24 September 2018

Supplements on a Raw Food Diet: What I Use

I've been asked so today is about on a raw food diet and what I use. This can be a bit of a heated discussion among those on the raw vegan lifestyle. As I advise ...

hey there everybody I'm Jack and this is

raw chopped co-living thanks for joining me for another episode today hope everybody had a real nice weekend it goes by too fast though doesn't it I had a nice day yesterday Saturday watch a little bit of college football and just kind of organizing myself here on Sunday and if the sky stays clear I might get outside and get myself a little vitamin D in a little while meaning how which leads into the subject of this video I want to talk about supplements on a raw food today what I take guys I do videos every day so if you haven't already done it please go down there and hit that subscribe button now and immediately click on the little bell and check send notifications so you'll stay subscribe to the channel I got I get asked this question so I decided to do it I was kind of hesitant because the supplement talk is one that brings out the batshit-crazy people from all sides and I'm talking about both sides there listen if you haven't figured it out by now I kind of just do what I do I'm not really into the emotional and all that and quite honestly I talk to a lot of rational raw vegans out there and we just don't get

you people that have all these outburst or that are strongly emotionally connected on one side of an argument or another before I go into it you know supplement or don't supplement I am NOT this is not a video to try to recommend people should supplement this is not to talk anybody into supplementing this is just my take on it and everybody like I say has their take on it and one thing I would say is don't you dare start supplementing because of anything I say and don't you dare not supplement because anything anybody else says that's your responsibility you have to look into this stuff for yourself and whatever you decide you know that's just you know just accept that there's the few things that I've supplement and I'm really making a little bit more of an effort now that the summer is over I'm kind of trying to fill in a few gaps on myself you know I kind of just do this all lifestyle I fly by the seat of my pants and every once in a while I just decided okay let's see if we can't just you know let's plug some holes in here because I'm not eating the most variety in the world one I'm gonna always supplement is

vitamin b12 I've got this is a 5,000 milligram lozenge sublingual under the tongue you want to get the methylcobalamin methylcobalamin I don't pronounce that really well version of it and yeah okay this is 5000 milligram I haven't been taking it for a while and I got some again so I'm taking one every day for a while in fact I'll probably take this whole bottle one a day and then I will probably do like for a week about 20,000 milligrams a week or micrograms whatever the mcg stands for listen the b12 is just one number one b12 is not even actually it's always interesting to understand it's not actually even a vitamin it's a bacteria it's a microbe which is naturally produced the b12 listen once again people have their ideas on it it's totally unnecessary you have to do it make the decisions for yourself but at least make an informed decision because I've seen I've seen stuff about a b12 deficiency and that b12 deficiency can be a really nasty one so at least make an informed decision for yourself and I do supplement b12 in fact when I was in Costa Rica I could just go in the pharmacy drop trou and get a b12 shot

for about $12 real quick so I do the b12 I do vitamin d3 because I'm not in the tropics anymore and I'm not getting as much natural sunlight as I can like I say I'm gonna try to get out there today and I'm going to try to get as much natural as I can over the next few months because even though everybody else may be sliding into fall even though we'll get some cooler weather there will be we have days here plenty of days in November and so I'm even in December where we can get Sun so I'll be getting plenty now the d12 version the d3 version of this you know a lot of them you can't find without in a vegan form without fish oil this particular one says it has no and it's a it says to not to contain any animal products in here so I do the deed I do the the d3 and you know it's funny to that did that vitamin D is not actually a vitamin either vitamin D is a hormone you know I I used to actually kind of laugh at supplementing vitamin D when I was down in the tropics I just couldn't even imagine well who would supplement vitamin D just go out there and get it every day and believe me that's

something that I have missed and a little bit over a year that I've been up here in the states and partly like I say that's my fault there's plenty of Sun to get with that and also to just a little tip and trick when you get your Sun you don't want to take you you don't want to take your shower immediately after getting out of the Sun you want to let that vitamin D settle in a little bit iodine is another one I'm supplementing and for right now and I don't know how good this is but I'm just kind of doing this as a filler until I get some until I get a supplement that a friend is actually making for me I'm just gonna just doing some bills flakes on my in my salads and in various things right now and I have a friend from Oregon that is gonna send me a good iodine supplement when when they get back they're on the road right now iodine that's the thyroid uses iodine to produce thyroid hormone so the iodine is very important for regulating the thyroid and as I just look those are just some of the ones like I say I'm not no I'm not saying I'm deficient anything I'm not even saying I have I don't even have like firm beliefs on any side particularly this

supplementing thing there's some that I just sup I'm going to supplement because I figure like okay even just playing devil's advocate against myself even if they're not necessary the supplements are not going to hurt me and like I say with that vitamin b12 that's a nasty one I we're watching a video on that one day and man the symptoms of that one I mean just this guy was a neurological mess I mean he was this was a guy that just his health declines so quickly I just that one just made a real real impression I am doing this too this is another one I'm back on and this is like you ever seen those movies where they're doing like an exorcism and they throw holy water on the person that has a demon ooh this will drive some of the raw food people insane dark sugar cane blah blah blah blah because this isn't raw its blackstrap molasses but it's hella good and calcium iron potassium which are all things that I've also am interested in making sure I get enough of the iron it's not as strong an iron but yeah so I've taken this and what else what else what else I've also kind of wanted to I've been looking into magnesium a

little bit now I'm gonna kind of play with that this winter in a different way I like to take hot baths so I'm just going to you know take a little extra mat magnesium via a couple of cups full of Epsom salt while I'm soaking in my hot bath during the summer yeah I mean during the winter kind of like I enjoy doing that anyway so why not just dump a couple of things of magnesium in there while I'm doing it but all these things it's just like I say I'm always experiment always tweaking now what I will do is over the winter I owe and little things little things to just to kind of play with I'm gonna get myself next time I go to Pensacola I'm gonna get some Brazil nuts and get back on having about 4 or 5 Brazil nuts a week for the selenium maybe one one Brazil nut a day for the selenium back to eating just a few and once I say when I'm talking about nuts and seeds like this I'm not talking about very many pumpkin seeds I was telling my friend a friend of mine last week that I'm gonna try to get back in the habit of just eating you know just a little small palm full just a small palm full of of pumpkin seeds every you know a few

times a week for the zinc and there's inks another one important to men especially important to men as we get older and that can be something you know to watch too but once again I'll do this over the winter time I'll do this for the until spring comes around and then I'll assess I'll see how I feel I'll see if I made it another year by going forward feeling better getting stronger whatever and you know we'll just keep doing it year after year after year this is just a fun little experiment for me I'm always playing I'm always adding new foods in there I'm always just seeking seeking being a seeker in life is it's just a very interesting way to go through life you learn a lot of things when you seek and you don't have such a heavy heavy opinions on everything so yeah those are the ones that I take and I my that and I good about it I forget all the time like the vitamin b12 I keep it out on the counter now just where I'll see it every day pop one under my tongue the vitamin d3 you're technically I'm not so sure how much stock up it in that you're supposed to eat that with a meal where you're taking some fat in so some days I'm like

oh well I'm not sure if I'm gonna have fat or I'm not ready to have fat yet so I forget it so I'm not as consistent as I would like to be so that's something I'll work on but supplementing is like everything else on this diet you don't go to your Facebook group don't listen to a word anybody says on your Facebook group somebody probably pro in kind will write in the comments below they'll write oh they'll write a double paragraph of some long explanation of why you shouldn't supplement and some long why you have to supplement I would disregard those let them go in one ear and out the other do your own focused research don't just let these voices that are popping up in a group or a random comment or oh this is stupid you don't need to be doing that do your own research verify everything for yourself make your own decisions and take Rises respond ability for what you do because hey I'm I know means let me just reiterate all the time I'm know by no means setting myself up as some sort of big expert this is just what I do and I take the responsibility for it if things don't work out if you know eventually I have

to change this if I'm wrong with something well that's on me I'm not gonna be going to somebody else and be like oh so-and-so said this they should be stopped because they gave me incorrect information No you're responsible for everything that goes into your body you're responsible for everything that affects your health so take that responsibility I hope you guys enjoyed this one today if you liked it please give me a thumbs up and I'll see you again tomorrow have a great week guys love you peace