffeine withdrawals which you'd get otherwise if you weren't using product like this so for those of you who are heavy coffee drinkers or used to

having caffeine and your diets then man sports Scorch is going to be an amazing hack to get you through the challenge but on top of that it actually has some amazing fat burning properties as well that's used exactly like karna shred that you take a scoop in the morning and a scoop in the afternoon and you try to time that around your training and even better because of the nature of these products you can use them at the same time they stack together very nicely so you can use a couple of scoops of the Scorch during the day and a couple of scoops the karna shred so you get the metabolic accelerant of a product like scorch along with the fat burning potential of a product like karna shred now scorch also comes in a cap version and in a powder version the capsulated version we found and they're they're practically exactly the same but the capsulated version has been very popular with chef workers so we're talking to nurses or doctors and firefighters who are on the challenge who are shiftwork based and there's a lot of them who i've worked with on this product you can't carry around a tub of powder and mix that up while you're on your shift but

you can carry something like the man support scourge caps around you keep a couple of those in your pocket and you can basically take three caps or out the day and so you stage one morning and then you can stage one when your chefs start someone midway through your shift so that helps to keep your energy up because you're gonna be in a deficit while you're doing the eight-week challenge and a lot of people find it's just that day-to-day stuff that they struggle with hell they're on the eight-week challenge and so this helps to offset some of those effects so yeah overall you've got the stimulant fat burner you've got your non-stimulant fat burner it's a great hack it's going to accelerate your results it's definitely going to make a difference on your visceral body fat during the challenge so I recommend giving these ago absolutely you